The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

34. Raining Lightly, The Rose Makes Secrets

“I have recorded it securely.”

It was a good thing I had my recording brooch on me at all times. I was nervous that my awkward movements would be suspected, but my first recording went well.

As I looked at Amamiya’s puzzled face, I closed the distance between us. As if I would let that chance get away!

“I have memories of my past life, just like you, Amamiya.”
“Wait a minute, I’m scared. And what does it have to do with the recording?”

When I laughed mischievously, Amamiya pulled his face away and backed up as if he was frightened. He didn’t have to be so scared, since I wouldn’t do anything bad.

I swept my hair behind my shoulders, which was a little disheveled from lying down, and tilted my head in order to look into Amamiya’s face.

“I have something for…cooperation.”
“Is that a threat?”
“No, please. It’s a request.”
“…You, unexpectedly have a bad personality.”

A small smile leaked out from Amamiya’s doubtful face. It’s somewhat refreshing to see Amamiya, who is usually calm and aloof, showing his shaking emotions like this.

“Oh, dear, I’m much better than the original Maria.”

I got out of the bed, stood up. and distanced myself from Amamiya. Perhaps, it’s because the headache medicine was working, the pain in my head was gone and I felt lighter before I knew it.

“So, what do you mean by cooperation?”
“Please, don’t be so defensive. I just have something to ask you.”

Amamiya raised his eyebrows and stared at me suspiciously. I felt that this was not the expression of Amamiya Yuzuru in the original story, but rather the true expression of Amemiya Yuzuru who had memories of his previous life.

“You know that this world is just like the one in the manga, right, Amemiya?”
“Yes. I know it because it was a manga that my sister liked in my previous life.”
“Then, have you read the last volume?”
“The last volume?”

He might know what I want to know the most, but I don’t know if he will tell me honestly. That’s why I chose this coercive method.

“I believe my murderer was revealed in the last volume.”
“Eh…Murderer? It’s a shoujo manga, right?”

Hmm? Why is he so surprised?
If he had read the original story, it should have been quite a hot topic. The readers who didn’t expect the heroine’s rival to die were in an uproar. There were a lot of haters, but there were also a lot of readers who were excited about this unprecedented development. There was even a website that discussed the killer.

Wait, that’s not the case, Amamiya’s reaction is weird. I have a bad feeling about this.

“…Don’t tell me, you don’t know about it?”
“Sorry, I only know the content up to the point where it was made into a live-action movie.”

The live-action is only around the middle! He hasn’t read it more than I have!
I was hoping that I might be able to find out who the culprit was, but I guess it wouldn’t work out that way. As expected, it seems I have to do it alone.
I dropped my shoulders dejectedly and sat down on the empty bed where Amamiya had been sleeping.

“Are you going to get killed?”
“…Yes. I died in my previous life before I knew who the culprit was, so I don’t know the culprit or the motive.  I don’t know what I should do to avoid death.”

I thought I could find out the murderer by asking Amamiya, who had memories of his previous life, but I’m back to square one.

“I see. So you tried to threaten me by recording it to make me tell you the culprit. If you told everyone I had memories of my past life, then they would think I was insane. Wow, so scary.”
“Um…No, I wasn’t really going to tell anyone, but there was no guarantee that you would be honest with me. If you don’t know, then don’t worry, I will delete it properly.”

Amamiya’s scornful, cold gaze pierces me. Because my fate might be changed. That’s why I’m so desperate. I didn’t really intend to misuse it from the beginning, so I thought it would be nice if I could just scare him a little bit and he would just confess.

“I will help you. So you don’t get killed.”

Amamiya laughs happily as I blink repeatedly, with mouth hanging open. Hewalks up to me. It seems to be a pretense that he was wary of me.

“Let’s do it together. Let’s find the culprit.”
“…Are you sure?”
“Of course.”

I didn’t expect Amamiya to help me, so I’m grateful if he is willing to help. But, I don’t know why he is helping me? I don’t think there’s any benefit for Amamiya.

“Oh…perhaps you don’t believe me? Even though it’s like this, I’m glad to have met someone who has the same previous life memories like I do.”
“…So suspicious.”
“Ah, as expected. Then, would you believe it if I told you that helping you seems like it won’t get boring?”
“That’s more believable.”

When I answered clearly, he laughed and said, “What kind of person do you think I am?” I didn’t know what Amamiya was thinking all the time, so I felt like I could finally see what he was thinking a bit. I don’t know when he started his memories of his previous life, but Amamiya may have spent his life suffering from various things.

In the original story, Amamiya is very popular, but even though he has feelings for the heroine, it will never come to pass. Even at home he is being hit regularly, it’s a bit of a sad position to be in, right?

“Then, will you help me? Watson.”
“Of course, Holmes.”

He is a pretty insecure partner, but not as hopeless as when I was troubled alone. It’s frustrating to have a secret that you can’t tell anyone about, it’s like there is always something stuck in your chest.“But you feel more like a disappointed young lady rather than Holmes, right?”
“I’m not very ladylike anyway.”