A Certain Villainess’ School Life ZCompleted Translations

A Certain Villainess’ School Life

At a certain school, there was a beautiful woman. She had waist-length jet-black hair and wore a harsh expression with a cold look in her eyes. She felt intimidating to speak to. The people around her called her a villainess.

This lady was the fiancée of the country’s first prince. However, she had never been seen speaking to said prince at school. In fact, she usually just walked by him.

Her face while laughing, crying, or troubled…no one at school had seen these sides of her. She is a woman who enjoys reading alone in the courtyard.

One day, a woman walked towards her while flanked by three handsome men. The woman then hid behind the three men as they stood in front of the beautiful girl.

The man with blue hair said, “Oi!!! Stop harassing her! We have enough evidence to convict you.”

The man with long black hair says, “You’ve harassed her and made her cry every day!!!”

The man with short red hair says, “There are some things that you can’t do even if you are the Crown Prince’s fiancée.”

I closed my book and stared at them silently.

The pretty woman hiding behind the three men had slightly wavy blonde hair and stared at me with frightened eyes.

What was this about? I harassed this cute girl?! Why was such a strange occurrence happening?

“Look!!! Her notebook is in tatters and her bag is soaked in water; these can no longer be used!!” They throw a tattered notebook and wet bag in front of me.

“Did you think you were going to take her down by messing with her every day?” They glare at me sharply.

“You pushed her down the stairs yesterday!! You were lucky that she just lightly injured herself, after all she could have died!!”

My head feels like I’m floating, somehow.

I’ve absolutely never committed such an act…Why is this happening?

“You’re just jealous of her attractiveness! You’ll never become Crown Princess by treating people like this!!”

I have no idea why they’re cursing at me. Why is this happening? Yesterday, today, and even tomorrow, it’s not like I’ll have the freedom to do what they’re saying.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps headed in our direction. “What are all of you doing in a place like this?”

A man with straight, blond hair and a refreshing, tender smile – that was very popular with women – appeared.

“Your Highness!” The pretty girl who had been hiding behind the three men showed herself. Her cheeks were dyed red as she tried to entangle her arms with the prince.

Though she tried to touch his arm, the crown prince casually avoided her with a smile.

She seemed surprised by his reaction, so then chose to approach him slowly with tears in her eyes. He smiled at the girl, but then casually walked right by her. Instead, he came to my side to shield me from the men that had surrounded me.

“What are you doing to my fiancée?”

The men were taken aback by the sudden appearance of the prince, but persisted. “Your Highness, this woman was so jealous of you speaking to her that she started bullying her. It’s just because she’s adorable and charming. We have to make her stop.”

The prince then gently hugged my shoulders, pulling me, who was surrounded by these men, towards him. “Her? That isn’t possible?”

He keeps his hand on my shoulder as he smiles gently at them. Meanwhile, I kept staring at the men.

“Your Highness, with all due respect, there’s evidence. Her hair ornament was found at the scene where she was pushed down the stairs. It’s here…” The red haired man took out an accessory from his pant pocket.

I took the beautifully decorated hair ornament from him, before showing it to the prince. It was certainly a high-class object, with red jewels, which had been given to me by the prince. It’s impossible for an ordinary person to have this…it’s definitely mine.

The prince silently took the hair accessory from me with a smile and held it carefully. “This is the proof?”

The three men rushed to continue their evidence. “The other day, when her notebook was torn, she was seen entering the room. Additionally, it is reported that she doesn’t go anywhere without wearing that hair ornament.”

The prince kept smiling and I stared at the red haired man as he spoke.

I absentmindedly wondered where such rumors had originated from. It wasn’t true, I didn’t do this, I muttered in a small voice.

The red haired man had spoken confidently. And, well, I don’t think it can be helped if the rumors portray me as a villainess because my appearance is perfect for one…

Hahaha, you’re sure saying some interesting things, but it’s still impossible. Absolutely so…”

The three men looked confused at the smile on His Highness’ face.

Hii! Scary, scary, scary. Though he’s not breaking his smile, his eyes aren’t laughing at all. He’s definitely angry…I wonder if we’ll all be able to leave safely before he explodes.

“But Your Highness…!!”

“You don’t have to protect a woman like that, Your Highness!”

“Isn’t there someone more suitable for His Highness than that expressionless and outrageous woman?!”

Still, the three men continued to noisily disagree.

That’s when the Prince finally lost his smile; he looked at the men with a terribly cold expression. The three immediately closed their mouths when they noticed his reaction.

Suddenly, the adorable girl that was standing behind the Prince started speaking. “It’s okay…I will put up with the harassment, it’s okay. But, Your Highness, are you really alright with a fiancée like her?” She looks up at the Prince with teary eyes once again.

This is bad…she might be killed…

You should really leave this place right now…

Then she smiled, before laughing gently.

“A woman like you, who would sacrifice countless men and selfishly stain an innocent person with such a sin would in no way be a better fiancée than her.”

In that second, her face turned red.

“I-is that woman really so good? Why? I’m cuter, right? Hey, I’m the main character of this world!!”

The men who had previously been protecting her look startled at her sudden change of attitude.

The hand that had been on my shoulder, was suddenly on her throat. The prince’s smile was completely gone and he looked at her with a murderous expression.

The other men are stunned into inaction while she struggled to break free.

“What a noisy woman, let’s crush that throat of yours…”

She shook off the Prince’s hand hastily, shivering in fear. Then, she ran away at full speed. The men that had just been staring took off running right after her.

Meanwhile, the Prince turned to look at me, a smile once again on his face.

“I’m glad I didn’t bring you to this school, after all. I’m glad the royal sorcerers were able to complete this doll by the time we were scheduled to enter the academy. It worked just as I wanted. They gave me the perfect doll.”

I heard his words from inside his bedroom.

“Honestly, I really wanted to keep your consciousness away from them as well, but then I thought it would be boring for you at home. And the royal sorcerers nearly failed to link your sight and hearing when they were making the doll too…”

I just stared out the window, listening to his words through a doll that couldn’t move freely.

He gently stroked the doll’s face. “Are you scared? But…if you had been here then you would have cried. If those guys had seen your crying face, I would have had to gouge their eyes out.”

I was terrified of him, who could say that with a smile, but I had no choice but to listen to his words through the expressionless doll.

“It’s so dangerous outside…stay inside my room quietly until I get home, my dear fiancée.”

My legs were tied to the bed so I couldn’t escape.

“My cute fiancée. You’re all mine.”

Translator’s Note: Happy Belated Halloween! (((༼•̫͡•༽))). This story had quite the twist, huh? The original is written more like a poem, so I definitely took some artistic liberties. I also wish the author had given us both girl’s names, because the part where they’re blaming her uses ‘she’ and ‘her’ often, so it can get confusing as to who is being talked about. But at the same time, I didn’t want to change it to ‘your fiancée’ each time the three stooges were talking about her. Hope you enjoyed (and were terrified by) this! Σ(°△°|||)︴

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