The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

3. I Don’t Have Time to Talk With His Highness

—89 days remaining.

“What is the meaning of this, Lelouche—!?”

It was just after the lunch bell rang. His Highness, who belonged to different grade, barged into my classroom.

No matter how little of my days remained, I couldn’t skip class. Although, the idea did excite me. Still, I couldn’t shame the duke’s family. Aristocratic minors are nationally obligated receive an education. The given obligation must be fulfilled until the end.

Regardless, there were break times.

I was happy that he visited me, but I didn’t have time to deal with him.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness Sazanjill, I have something to do after this.”

So, keep it short, please.

Upon hearing my words, His Highness flared up even more.

“Now, you listen—! Lumiere has been crying every day—! Are you overexerting her until late into night—!?”

“Oh, that. I’ve received Baron Alban’s permission. We even studied in front of the baron yesterday.”

Hearing that I received dinner as a symbol of gratitude from the baron didn’t quell His Highness’ anger.

“What is your true intention—!? Do you enjoy bullying Lumiere that much—!?”

“Bullying, you say… even though we’re just studying?”

For some reason, he emphasized the word, ‘bullying,’ so I emphasized, ‘studying.’

Even so, His Highness seemed to be truly furious.

“But in reality, Lumiere has been crying every day!”

“Indeed, I know her for having weak lacrimal glands. I think the ease with which she can cry is wonderful.”


“Besides, it seems that His Highness has forgotten that we’re in public.”

Well, I was aware that I was also being difficult, but…

…I thought he was being crass towards a lady. It also looked like he was about to strike me.

When I pointed that out, he denied it. “I was merely trying to grab your shoulder!”

Well, I wonder how much of that is true?

When His Highness looked to his surroundings, he seemed dissatisfied.

Maintain your anger, Your Highness, for everyone is scared.

…I see, Lumiere truly means a lot to him…

Although my chest hurt a little, I still kept smiling.

I was proud of him.

“Well, then, I have plans after this. Now, if you excuse me.”

I gave a light bow and started walking away while tying my hair. Of course, it was a trivial act. I really didn’t have enough time. I never tried to tie my hair myself, so it was a bit messy. Still, it was better than nothing.

“W, wait—! Lately, what is it that you’ve been doing—!?”


I involuntarily turned around.

Oh, does he still have some interest towards me?

“I’m just practicing my swordsmanship.”

“Sword training!?”

His surprise… wasn’t unreasonable. Aside from the boys, I had never heard of a lady from the Kingdom of Lapisenta, which has been peaceful for hundreds of years, practicing swordsmanship. Of course, I had only wielded the sword for the first time nine days ago.

Still, it couldn’t be helped—I needed to grasp it.

…Of course, I had no intention of telling His Highness about the reason.

“Once I got a taste of it, it was surprisingly fun. If you’d like, why don’t you join me?”

“N, no, I…”

Well, of course, I already expected that.

Your Highness, you aren’t good at exercising, are you?

Because of that, he worked hard to maintained the top grade in the academy. However, it seemed that he worked too hard, his immunity towards women was underdeveloped.


“What’s wrong?”

I laughed unintentionally, which seemed to have offended His Highness. I covered my mouth and apologized.

“I’m sorry.”

“Did you just laugh at me?”


and at the same time, I was also jealous.

No matter how much female immunity His Highness lacked, I still lacked charm. That was exactly why a woman’s jealousy was ugly. I should just excuse myself before I exposed more ugliness.

“Then, Your Highness, excuse me.”

In the academy, I made a curtsy that wasn’t at all in character for me. Then, I turned on my heels.

I wondered if His Highness was still concerned about me?

I was a little sad because I couldn’t see his face.

Even that day, I was still training at the edge of the academy grounds.

“Hmm… this isn’t working.”

Arrange for personnel to help me overnight was difficult. After all, not only my fiancé, the crown prince, the school director and my father were also opposed to the idea—since it was dangerous.

Even so, I managed to procure a sword. After disguising myself as a male, I began training on the academy grounds. I trained with members of the swordsmanship club that would soon participate in the national competition. They seemed to have discovered me… but in my defense, I wasn’t getting in the way—

so please bear with me a little…

At that moment—

—Due to my lack of attention, the sword that I was swinging made a clicking sound as it hit something.


The rebounding sword made an arc and fell to the ground. While I held my wrist, which couldn’t withstand the recoil, a shadow was cast across my sight.

I could hear a tight laugh.

“…I don’t think you have enough strength, Lelouche—especially grip strength. If you can’t endure a shock like that, it’s over for you.”

“…Your Highness Zafield?”

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