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The Marquis’ Amnesia 12

Chapter Twelve: My Husband’s Magic Trick

I was envious of how energetic the children were.

The children showed me and my husband around various shops. Other than that, they also introduced me to their friends.

There were various shops, such as a handicraft shop, a potpourri and other dried flowers shop, a glass shop, a sausage and bacon shop, and a pancake shop. Everywhere we went, my husband insisted upon buying me something. To make it even more difficult, I could barely keep up with the energetic children. Up until that point, the only form of exercise I had done consisted of a short walk in the garden. As of the present, I was resting my aching legs in the orphanage’s lounge.

The lounge was a small room decorated with many children drawings. The various patterns incited a gentle and warm atmosphere. The sofas were a little worn out. Considering how energetic the children were, no wonder there were many marks on the sofa.

Alice said that the sofa I currently sat on was, “The best.” Elsa crouched down and wiped my bloody heels with a damp cloth.

She then said, “I’m sorry, I should’ve prepared shoes with softer materials and shorter heels.”

To me, who had scraped her heels, Elsa apologized wholeheartedly.

“It’s alright. Who would’ve thought that the children will like me that much? Fufu, a good child, every single one of them…”

Remembering the smiles of the children, a smile naturally crept up to me. Elsa’s expression relaxed ever so slightly.

Then, Frederick returned to the drawing room with a first aid kid. He even went through the trouble of returning to the carriage…

“Is Milady alright?”

“Yes, thank you and I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“No, I’m merely doing my part. I’ll leave it to you, Elsa.”

Frederick modestly shook his head as he handed the first aid kid to Elsa. Upon receiving it, Elsa took out a disinfectant, gauze, and bandages. She carefully treated my heels. Despite telling her that the bandage was unnecessary, Elsa turned a deaf ear to me. Afterwards, my legs were wrapped in bandages. Sometimes, Elsa could be very stubborn.

“Thank you, Elsa… Frederick, haven’t my husband and Al returned, yet?”

“It should be about time for them to return.”

When I began to rub my heels due to the aching pain, my husband was the first to notice. Without further ado, my husband lifted me up and asked the children to let me rest. Thus, I was escorted to the orphanage. Upon noticing that my socks were bloody, I was rushed there.

The children, whom were worried, cried. “Lady Liliana, does it hurt?”, “I’m sorry…” In response, I laughed and tried to reassure them. However, the children didn’t laugh. Al, whom was unable to bear the sight, escorted them out. My husband, who stayed by my side, quarreled with the worried Elsa.

At that moment, the children informed him, “Marquis, you have a guest.” Before he left with the children, my husband made sure to tell me, “Absolutely don’t walk. It’s a no-go! As your husband, I hereby order you that! It’s absolute!”

“…I wonder if I can still go see Cedric with these feet?”

While looking down at my feet, I muttered.

My husband wrote to my parents’ house, the Alwin family, first thing in the morning to ask for a visit. As soon as we received a reply, I planned to stop by on my way home. However, with these feet, it might be impossible.

“Milady, it’ll be alright. I’m sure the lord is prepared to carry his wife.”

When Frederick laughed and said so, my eyes widened. Just by thinking that my husband would princess carry me, it was as if my face would spew fire. Pressing my cheeks with both hands, I lowered my gaze.

“T, that’ll be absolutely burdensome …and not to mention, embarrassing. Cedric will be surprised…”

I could easily imagine how surprised Cedric would be. Surely, his purple eyes would become round. Obviously, it’d be a cute sight. But before I could see his face, I’d need to get a reply.

“…Did we get a reply from the Alwin family?”

“Unfortunately, there is no reply, yet.”

Frederick said in a troubled tone.

In the first place, we couldn’t visit unless we received an agreement. Considering it was my father and stepmother, it wouldn’t be strange for my request to be denied.


I muttered his dear name, as if to pray.

“Does Cedric have a similar appearance to Milady?”

When Frederick asked, I shook my head.

