The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

163. Radea’s Bakery (4)

“You must be joking.”

Vissel suddenly turned away while Listeard’s expression changed. Towards them, Elynsia lifted her eyebrows.

“…I see. As I thought, there’s resistance.”

“Isn’t that obvious? I still don’t fully trust him.”

“You’re still saying that—!”


Subdued by Elynsia’s quiet tone, Listeard reluctantly shut his mouth. Hadith silently gazed at Jill.

Elynsia then took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to say that, ‘I understand your feelings’…

“Well, Lady Elynsia, you’re correct about that.”

“I think it’s a little late for this, but I’m remorseful. Since I was trying to avoid conflict, I didn’t actively help you and Hadith. That includes not trying to remove the tension between us. However, I know that Hadith and you are good children.”

“When it comes to you, everyone is a good person.”

In front of Vissel who shrugged, Elynsia slowly dropped her gaze onto her hand.

“Natalie told me—I’m the oldest, and she’s right. I’m the oldest of the remaining members of Rave royal family.”

“What are you trying to say? Could it be, because of Hadith—”

“No, that’s not what I mean. What I’m trying to say is—we need an iron fist sanction.”

There was a splendid, abrupt, pause.

With his eyebrows arched to the limit, Vissel listened back.


“Natalie told me, if we quarrel, I should use my fists to stop it.”

“To stop who?”

“You guys.”

While staring at Vissel, Listeard, and Hadith, Elynsia clenched her fist.

“…So, if Vissel starts a fight with us in the future, he’ll get hit!”

“Older sister, what is? What are you talking about?”

 “The same goes for you, Listeard! If you don’t treat Vissel like a sibling, I will also hit you! This will make everything equal!”

Listeard, who was awestruck, went agape.

Elynsia clapped her hands.

“Of course, I’ll make sure that Frida and Natalie also call Vissel ‘older brother.’ However, both Natalie and Frida are weak. Therefore, I will only hit them lightly.”

Vissel’s shoulders dropped in resignation. His fingers were between his eyebrows. He seemed to be suffering from a headache.

“Why are you doing this…? So, if I refuse to refer to you by name, your fist will fly?”

“That’s correct!”

“Why are you so proud about that?”

“Then, can you abandon us without hesitation?”

Vissel blinked for a few times. Elynsia pridefully laughed.

“I’m fine with being called ‘sister’!”


Hadith, who was listening to the whole conversation while eating an apple alongside Jill, opened his mouth.

“Being hit by Elynsia would hurt, Vissel,”

“Hadith, are you even on my side?”

“It’s because you told me to work.”

Jill laughed a little at Hadith’s response. Vissel, whose eyebrows twitched a little, sighed in exhaustion.

“…I understand. Alright, then.”

“I see! You finally understand! As I thought, this was the right solution!”

“Older sister, I don’t think you’ve solved anything. This is quite terrible. This is Natalie we’re talking about. What’s going on with that annoying sister of mine…”

“—I don’t need any incompetent siblings, though.”

Listeard, who was mumbling a complaint, vigorously turned around.

“Do you dare say that I’m incompetent?!”


Vissel’s call brilliantly made Listeard freeze. However, Vissel kept a cool expression as he spoke.

“Report to Duke Noitral and Duke Leirzatz about this and make appropriate adjustments. When it comes to traveling with dragons, you’re the most agile. Let me approve the appointment for the Grand Duke Radea.”

“S, say what…?”

“I hope that you’ll stop by Fairert, as well. No matter what the reason is, I’m concerned about the safety of my fiancée. Tell them that I sent you. If you aren’t incompetent, then you understand what I meant, correct?”

Vissel laughed as if challenging him. The stunned Listeard immediately regained his senses. With a slightly nervous look, he nodded.

“O, of course! I should make adjustments to the three grand dukes…”

“Also, if you decide that there’s nothing wrong with them, you can return to the imperial capital. By that time, Hadith and I should also be on the way home, as well.”

“A, alright, leave the tidbits to me.”

“You’re the right person for this. Now go.”

“I, I understand.”

“—On another hand, older sister.”

Elynsia pointed to herself in shock. Vissel’s mouth distorted from disgust.

“Yes, I’m indeed referring to you. Please return to the imperial capital right away.”

“But, why?”

“You can entrust everything here to South. He will surely give satisfying results. Please return and ensure the personal safety of Natalie and Frida. I did my best to ensure that nothing would happen to them, but once Listeard begins making the adjustment, those who’re aware of what’s to come will surely make their moves.”

Elynsia’s expression changed from confusion to seriousness.

“Alright, if I depart right away, I’ll reach the imperial capital by tomorrow morning at the earliest. Leave it to me.”

“Older sister, I will go, too.”

Listeard followed after Elynsia who had turned on her heels.

In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared.

Suddenly, Vissel’s shoulders dropped.

“—and now, the noise has subsided.”

Jill squinted her eyes.

“…You did that on purpose.”

“I’ll deliver your work later, Hadith.”


Vissel also left after waving lightly towards Hadith who gave a sullen reply.

After they were left alone, Jill asked Hadith.

“Are you alright with that, Your Majesty?”

“He’s amazing. Older brother Vissel knows not only how to use people, but he’s also delegating his work to them.”

Hadith laughed happily towards Jill.

“Older brother Vissel is stubborn. I’m worried he might die from overworking soon.”

“…I don’t think you should be laughing about that.”

But Jill somehow understood what Hadith meant, so she opened her mouth wide and gobbled the whole apple.

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