Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

14: A Villainess’ Exit and a Heroine’s Entry (Part One)

The glittering chandeliers’ light was flooding the saloon of Duke d’la Love’s residence. The orchestra that had been summoned for this day was playing a joyful composition in a volume that didn’t hinder the guests’ pleasant chat.

An evening party was in full swing at our residence. The evening party held by the Duke d’la Love ahead of the full-scale social season in the royal capital seemed to be very successful.

The fact that my engagement to Luca would be announced at this event had already been disclosed to all the major parties. I could feel some curious and rude gazes being cast, but I fended them off with the smile of a well-trained lady.


Luca, who had been by my side since the start, peeked at me with concern.

“Do you want to take a short rest? How about you drink something, or perhaps a light meal?”

“It hasn’t started yet. I’m fine but thank you for your concern.”

I thanked my little brother, who constantly worried about me in this unfamiliar yet rather amazing place.

Luca had been like this since the beginning, trying to pull me away from something. It would have been cute if he was at least a bit excited about our engagement announcement. Instead, he seemed more uncomfortable with the fact that I would be exposed to the eyes of so many men. He had a hard time arguing with me after we finished getting ready.

Tonight I was wearing a bright emerald green dress that mimicked the color of Luca’s eyes, the color getting darker as it went down the hem. The shoulders and chest were more open than usual. Angela and other ladies’ maids were highly excited about the big moment of the engagement announcement, so they put less flashy but more glamorous makeup, braided platinum and diamond chains in my hair, and dazzling bib necklaces to cover my chest. 

Yet, the tip of the bib necklace’s inverted triangle was sandwiched between my cleavage. Luca greatly disliked this, and I didn’t want to remember the epic battle he had with Angela after getting ready.

As usual, Luca was dressed in dark colors, with a green tie and emerald and diamond cuffs to match my outfit. With bangs styled upward to show his forehead, his hairstyle made him look more mature. 

Although his expression was not as expressive as usual, the way he raised his eyebrows in concern for me (or rather, because he didn’t ever like to be seen by the public) had a certain allure to it. Since earlier, the young ladies had been coming here one after another as if their souls had been drawn to him.

I had thought about it when I was in my grandfather’s home. Still, Luca’s cold and expressionless face, combined with his indifference towards women, was excellently pretty and seemed to be quite popular with noblewomen.

However, he hadn’t realized it until now because my maids treated him very well. Even now, the cheeks of a certain duchess and her daughter who had come to greet us were flushed red when their gazes met with Luca’s.

“Well, I have known Lord Luca since he was a child, but you’re already an adult now! And even ready for marriage…”

However, judging from how she was trying to promote her daughter, I knew she didn’t know about our announcement. She displayed a particular type of sort of thick-headedness. She couldn’t even seem to get a cue from seeing our matching outfit and us cuddling each other. However, this wasn’t unheard of in high society.

I should be unhappy that a woman was being recommended to my fiance, but I was more worried about Luca, who was giving off a more threatening aura than I was. As I was worried about the duchess’ safety, who still hadn’t noticed his emerald green eyes glowing, the clattering inside the hall suddenly quieted down.

“Hello, everyone, welcome. I’m sorry for being late.”

Despite his words, my father and stepmother Diana, who were the hosts for today, made their entrance calmly without any signs of a hurry.

My father, who was originally in charge of welcoming guests and receiving greetings, was late because he didn’t like Diana’s attire, who barely appeared on time. 

Tonight’s main event was mine and Luca’s engagement announcement, but Diana’s dress and jewelry were so glorious that it seemed to be screaming that she was this show’s main star. Of course, knowing her attractiveness, she didn’t dress up overly flashy. Still, her dress was enough to attract men’s gazes and was at the least not the desirable appearance of a mother at her son and daughter-in-law’s engagement announcement.

My father raised his eyebrows in denial and disappeared with my stepmother for an hour. Diana was now in an age-adequate somber outfit. Yet, I was curious about her flushed face and vacant eyes. Just what on Earth have you done, Father?

As they approached, a certain duchess backed away in reticence. While she had failed to read Luca’s mood, she now seemed able to read the place’s atmosphere.

“Phily, Luca, it must have been hard for you. We will take over from here, so just have some fun.”

“Thank you, Father. I’m sure we have already ended the greetings, and there shouldn’t be any more guests coming.”

We were just about to leave after a quick interaction with my father when I noticed someone approaching and stopped.

“Your Excellency, the Duke, the Duchess, I apologize for our late arrival.”

“Oh, if it isn’t Count Dyural! Welcome.”

The reason my father replied politely despite the guests’ lower rank wasn’t because the other person was the same age as my grandfather but because Count Dyural’s household’s history was as old as Duke d’la Love’s. Additionally, they were also described as a true, pure, priceless noble, a count household who had been praised for their integrity for generations. Despite their heads of successive generations’ achievements, they persisted in refusing any promotion, so they were not just a mere Count household. The family might not have been wealthy, but their fame was only growing, as they were not involved in the business ventures that many noble families had started in recent years.

I was aware of this situation, but more than that, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the young lady on the Count’s side, who was around the same age as his grandchild.

She had soft chestnut honey brown hair, big blue-green eyes that looked like they could suck you in, and a cute nose and lips. Her petite body was wrapped in a pale cream dress typical of a teenage girl, and she wore fresh flowers in her braided hair with little jewelry, which enhanced her innocent charm.

A heroine. No matter how you looked at it, she was the heroine.