“…I heard that I resembled my decease mother. The only similarity between Cedric and I is in the hair color. We both inherited it from my paternal grandmother. As for facial features, not so much. To describe his face, it’s both gentle and good-looking. Rather than my father or stepmother, he looks similar to my grandfather, who died before I was born. I’m sure he inherited his beautiful purple eyes from him, as well. Cedric. During the social season, my father, stepmother, and stepsister were rarely at home, so Cedric often came to my room to hang out. Cedric, a kind-hearted and gentle soul, is also a lonely, cute, and spoiled little brother.”

Cedric was the only person in the house who loved me. Every time he’d turn his innocent smile at me, the loneliness in my heart disappeared.

I first met him when he was only four years old. Cedric, who was exploring the mansion, accidentally came into my room. I was surprised. It was a first for me to receive a visitor that wasn’t my father, stepmother, stepsister, or servants. However, Cedric’s nanny immediately took him away. Ever since that moment, Cedric was made aware of my existence. He’d often visit me.

Like the children of the orphanage, Cedric was unconditionally fond of me. At first, I was confused by that. But the little boy who smiled innocently as he hugged me was so adorable, Cedric and I soon became friends.

“Without that child, I wouldn’t have known how to smile.”

The wise child never told anyone that he was visiting me. Out of fear, the nanny might have spoken to him. At the same time, Cedric might be lonely. The family had no further interest in him. As such, no wonder that upon his visit, Cedric would always beg for a hug and a lullaby, trying to fill his empty heart.

“That child is an important successor of the count family… As such, I’m sure that he’s fine. Still, I’m very, very, worried…”

I closed my eyes and clasped my hands together in prayer.

As the memory of Cedric’s innocent smile emerged, my chest constricted. Just by thinking that his smile might have vanished, my heart froze in terror.

Suddenly, my hand felt warmth. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of dark blue eyes anxiously peering into me.

“You’ll definitely be able to meet him today.”

I nodded to Elsa’s words and turned to look at the outside of the window.

From the open window, I could hear the lively voices of the people. Laughter were mixed in. Contrary to my heart, they sounded very peaceful and calm.

Suddenly, I heard some light footsteps of the children. I could hear them calling me. As Frederick opened the door, Bill and Alice appeared at the same time.

“The Marquis is coming!”

“The guest has returned!”

After announcing so, the two entered the room and rushed towards me.

“Lady Liliana, do your legs still hurt?”

With sunken expressions, Alice and bill asked. I shook my head and patted their small heads.

“I’m alright, now. Elsa has cleaned my wounds and applied some medicine.”

I wanted the kind-hearted children to feel at ease. Therefore, I smiled as gently as possible. After alternately gazing between me and Elsa, who nodded and said, She’s alright.” They smiled like the sun.

“That’s great!”

“Hey, Lady Liliana, will you come to play with us again? Next time, come on the day other than the bazaar! We’ll show you around the house!”

As she looked up towards me, Alice asked me. Bill held my hand and begged, “Pleeease?”

Of course, I’d like to come visit as soon as possible. Nevertheless, I’d need my husband’s permission to go out. I was confused about what to answer. If I said I couldn’t come, they’d surely be disappointed. Still, it’d be more painful if I were to give them false hope by saying “yes.”

“Then, I shall visit with Liliana before the autumn bazaar.”

When I looked back, I saw that my husband was standing behind me. I failed to notice his arrival. Then, my husband smiled towards us.

“Marquis, is that true!?”

“Marquis and Liliana, will you come to visit us again?”

“Of course, the next time I come, Liliana and I will bring some souvenirs.”

“Is that so?! Marquis, do you promise?! Don’t forget!”

“The same goes for Lady Liliana!”

The two children jumped and rejoiced with a hearty smile.

“I’ll let everyone know! Let’s go, Alice! We have to tell them!”

“Yes, absolutely! We’ll decide what kind of souvenirs we want, so don’t go home, yet!”

As soon as it was said, the two leaped out of the room to call for everyone.

