The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

28. Condemnation Drama 3 ~Villainess VS Heroine

“Well then, Your Highness, your turn has come.

When I vigorously spread open my fan, His Highness, who had been behaving suspiciously, began to panic.

“I, I know nothing about this poison! Brown and Sagius did it!”

“That much I already knew.”

“There should be no problem, then…!”

Upon hearing that, His Highness became overtly relieved. Annoyed, I frowned.

“…What are you talking about? The actions of Your Highness inadvertently lead to the crown prince Aldam Neonhart to consume poison. You were the one who invited them to the party that day. You used your authority as a member of the royal family to avoid inspection.”

As if he had recalled that day, His Highness averted his gaze.

While feeling earnestly let down by His Highness, I explained what he had done in a crisp manner.

“Count Kayes brought the poison and entrusted it to Minerva who subsequently passed it to a waiter as she pretended to be on guard duty at the venue. In this way, His Highness helped the poison enter the venue. I already told you, didn’t I? ‘Who’ll take responsibility if something irreversible were to happen…?’—I remember saying something along those lines.”

“Uh, uu…”

After hearing my words, His Highness glanced at the throne while sweating like a fountain.

There stood the second prince along with the king and queen. The former stared at His Highness with a cold expression while the latter sported indescribable expressions.

His Highness, who saw such a scene, began to stagger. In the end, he tumbled down along with Baroness Abazn.

Apparently, he finally understood that the king and the queen wouldn’t be offering him any help whatsoever.

After glancing at His Highness, I turned to Baroness Abazn.

“Baroness Mia Abazn, lift your face, please? After all, you’re the cause of everything.”

When I said that, Baroness Abazn glared at me.

“Mia isn’t at fault!”


“Yes, Mia never heard of any of this!”

Baroness Abazn shed her tears and appealed to those around her.

However, no one responded to her. Not even His Highness.

Whether or not she noticed it, Baroness Abazn desperately begged to His Highness.

“Feld, you promised Mia—! You promised that you’ll stay with me—! Then help Mia—!”

Baroness Abazn shook His Highness while screaming. Regardless, he didn’t even react. Probably because he knew there was nothing he could do at that point.

With a complicated expression, the king pointed his cane at His Highness.

“Feld, I thereby deprive you of the right to succeed the throne. You shall spend the remainder of your life in the Northern Tower.”

After His Majesty had said that, the queen hung down her head. The second prince stared at His Majesty with a dissatisfied look.

However, since I had told him not to speak in advance, he didn’t say anything further.

After thanking the second prince in my heart—

—I distorted my mouth which was concealed behind my fan.

As I thought, is the punishment too lackluster?

The former crown prince suddenly lifted his face and our eyes met. I smiled at him.

With a saddened expression, he quickly lowered his head.

When I saw the first prince like that, I felt glad instead.

“…I’m glad that this sight doesn’t stir my heart.”

After muttering that, I pointed my fan at Baroness Abazn. She had been shaking the first prince’s shoulders incessantly.

“—Finally, it’s your turn.”

When I said that, Baroness Abazn turned towards me with a tremendous force. She stared at me in a terrifying manner.

“You fussy villainess—!! Why are you acting so randomly—!? Thanks to you, the route is all messed up! Don’t get in the way of the NPCs anymore—!! I’m the heroine of ‘With You’—I’m the protagonist—!!”

Baroness Abazn hollered at me.

I didn’t answer.

I didn’t even know what she was talking about.

All I knew was that Baroness Abazn was furious with me.

Therefore, I inadvertently glanced around. No one seemed to understand what she was saying, either.

This girl.

When I was wondering what to do, Baroness Abazn suddenly stood up and vigorously tore at her own hair.

“I couldn’t even trigger the events with the villainess! I tried my best to stir things up, but how did it end up like this!? What is this shitty game?! My harem plan is ruined!!”

Baroness Abazn shouted as she faced the ceiling.

Looking at her made me sick, thus I smiled repulsively.

“…That’s right, it’s a bug, it must be—!! If so, I’ll reset it. I shall restart it. Next time, I’ll capture the hidden character instead of these three, useless, dolts—!! Kihihihi—!!”

Upon hearing Baroness Abazn’s words, my brother and Count Kayes were in shock.

After she had spat on their faces, Baroness Abazn stared at me.

“…You’re the bug! You wrecked the game! I shall fix it, then I can return to the title screen—kihihihi!”

Baroness Abazn continued to spew out incomprehensible words. Then, from her dress, she took out a dagger.

Marquis Wayne, the knight captain, tried to intercept it by standing in front of me, but I stopped him with my fan.

“…I already told you, Marquis Wayne, she’s my prey.”

“I’ll still intervene if things become dangerous.”

“Fufu~ but it won’t.”

While answering that, I spread my fan before Baroness Abazn.

Provoked, Baroness Abazn charged towards me while screaming.

Disappear from my wooooooooooorld—!!!”

“Since when is it yours?”

I muttered and avoided the looming pink mass. I then slammed my iron fan against her nape.


Said ‘pink mass’, Baroness Abazn, screamed and rolled on the floor many times. Then, she finally fainted due to the pain.

Upon seeing it, I exhaled in relief.

“Well, I have no idea what she was going on about, but I’m sure it’s over for Baroness Abazn.”

I opened the fan and smiled grandly.

***T/N: Before I realize it, distorting her mouth behind her fan has become our villainess’ signature move.

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