Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

19.1 [Day 2 (3)]


While sitting down, Lumina repeatedly contemplated what the messengers had told her.

How far does their knowledge extend?

While she may be an unmarried noble lady, having an illicit relationship with a man who was already engaged was indeed a heinous act.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the temple accused her of violating the precepts.

In the future, far from being engaged to Velbutte, she’d completely lose her place in the social circles.

“Mother, I…”

Aaah, what do I do!?”

Lumina’s voice was drowned by Belverassa’s high-pitched wail.

Her mother, who kept scratching her face, came off like a madwoman.

“Mother? What happened?”

“What should I do, Lumina… what should I do?”

Lumina was frustrated by Belverassa who clung to her arm.

She wanted to scream at her mother.

“…I no longer have the money that was deposited in preparation for Lorona’s marriage.”


While raising a weird cry, Lumina stared at her mother.

Belverassa paled.

“I thought the royal family would arrange the marriage… As such, I decided to borrow a little, but…”

“…What on earth did you use it for?”


Towards the silent Belverassa, Lumina raised her eyebrows. Then, her gaze landed on the ring on her mother’s finger.

She bought a jewel…!!

Belverassa was an extreme jewelry enthusiast.

When she saw rare gems and beautiful precious metals, she couldn’t help but aquire them.

As Lumina was also a woman, she didn’t find her mother’s urge incomprehensible.

But her mother shouldn’t have touched the preparation fund entrusted to them by the royal family.

Lumina gently took her mother’s hand, holding back her desire to scream.

“…It can’t be helped. What’s done is done. For now, let’s borrow from the family’s budget. Afterwards, I’ll return it.”


“But I’ll have to properly report it to father.”


When Lumina saw that Belverassa was trembling in fear, she became convinced that jewelry wasn’t the only thing her mother had bought. Her mother must had bought a lot of other things as well.

Her mother wouldn’t hesitate to purchase new dresses and other cosmetics either.

After all, back when she was still young, her mother used to wear a lot of beautiful dresses.


“…Everything will be alright. I’m sure father will understand. Moreover, the royal family still owes us a tribute, yes?”

“T, that’s right… yes, I’m sure of it…”

The word ‘tribute’ allowed Belverassa’s pale cheeks to regain their rosiness. She then smiled.

Lumina felt relieved.

At the same time, she began to realize that even though her mother was unbelievably beautiful in her youth, she was now like an eerie creature.

Glaring, unnatural, make up. Flashy dresses. Striking jewels.

Without the title of a countess, her mother was closer to being a harlot.

W, what am I thinking, towards my own mother…?

Lumina hurriedly shook her head.

She was proud of her mother. After all, not only was her mother able to capture the heart of the count, she had also climbed up from the position of a tutor to that of a countess.

As such, she shouldn’t be having horrible thoughts about her own mother.

“By the way, Lumina, is it true that you’re having an affair with His Highness Velbutte?”

“Mother! Don’t believe such a baseless story!”

“But earlier…”

“Certainly, we did go out together, but that’s all. You can even examine my body—you won’t find any problems!”

Indeed, there wouldn’t be any problems.

Even if they had been seen together, she could just come up with a random excuse.

Lumina dismissed Belverassa’s anxiety and smiled at her.

Despite her apparent skepticism, Belverassa didn’t pursue the matter any further.

Relieved, Lumina took Belverassa’s hand.

“Anyway, we should tidy up our residence! Not to mention, we also have to think about my sister’s funeral!”

“T, that’s right…”

The two faced each other as they tried to distract themselves from topics that inconvenient them.

“Your father still hasn’t returned?”

“Well, he’s always like that… How troublesome…”

Lumina unintentionally complained. Hatred seemed to bleed into her expression.

She felt neither respect nor affection for her father.

Suddenly, the disgust she felt towards her own mother returned once again. Lumina hurriedly turned her face away from Belverassa.

“We’ll be troubled if he doesn’t return… Let’s get in touch with him again.”

“Yes, I think that’ll be a good idea.”

Lumina clasped her mother’s hand, thinking she felt very unpleasant.

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