Immediately, the inside of the room quieted down. I turned to look at my husband.

“…My husband, is this truly alright?”

“Of course, I asked the children to invite me.”

My husband came and knelt in front of me.

“…Do you perhaps loathe coming here?”

“That can’t be. I’m eagerly awaiting our next visit. Thank you, my husband.”

As my husband smiled, he wrapped my hands, which were on my lap, with his large palms. His bright blue eyes looked straight into me.

“…I received a reply from the Alwin family. They have approved the visit.”

I let out a gasp.

“We can now go visit the Alwin family.”

“I, I can meet Cedric?”

Although their permission was important, meeting Cedric mattered the most to me.

“For some reason, the count prohibited us from seeing Cedric. Despite allowing us to visit, he insisted that we didn’t meet him. However, Cedric is definitely in the mansion.”

My husband squeezed my trembling hands tightly.

“…I heard that the madam is going to a tea ceremony that day. However, the count and the stepsister, who mistreated you terribly, are also presence. Despite so, are you still adamant to go? It might be possible for me to force Cedric to come to our house.”

“…I’ll go. Please let me go.”

I stared at his blue eyes and responded crisply.

My husband had a look of awe.

“…I want to see him. Not any minute or any second later. To be honest, I’m terrified of meeting my father and sister. I don’t have many good memories regarding them. But as for Cedric, I want to ensure his safety with my own eyes.”

I tightly gripped the hem of my dress. Just remembering them crushed me with anxiety. I so wanted to close my eyes in fear. But if Cedric went through the same experience as me, nothing else mattered.

“…I understand.”

My husband, who eased his expression, softly grasped my hand and lifted it.

“I’m on your side. No matter what happens or what anyone says, you’re the wife of William Lutherford, and also the Marquess of Springfield.”

My husband’s lips gently touched my fingertips. The heat spread throughout my body from there. My husband, who clenched my hand as soon as I tried to hide, stared at me with a gentle smile.

“If anything happens, remember these words of mine. It’s some kind of spell.”


The voice was much thinner than I had expected. In one hand, he wrapped my hand. With the other, he touched my cheek. His large palm felt a little stiff. At the same time, there were also calluses at the base of his fingers. Probably due to holding a sword.

His slightly dry thumb gently stroked my cheek.

“Liliana, you’re a beautiful, intelligent, gracious, and wonderful woman. Don’t believe the words of the family who oppressed you. Like the words of the children here, I, Elsa, Frederick, Al, and Arthur—believe in those who care about you.”

As he spoke, his gaze was pleading.

“…Remember that well. I’m sure that if you do, you won’t be scared anymore.”

My husband’s words, voice, and even warmth exuded profound, overflowing, kindness. I kept nodding. Then, when I thought that my husband was about to retract his hands, I was suddenly pulled into an embrace.

“Why don’t we ask the children about the souvenirs? Afterwards, let’s go visit Cedric. Freddy, prepare the carriage. By the way, Al has some business to attend to.”


Frederick nodded and left the lounge.

“M, my husband, I can walk by myself…”

“No can do, Milady. You were bleeding. Please be obedient and let my lord take care of you.”

Elsa was truly stubborn. With a bright red face, I shook my head. Still, Elsa insisted.

“But, I’m heavy. Moreover, my husband should use his arms for something more important, like protecting the kingdom…”

“If it’s Liliana, it’s alright even if there’s five of you. You’re so light, I’m worried that you’ll sprout wings and return to the sky.”

When I lowered my gaze, my husband smiled sweetly and continued ahead.

“Hence, I need to hold you firmly, Liliana.”

The moment I thought that the scent of my husband’s cologne had become stronger, a kiss was dropped on m y forehead. Towards me, who turned bright red, my husband’s smile grew sweeter.

My heart was about to explode. My head was a mess. As a result, I fainted in my husband’s arms.

When I regained my consciousness, I was swaying inside a carriage heading for the Alwin family’s house.

…I also noticed that I was sleeping on top of my husband’s lap.

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