The Marquis’ Amnesia Translation

The Marquis’ Amnesia 2

Chapter Two: Memory Loss On a Rainy Day

While being supported by Elsa and led by Arthur, we rushed towards my husband’s bedroom. Because I was supported by Elsa, I managed to not fall.

“…Who are you?”

My husband, who had a white bandage on his head, looked at my face and said apologetically.

“Master, you’re being too terrible…! I mean, I know that you usually ignore your wife like human waste, but still…!”

Frederick immediately rushed to cover Elsa’s roaring mouth with one hand.

If possible, I’d like you to act a little earlier.

For my sake, Elsa had uttered such a ridiculous rant. Fortunately, my husband wasn’t angry. …In fact, he looked appalled.

In search of an answer, we turned towards Arthur, who waited by the side of the bed.

Arthur, who had his gray hair slicked back, and wore a proper tailcoat, didn’t appear like his usual self. His dark blue eyes, of the same color as Elsa’s, were tinted with confusion. The similarity in color was because they were father and daughter.

“It seems that Master has lost his memory because of the head trauma. Be it his wife, us, his family, and his friends—he recalls nothing about them.”

I was rendered speechless by the unexpected situation. The same went for Elsa. At first glance, nothing seemed amiss with Frederick—but his mouth was agape.

“Frederick, call Mr. Morgan immediately. He should be downstairs.”

“Understood. …Elsa, watch your tone, alright?”

Frederick sternly advised Elsa and then left to fetch Morgan—the doctor of the marquis family.

I turned towards my husband once again. It was the first time I had seen him in half a year. He seemed to be very tired. There were dark circles under his eyes. He seemed to be mentally fatigued.

However, the cold expression he’d usually direct towards me wasn’t there. Instead, he looked awkward. I had always thought that he was a little scary. However, as of the present, my husband almost appeared like Cedric, my little brother.

Then, I thought of my husband’s current predicament. He didn’t know who he was, much else his surroundings.

How lonely it must be.

I secretly took a deep breath and called out to my husband.

“…I-it’s alright, my husband.”

After saying that, I immediately wanted to cry.

What was I saying?

It wasn’t alright—nothing was.

I was worried I had said something insensitive, and clung to the hem of my skirt. At that moment, something touched my hand.

Surprised, I raised my face. My eyes met with my husband’s. Looking down, my hand was wrapped in his.

…For my husband to hold my hand—I was truly appalled.

It’s impossible…

“A beautiful woman like you—my wife…?”


I let out an unladylike, strange voice. Arthur, who’d stare at me gently, also went agape as he stared at my husband. Elsa was grinning for some reason.

My husband took my hand and dropped a light kiss at the back of my hand.

“…To have forgotten about you, what a heartless husband I am. Could you please tell me your name?”

“U, uh…”

As my husband’s beautiful face mesmerizingly looked up at me, I was asked so.

Not knowing what to do, I looked back at Elsa for help. Elsa, grinning, immediately reverted to her usual attitude, and stroked my back. “It’s okay.”

Regaining my courage, I withdrew my hand, lifted my skirt, bent my waist, and bowed like a lady gracefully.

“My name is Liliana Catherine de Alwin-Lutherford.”

I had given someone other than Elsa and Arthur my name for the first time. I straightened my posture again, brimming with relief that I didn’t get tongue-tied. Again, my husband took my hand. That time, my husband wrapped my right hand with both hands.


Since we had gotten married, my husband called my name for the first time.

…Also, somehow, I was sitting next to my husband. It seemed that he had pulled my hands.

“…M, my husband?”

I had no idea what was happening. Neither Elsa nor Arthur showed any sign of helping me.

“Liliana, I’m a heartless husband who has forgotten about his wife—can you please keep an eye on me?”

As he held my shoulders, my husband said that.

Reflected within his eyes, which were as blue and as bright as the sky, was my crimson face. I grew more and more anxious. I lowered my face and gently exhaled to calm myself to escape from his gaze.

“I’ll never give up on my husband.”

Despite the fact that the opposite was quite possible in the future.

…Regardless, it was absolutely impossible for me to forsake my husband, who let his wife, a mere trophy, live a life without any inconvenience.

“How kind you are. Thank you, Liliana. Your words alone have settled my heart.”

