Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

11. Even if it Isn’t a Big Deal to You, it can be Important to Others

After applying some light make up, I left for the royal palace.

Upon seeing my bruised body, everyone distanced themselves from me. The reason was obvious. Under normal circumstances, aristocratic women who were raised carefully like flowers, would be free from violence. In fact, even the slightest injury would result in a commotion.

However, there were clear bruises on my face and arms.

To emphasize the fact that I had been beaten, my clothes were more exposed than usual.

I went with Gilmer to meet the royal palace lawyer. It was to appeal to the lawyer concerning the embezzlement and abuse of my father.

Many people stared at me. They witnessed my wounds. My injuries were surely leaving a strong impression.

That was the exact reason why I provoked my father to such an extent yesterday.

“It must’ve been harrowing.”

Sure enough, the lawyer sympathized with me.

As long as the other person was human, he’d bask upon the feeling of superiority.

Not to mention, everyone would also want to take the side of a weak lady rather than an incompetent and high-pressure man. If I managed to gain legal counsel, surely, when it came to the trial, everyone would be on my side.

“For the sake of attaining my father’s love, I have endured violence for a long time. However, who would’ve guessed that he’d embezzle from the territory that was entrusted to me by His Majesty the King…”

I cried.

Some of the people in the legal department who were listening were weeping.

“Certainly, the Duke of Lark is a provisional head of the family…”

“Yes, but that’s only until I reach adulthood. My father and I often disagree with each other; thus he has opted to just treat me as if I don’t existent. Recently, he has been treating his niece, Aries, as if she were his own daughter. He is also forcing me to adopt her. It seems that Aries is going to be engaged to His Highness Wagner and become the head of the Duke of Lark.”

The lawyer furrowed his eyebrows.

“That’s… preposterous. While she belonged to a branch of the Lark family, the notion itself is still unlikely.”

As expected of a legal officer. Of course, he’d be sensible.

“Yes, her house has already fallen ands she owes us money. There are also other branch families higher than her’s, and above all, I’m the direct descendant of the Lark family.”

With those words, I was making it clear that Aries intended to not only exclude me, but also the other branch families once she became the head.

I hugged my shivering body.

“Aries approached my fiancé, His Highness Wagner, and drove a stake between us to the point that my engagement was called off. She truly intends to succeed the Lark family. I’m scared that I can’t sleep at night.”

“I don’t think you’re off mark on that one.”

The lawyer looked at me sorrowfully.

I then submitted proof of the debt that Baron Heldin owed the Lark family along with the invoices and books that detailed the dresses and jewelry my father had bought for Aries. Of course, it was done so using the money he had embezzled.

“I’ll investigate immediately and advise His Majesty.”

“Thank you.”

From now on, the legal officers would be conducting a rigorous investigation based on the evidence I had submitted. At the end of the road, my father might get disposed, making it difficult for Aries.

As for Aries herself, she didn’t do anything illegal.

At best, she’d have to be careful about her disproportionate testimony in regards to becoming the future head of the family.

But that’s fine.

“Keep telling the branch families that Aries intends to kick me out for the sake of succeeding the family.”

Immediately after leaving the legal office, I ordered such of Gilmer.



His Highness Weiss, leaning against the wall, called out to me. Perhaps, he had been waiting for me. When I was about to greet him, he rushed to me and touched my bruised cheek.

“Sofia, who did this?”

Due to his horrifyingly low voice, my body tensed.

“When I visited yesterday, you’re still well. It must’ve happened right after I left.”


“You just came out of the legal office. What were you doing?”

“It has nothing to do with His Highness Weiss.”

“Sofia, why won’t you rely on me?”


“I want to be of help to you. I told you already—I love you.”

I hid all the marks on my face with my arms. Thanks to provoking my emotional father, he violently struck me in front of the servants. Therefore, the lawyer’s investigation would include hearing the testimony of the servants. Also, thanks to my injuries, the legal officer sympathized with me. They’d surely conduct a thorough investigation.

But why?

For some reason, I felt as if I had made a mistake.

“These wounds were necessary, so…”

“Hmm. I see. Necessary wounds. In other words, you intentionally harmed yourself? Alright, okay…”

Due to his voice, I couldn’t stop trembling.

Is he angry?

But why?


“Sofia, there’s no such thing as necessary wounds. I won’t allow anyone to injure you—and that includes yourself.”

Why would I stutter before His Highness Weiss?

Besides, it wasn’t a big deal. After all, I didn’t die. If necessary, I’d use the same trick again.


His Highness Weiss stroked my hair. His hand trailed to my chin. Then, he lifted my chin so that I’d be staring straight at him.

“Do you understand?”

His eyes said that he wouldn’t accept anything other than an affirmation.

Without realizing it, I answered, “Yes.”

Upon hearing that, His Highness Weiss nodded with satisfaction.

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