With my whole body adorned with glittering diamonds, I felt a bit distant, thinking, didn’t my appearance fit a villainess’ criteria? It was not as flashy as the Philia in the game, but it was clearly a villain’s position if you put them together in a way that showed they’d spent a lot of money.

I understood that a little extravagance from the aristocracy was the duty to stimulate consumption. Still, as a civilian in my previous life, I found myself thinking that she was the one who looked good.

I was slightly prepared when I saw the Count’s name on the guest list, but the first encounter with a heroine was even more of a shock than I had expected. It was mainly about the problem concerning my villainous appearance.

While I was lost in thought for a moment, my father conversed with the Count.

“Oh, so she’s your grandchild. I can certainly understand why she’s the talk of the town. She’s a very sweet young lady. Could you introduce her to us?”

“Well, she’s still unaccustomed to such places. It’s embarrassing, but I would be glad if you could overlook any missteps. Go on, Marika.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

The heroine replied in a pretty, bell-like voice and smiled softly, undaunted even in front of her grandfather, who now looked like a handsome man with a nobleman’s dignity.

“I’m Marika De Dyural. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“It’s my honor too, Lady Marika. Count, you really are a mischievous person. Far from being unfamiliar, isn’t she holding herself properly?”

I nodded at my father’s words internally. 

According to the game’s setting, Marika was the result of a relationship between Count Dyural’s son and his secret lover. She was discarded by her birth mother when she was a baby and was raised in an orphanage. She grew up there brightly, typical of a heroine without a distorted personality in the sorrowful environment. About six months ago, she was discovered by her grandfather, the Count, and was officially welcomed into his family.

Although she was raised in an orphanage and received only half a year’s education as a lady, Marika’s attitude was imposing. In the game, she seemed to be a bit more confused and pressured by the nobility world.

“Lady Marika is eighteen years old, isn’t she? She’s the same age as my son here. She’s a little older than you, but I’ll introduce you to them.”

“Are you sure about this? I’m still lonely since I only have a few friends.”

“Of course, if it’s fine with my children. Phili, Luca.”

When my father looked back at us slightly lowly, Marika followed suit and turned her head. Her large eyes quickly brushed me off and were immediately nailed to Luca.

It was something to be expected from a young girl of her age, but it seemed that Luca’s good looks had snatched Marika’s eyes. 

When Luca was called out just as he was almost about to leave this place, his already bad mood took a turn for the worse. 

As we got closer to Marika, I secretly took a note of Luca’s condition. She was a game heroine inside my mind, and even if she was not, she was pretty lovely and eye-catching. I wondered if there would be any change in Luca when faced with such a girl.

From the statue-like stiff expression, I couldn’t read anything from my little brother’s face except his bad mood. 

“I’m Philia. Nice to me meet you, Lady Marika.”

“It’s an honor, Lady Philia.”

“He’s my little brother, Luca.”

“Nice to meet you, Lady Marika.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Luca. But it’s not the first time, is it?”

Marika politely greeted me with a smile and looked at Luca mischievously. I suddenly recalled on the opposite side of Luca, who didn’t have any idea.

The encounter between Luca and the heroine wasn’t at this evening’s party. In the Royal Academy’s library, Luca bumped into her while holding books in both of her arms. It was a cliche among cliches encounter.

She said just what I had recalled. 

“We once bumped into each other at the Royal Academy.”

“Did that happen?”

“Don’t worry; you don’t have to apologize for what’s already done. I try to forget unpleasant things as soon as possible.”

I remembered the conversation between them, and my face twitched at Luca’s incomprehensible words. However, it was considerably rude to hear them so clearly.

Still, Marika didn’t even seem to mind that, her big eyes shining. I couldn’t help but feel a slightly uncomfortable feeling from her appearance. Some women were so dazzled by Luca’s good looks that they didn’t notice his demeanor’s severity, but Marika didn’t seem so insensitive as not to notice Luca’s condition.

As I felt slightly creeped out from her smiling face as if to say, “What is so funny about that?” I saw a young man out of the corner of my vision who was paying attention to me.

He had plain features, dressed in an apprentice knight’s uniform. His name was Julio.

I had been so busy I almost forgot his existence. Still, I remembered a rumor about him liking men, and unlike a shut-in like me, he had a plethora of information. I really wanted to talk with him.

“Luca, may I ask you to take care of Lady Marika for a moment?”

“What is it, sister?”

“Julio is here, and I don’t want to miss the chance to be polite to one of my few friends.”

“That guy… I will also accompany you, sister.”

“That’s not needed. Our father has asked us to take care of Lady Marika, right? I will be back right away.”

It was not like I didn’t have any misgiving about leaving Luca alone with Marika, but information gathering took priority here. I also couldn’t ask about Marika before her, so I had to force Luca to do that. I was just about to leave when Luca hugged my waist from behind.

“Sister. Please don’t get closer than three meters to him.”

“You know that’s impossible. My voice wouldn’t reach him.”

“Then don’t let him touch you, even in greeting. Don’t smile at him, and don’t make eye contact with him.”

“I will definitely try.”

Since Luca was like this, I had no time to be anxious.

I forced him to accept my answer like some statesman and managed to get him to move his arms from around my waist.

Marika was looking at our flirting… No, at our exchange with her mouth agape in amazement. She couldn’t say anything, but I noticed her lips moving as if to say, “Why are Luca and Philia…” Somehow, her reaction constantly bothered me.

I took my leave, smiling, as my doubts deepened, and rushed up to Julio, who was standing in one corner of the room.

As I walked toward him, Julio shook his head, thrust out his hands, and made a fierce refusal motion, saying, “Don’t come any closer.”

What a rude man.