My husband suddenly smiled. As per his words, I found an unconcealable relief in my husband’s eyes.

If I was my husband, I would be uncomfortable. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t recognize everyone. Not to mention, I was surrounded by strangers in a foreign-looking room.

…How terrifying it is!

My husband’s family, the one who should be able to chase away my husband’s anxiety, was in a territory far away from the capital.

Under such a circumstance, I would be utterly terrified, to the extent of crying. He would surely want to rely on someone who wasn’t his wife or mere acquaintances.

I felt pathetic for being such an unreliable wife. Despite that, I smiled at my husband. I returned to my usual grace to alleviate my husband’s worry as much as possible.

“I’m glad that your heart has found peace. As a wife, I’m not without flaws. Regardless, I’m by your side. If you need anything, please tell me.”

“…Thank you, Liliana.”

My husband laughed happily.

When he tried to speak again, Frederick and the doctor, Morgan, arrived. The door was knocked. Arthur welcomed the two in.

Morgan was about the same age as Arthur. His gray hair was tied together behind his neck. He had a mustache of the same color as his hair. He wore glasses, and would always smile gently. Morgan took immense care of me when I couldn’t sleep or eat due to fever.

“My lord, this is Morgan Plitzel, the doctor. He has been this family’s doctor since before my lord was born.”

As he stared at Morgan, my husband looked like he was desperately trying to recall something. Unfortunately, he could only let out a sigh.

“…I’m sorry, I can’t remember anything.”

“No, don’t force yourself to remember. You’ve suffered a head injury. I was worried, but it seems that before I knew it, you’ve become familiar with your wife.”

Morgan noticed that we weren’t only sitting beside each other but were also holding hands. He thus smiled.

“I, it’s not what you think, this is…”

Suddenly embarrassed, I tried to get up in a hurry. However, my husband wouldn’t allow it. My shoulders were held by his strong arms. As a result, I only became closer to him. My husband, who was a knight, had a very solid, muscular body.

“Stay beside me, Liliana.”

He whispered that in a sweet, low voice in my ears—I was about to scream. I was utterly shocked, my waist felt limp, and I fell down as it was. I ended up leaning against my husband. Without my husband’s support, I would’ve been lying on his bed. Fortunately, it also allowed me to conceal my face, which was beyond red at that point.

Morgan continued.

“As I thought, you are on good terms. More importantly—”

Frederick handed Morgan his back. Then, Morgan proceeded to take out a stethoscope.

When I noticed that my husband had begun disrobing, I immediately averted my gaze. Seeing that Elsa was grinning at me, I lowered my face.

“Hmm, there’s nothing wrong with your physique. My lord, since you’ve suffered a head injury, I shall do another test.”

With that said, Morgan showed his fingers and asked my husband the number. Then, Morgan moved the candle from left to right to check the movement of his eyeballs, and asked various other questions.

I gradually learned that my husband had no recollection of other people. However, the history of the kingdom and the marquis family, the calendar of that kingdom, the climate and the places’ names, how to read and write letters—he recalled them all.

It seemed that he didn’t lack any knowledge necessary for daily life, such as riding a horse and using tableware. Only the memories of the people were lost.

“I’ve asked you before, Frederick, but I recall you saying the lord has lost his footing and fell?”

Morgan inquired of Frederick, to which he nodded.

“When he was training at the outdoor training ground on the knight’s premises, the rain was falling in earnest. Thus, when he was trying to avoid an attack, he was overtaken by the muddy ground, and struck his head on a stone. Everyone hurriedly carried the lord, which was already unconscious at that point, to the medical ward. He woke up about 30 minutes later but didn’t recognize anyone. Due to the severity of the situation, I hurriedly made my way back to the mansion. Fortunately, other than me, there were only His Excellency and Lord Alphonse.”

I turned around towards my husband. Certainly, a white bandage was wrapped around his head. It looked painful.

“…Don’t stare at me too much, Liliana.”

My husband said so and turned away.

For someone like me to unscrupulously look at him, it must have been unpleasant…

“I’m sorry, that was rude of me…”

I hurriedly moved my gaze to my knees.

…Why do I always make people uncomfortable?

It was probably the reason why my stepmother and father found me unpleasant.

Then, my husband placed his large palm on top of my hand.

“I wasn’t blaming you, Liliana.”

