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30. [Day 4 (2)]

30. Day 4 (2)

“What? His Highness left already?”

Count Ruth, who was getting dressed, learned that Velbutte had left the mansion without even a single word of parting. Immediately, a blue streak appeared on his forehead.

It doesn’t matter even if he’s part of the royal family—how rude of him!

The count immediately yelled at the butler for not stopping the prince.

The maid, who was present, almost fainted.

“Stop talking—!!”

Judging that the prince was frightened by Lumina’s injury, the count gnashed his teeth.

To him, Velbutte was nothing more than a foolish greenhorn who was ignorant of the war. However, it wasn’t like he could just rebuke the prince for his sensitivities.

The count was annoyed, he felt as if a fire was searing him from inside.

Then, doesn’t that mean Lumina is worthless as she is?

His rugged breathing rose and lowered his shoulders. He wondered what would happen from then on.

Yesterday, he had just found a good solution.

However, due to the current circumstances, said solution had dissolved into nothing.

Last night, his anger didn’t subside even after he had screamed and abused Belverassa. Moreover, it wasn’t like he’d make money that way.

Aware of that, the count stormed into Belverassa’s room to force her to sell all her jewelry. Towards that, she immediately begged for mercy.

—I, it’s because you showed no fondness to me! Leave them alone! This jewelry is the only support I have for my heart! Besides, didn’t you give me permission to buy them!?”

The count couldn’t argue against her pathetic wailing.

Immediately after he had gotten married, he was disgusted by the change in Belverassa’s attitude. After she had gotten pregnant with Lumina, he didn’t care for her.

Not to mention, her asking for permission every time she went shopping was quite the hassle. Thus, the count gave her permission to buy whatever she liked.

Because of that, Belverassa ended up feeling lonely. He felt pity for her.

At the end of the day, she was still the woman he once considered his wife. While he had distanced himself from her, he wasn’t heartless.

“…Don’t cry, I understand what you’re saying. I’m not going to sell all of them. Instead, we can just sell off one or two of those you don’t like.”


“As you say, I’ll try to reduce the amount of money I spend on those I look after in the villa.”



The count nodded towards the dubious Belverassa.

The count was also terrified of going bankrupt. He knew that he couldn’t just let his family collapse.

The only reason he agreed to it was because he would no longer be on the shorter end of the stick.

Once Belverassa decided to part with her gems, it was a man’s duty to share her pain.

The count was intoxicated by his ideals as a soldier.

“Honey, being honest with you—I have a good idea.”

“What is it?”

While wiping her tears, Belverassa looked up at the count.

The count’s body started to react enthusiastically towards the mysterious light that dwelled within her eyes and also to her strange beauty that hadn’t faded over the years.

“One of my acquaintances is looking for a new partner. He has gold veins in his territory, so it isn’t too bad of an offer, isn’t it?”

“Gold veins… by that, do you mean Baron Jill?”

“Oh, did you know him?”

“Of course, he’s a generous man who made a lot of money during the war.”

The count squinted at the nostalgic memories.

The baron family, not only had several gold veins in its territory, but was famous for its millions in wealth. While they weren’t friends, the baron spared no effort in helping them financially across many situations.

It was a well-known fact that his wife hadn’t had a long life. That probably was because of his special hobby, something which wasn’t unusual for aristocrats.

“Didn’t the baron marry a lady around the same age as our daughter a few years ago?”

“She passed away a while ago. He is lonely, so he’s been wanting a new wife.”

“…No way.”

“Let’s get Lumina to marry him. The baron wouldn’t ask for a dowry. Once he learns of what’s going on in our family, I’m sure he’ll help us.”

The count’s eyes opened at the suggestion of his wife.

In other words, she offered to sacrifice Lumina.

“Belverassa… you… what a magnificent idea!”

The count grabbed Belverassa’s hips in excitement and held her up high as if she were his daughter.

Belverassa also shouted in a high-pitched voice, her cheeks becoming rosy.

“I’m sure that the baron would also like Lumina. She’s a lovely girl just like you.”

“Yes, the baron will surely like the daughter of a count family. If he’s lucky, she might even bear him a child.”

“I see… as the baron already has a son, if Lumina also has one, then we’ll have a successor to the count family. Although, I don’t know if she will be able to have one.”

The baron was old, after all. It was unknown whether or not he could have children.

“Fufu… let’s think about that in the future… More importantly, should we try for another child?”

Belverassa sank into the count’s embrace with an enchanting gaze.

Tasting the softness of his wife in his arms for the first time in a while, the count also licked his lips.

“I’ll persuade Lumina. I’m sure she’ll listen to me.”

In response to his beloved wife, who laughed cruelly within his arms, the count tightened his embrace.

The count realized that Belverassa was much better than he thought.

…If Lumina dies after getting married, I’ll become a pitiful man who lost both of his daughters.

Once the time of mourning for Lumina had passed, he’d make another child.

If he were lucky, he’d have a fine heir.

Imagining such a future, the count smiled quietly.

—But, that idea was ruined by Lumina’s accident.

To offer such a damaged goods to the count, it’ll be troublesome…

He didn’t know how dire the injury was. However, the possibility remained that she’d be left with some scars. While there was a possibility the baron giving him condolence money, he might also be refused on spot.

The count was screaming because the path he had just found had now been blocked. Furthermore, he also wasn’t able couldn’t meet with Velbutte.

Lumina is also no good. At this point, she should just suffer the same fate as Lorona.

That way, while he wouldn’t be able to get money from the baron, he’d be a pitiful man who lost his children.

Trying to talk to Belverassa, the count left the room with angry footsteps.

“My lord!! It’s an emergency!!”

The butler, who was panicking, rushed to meet him.

“What’s the matter? You’re being noisy.”

“It’s an emergency—soldiers from the House of Lords are…!!”

“Soldiers from the House of Lords? Did they come all the way here to ask for the preparation fund?”

“No, actually…”

The butler couldn’t proceed with his words.

The infuriated count had to yell at him, “Be quick with it!”

After screaming in fear, the butler continued—

“—They’ve come to arrest my lord and his wife!”

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