I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 52]

Chapter Fifty-Two: Heavy Feelings (Part II)

“What? …Kaname, you wouldn’t do that. After all, you’re too kind.”

“…Even so, just in case. What if?”

I can’t help but feel pain shoot through my heart because of the trust that she directed straight at me.

An assumption is only an assumption. It doesn’t always happen in real life.

…But I know that if Ayaka actually had someone she deemed more important than me, that assumption would definitely come true.

I’d rather destroy her perception of me than have her be taken away by someone else… Because I already have such selfish desires in me.

If I were to be cornered, I would definitely do something that would betray your trust.

I’m not a man worthy of your trust… What kind of reaction would you give if you knew that?

Will I disillusion you?

“Well… Then, I’d probably protest for the improvement of the situation? I would want to go out at least once a month.”

“…Hmm, I’m determined to lock you up, so I can’t accept that.”

“Oh, you can’t even let me even if it’s just once every month!? Yandere… They’re really too narrow-minded… Well, then…”

Ayaka was groaning with her arms folded, having no idea of the things that were in my heart… Eventually, she laughed and continued what she was saying.

“Well, in the end, I’ll probably struggle as much as I can, give up and accept the situation? …But Kaname, if I can live alone with you, then that’s not bad.”

…I wonder how stupid this girl really is.

How did you come to that conclusion?

“…I don’t understand how you can even say such a thing. You’ll be locked up. Locked. Up.”

“What? Because it’s Kaname. If it were you, I’d eventually forgive you, maybe.”

“…Even if I went so mad as to hold you captive? How can you say such words so easily? Ayaka…”

I can’t understand.

Such a criminal thing should be rejected and kept away from everyone.

No matter how hypothetical the situation I gave was, how could you take things so lightly?

“…Because you’d still be Kaname, right? It doesn’t matter if you became mad enough to lock me up.”

Ayaka said, tilting her head mysteriously at my former question.

“Kaname, as long as it’s Kaname, no matter what it is, eventually I’ll forgive you no matter what you do… Because I love you.”

–Ahhh. Really, you.

“…How stupid are you?”

“What? Why are you cursing at me!? This is the part where you’re supposed to be so touched that you’d be moved to tears!”

…You’re a fool, Ayaka. You’re really stupid.

You didn’t even realize the darkness in my heart at all, yet you accepted me so easily.

You’ve made me feel forgiven despite not knowing that I have these ugly feelings for you.


When I hugged the warmth in the shape of her in my arms, I felt something warm spilling from my eyes.

–Ayaka, you’re hopelessly stupid.

Please, continue to be just as stupid in the future.

As long as you can keep staying stupid beside me, then I’m sure I can keep this ugly feeling hidden from you.

I can stay by your side as the “gentle Kaname” that you see me as.

…So, please.

“…you’re weird, Kaname.”

Please, continue to be unaware of my heavy feelings in the future.

So, that I can patch up myself to be what you want…

So, that I can keep being the hero you want…

“…Well, that’s cute! As expected, you truly are my dog!”

…Even if you do notice it, you will indeed accept it readily, while saying, “Kaname is still important to me.”

“–Ayaka. What would you do if I said you’re already engaged to me since way back?”

“Ahhh… Well, I’d be surprised, but it’s a possibility with father and Kaname being who they are. I think you’d both be arranging matter to make that happen from the shadows. The both of you.”

“What if I say it’s actually true?”