Despite it being beautiful, I still found him intimidating when he got serious—even more so when he was angry…

I could feel myself shrinking as I begged for forgiveness.

However, for some reason, I was pulled into a strong embrace.

Before I noticed it, I was within my husband’s arms.

The refreshing scent of cologne—which seemed to belong to my husband—akin to lush trees grazed my nose.

My husband’s large hand stroked my back as if I was a baby.

“Sorry for the lack of words. For me to fall and hit my head, and to top it off, forget about you—it’s too embarrassing.”

“Y, you aren’t angry?”

My husband shook his head and answered my question.

“I’m not angry, so don’t be scared. It’s alright.”

A kind, a large hand caressed my head. It was so warm I felt relieved and proceeded to exhale.

…So, he isn’t angry.

I never knew that my husband’s arms were such a powerful and warm place to be.

As soon as I realized that, I noticed the fact that I was being hugged and tried to withdraw. Nevertheless, no matter how much I pushed his thick chest, my husband didn’t move.

…Not a single person in the room helped me. For some reason, I felt that Elsa, Frederick, Arthur, and Morgan were all grinning towards my husband and me.

“M, my husband, please let me go…”

“I don’t want to. You’re so thin, and yet, soft…”

“What are you talking about…?”

My face was beyond red.

“…Such a charming body, how could I have forgotten about it?”

My husband said such a thing for some reason. His large palm stroked my hips. I was so surprised; I was about to make a strange voice. But, my face soon collided against my husband’s chest.

“My lord, may I have a word?”

I heard Elsa’s cold voice from behind.

“…It’s because even though you’re her husband, you probably only know her name.”


Unable to comprehend Elsa’s words, my husband tilted his head.

“In the past year since the two of you have gotten married, my lord has never spent the night with his wife. All my lord has ever done is work, work, and work. Even during the day of the wedding, my lord left the church right after the ceremony. Upon returning to the reception room, my lord changed to the knight’s uniform and went to work as it was.”

“…No way, even though it was a wedding reception?”

My husband said in disbelief.

Arthur was the one who replied.

“Since it was the season when most of the aristocrats had returned to their respective territories, my lord deemed it as meaningless. Therefore, we didn’t have a reception. The wedding itself was held by Frederick and me. Only Elsa, His Excellency, and Alphonse were in attendance.”

Alphonse was a childhood friend of my husband—both a deputy leader of the knight’s division and a crown prince. I had never spoken to him before, and had only known of him from Elsa. My veil was down throughout the entire wedding, and I was too nervous to remember anybody.

My husband was utterly shocked; he was speechless.

“So, unhand Milady.”

Before I realized it, I was held by Elsa.

“E, Elsa?”

“Excuse me, Milady. Frederick.”

Elsa smiled, and Frederick came to block my ears for some reason. Then, Elsa proceeded to raise her face, and smile towards my husband. It was such a brilliant smile. Since her mouth was moving, I assumed that she was saying something. Nevertheless, my ears were blocked, so I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

“—That’s all, my lord.”

Frederick released his hands, and that was the only thing I could hear at the end.

It was as if the world had ended for my husband—at least, judging by his expression. I tried to ask what Elsa had said, but she refused to tell me.

“Alright, then, Milady. The lord has to undergo a more detailed inspection, so let’s return to the room with me.”

“But, my husband…”

“Oh, how kind Milady is! It’s alright. The lord just has to do a little introspection… It isn’t like he has gone foolish just because he has hit his head. But, to avoid any trouble, we’ll need Dr. Morgan to do an examination on him. Let’s return to the room, so we don’t get in the way.”

What Elsa said was sensible. There should be no issue lingering on his body. I nodded obediently to Elsa’s words.

I turned towards my husband.

“My husband, Dr. Morgan, is a wonderful doctor. If you have any concerns, please tell him immediately.”

“…I, I will.”

My husband’s complexion didn’t look too good. I was sure it was the after-effect of the head trauma.

“Dr. Morgan, please take care of my husband.”

I bowed deeply to Morgan.

“Milady, please leave your husband to me.”

“Once everything has settled down, this Frederick will inform you. So please rest your mind in your room until then.”

Thanks to Morgan’s kind words and Arthur’s kindness, I bowed to my husband, and left the room along with Elsa.

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