Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

24. [Day 3 (3)]

Zerio, who sank down in the sofa of the business room, desperately wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

The amount and numbers written on the invoice he was given earlier were too absurd.

“…Hendrick, are you certain that the Miez Corporation will be able to handle such a large amount?”

“Don’t be so humble. Didn’t the last transaction sell out immediately? I’m positive it will amass quite the reputation, and we’ll be flooded with requests.”

“But still…”

Contrary to the anxious Zerio, Hendrick face him with a smile while sitting casually on the sofa.

The man hailed from a well-known company in the neighboring Spica Empire. He was the one who had approached the Miez Corporation with the proposition to deal with Senz cloth.

“Last time, we were quite lucky. A company that runs a transportation business requested a durable cloth for a long trip. That was why I decided to sell it off all at once. It was certainly an excellent trade-off, but…”

“Then, please purchase a lot this time, too. We’re confident because it’s the Miez Corporation.”

“…I see.”

With a vague smile on his face, Zerio looked over the terms of the deal Hendrick had offered.

The desired number of purchases written there was several tens of times the previous number.

While the number is large, the purchase price is exceptional. Moreover, it’d be delivered immediately. Considering that the customer who learned of the reputation of Senz cloth in the previous transaction has inquired for more, it shouldn’t be unmanageable, but…

Hendrick’s smile appeared to be genuine.

He seemed confident, unbridled by the slightest hint of anxiety.

That was why Zerio felt that something was amiss.

If Milady were here…

Although he was pleased with Lorona’s death and was aware of how selfish he was being, Zerio couldn’t help but think that.

He was dying to ask her if he should sign the contract.

He believed that the Senz cloth was of good quality. If the trade were to continue, it’d become the main product that would support the company.

However, the development was too rapid.

It hadn’t been two weeks since their last transaction. Normally, several months were needed to deliver that much cloth from a neighboring kingdom. Even considering that the two kingdoms were in a bilateral relationship, and a friendly one at that, considering the procedures—such as investigations and tariffs—the cloth seemed to have been prepared beforehand.

That was why Zerio felt uncomfortable.

“Why do you hesitate? Last time, you even refused to lessen the number.”

“That’s, because if it’s this much, I’ll need to make preparations…”

“Is that so? Well, why don’t we lend you our entire warehouse?”


Why is he being overly generous?

If it was the former Zerio, he’d have jumped at the opportunity.

However, the experience he gained during his time partnered with Lorona finally allowed him realize the strangeness of the transaction.

He vaguely understood why Lorona was so reluctant to sign the first contract.


Lorona was always level-headed. Her judgment wasn’t solely based on what met her eyes, but also the situation. That way, she always made the correct decision.

Thanks to that, the company had grown to its current state.

Zerio was ashamed to have forgotten about her.

Blinded by greed, he forgot his gratitude towards Lorona.

Ever since that day, the words directed by Aslan kept echoing within his heart.

As Aslan had said, the company was only able to progress that far due to the efforts of Lorona.

Over the last two days, his words hadn’t left Zerio’s head.

Looking back on his days of doing businesses with Lorona, Zerio tried to regain his senses as a true merchant.

Shortly after that, Hendrick came to meet him.

If it was shortly after Lorona’s death, Zerio would have signed the contract without any hesitation.

I have to thank Aslan…

“Mr. Zerio?”

Hendrick was being pushy for some reason. The smile showed was that of a merchant.

However, Zerio was currently the chairman of the commerce that oversaw the Miez Corporation. If he failed there, he wouldn’t be able to repay Loroan.

“I’m very grateful for the offer. I’d like to proceed with the order as soon as possible.”


“—But, due to some complications, I can’t do it right away today.”

Hendrick paused. His smile hadn’t changed, but the atmosphere around him chilled.

While picking up on his intimidation, Zerio stuck to his gentle expression of a merchant.

“Can you at least wait until tomorrow afternoon?”

“Tomorrow afternoon…?”

“Yes, by then, the situation will be resolved. We’ll also have a warehouse to store the cloth.”

“That would be…”

Hendrick put his hand under his chin as if thinking about something before staring at Zerio.

Zerio also stared back at him. He then looked away.

“If such are the circumstances, it can’t be helped.”

“Do you understand? What I’m trying to say is, it’s impossible. If it’s difficult for you, I won’t complain even if you bring the proposition to another company.”

“No, I brought you this proposition exactly because of how influential this corporation is.”

Zerio was confused by Hendrick. The man seemed utterly convinced of the statement.

He thought that Hendrick would threaten to take the offer somewhere else.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“It’s only natural. After all, we’re going to have a long relationship.”

“Hendrick has a big heart.”

“No, no, I’m sure Zerio is going through his own hardships. How unfortunate, you no longer have anyone else to consult with.”


Hendrick’s words made Zerio’s merchant façade slip for a moment. He couldn’t grasp what the smiling Hendrick was thinking.

Then, endless horror was all he could feel.

“See you.”

While Zerio was frozen, Hendrick left the room with the same light gait as when he appeared.

Seeing off his back, Zerio started sweating a fountain.

Just now, what did he say…?

That company was ostensibly managed by Zerio alone.

Little was known about Lorona. To everyone else, she was but a business consultant.

Nevertheless, Hendrick should have never met Lorona.

Did he know that I am overwhelmed by the absence of Lorona?

Feeling as if all the blood within his body had frozen, Zerio stood while holding the invoice in a daze.

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