The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

13. Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

My brother and sister always wanted to indulge me when I was sick.

Whenever I was sick and weak, they’d get anxious.

As such, I always had to pretend that I was fine.

If I got sick, my family would worry.

Is everyone doing well?’

My youngest sibling often cried at night, so he might had come to miss me first.

However, a caretaker had been employed. The renumeration had improved my household budget, I was sure they were living happier than before.

It’d be a little lonely if they were to forget about me, but as long as they could eat and spent their days in good health…

…Amidst my fever, I felt that my blanket shake. Thus, I grabbed the nearest hand that was there.

It must be, my brother’s.

Whenever something bad had occurred, he’d often sneak into my bed and from time to time cry. Perhaps, something happened that day as well.

“…Hmm, what happen? Won’t you tell your onee-chan?”

I felt like I heard someone talking, but instead of anything, I only pulled the figure into my bed.

“…Don’t worry, onee-chan will absolutely cheer you up…”


I heard several voices calling out. Regardless, I gave a proper response as usual.

“Yes, yes, of course, that’s fine…”

Somehow, I felt like I heard some happy voices…

I wanted to stay up until my brother fell asleep, but it was honestly difficult to reply due to the fever. Before I noticed it, I had lost consciousness once again.


When I felt the morning light behind my eyelids, my eyes slowly fluttered open. Unlike yesterday, my head felt truly refreshed.

That was my first time sleeping in such a fluffy bed. After sleeping like a log, I recovered instantly. As expected of the expensive bed.

After dreaming about my family for the first time in a long time, I had a pleasant awakening.

I had sweated throughout the night, when I tried to get up thinking that I should change my clothes, my arms refused to budge.


I raised my head, and I discovered that the twins were sleeping on both sides of me.


Why am I sleeping with the twins!?

While I was fully confused, the twins woke up and smiled.

“Good morning, onee-chan!”

“Onee-chan, how are you feeling?”

“G, good morning…? Why are the two of you here?”

“Eeh~? What are you talking about? Onee-chan told us to sleep with her!”

“You refuse to let go of us! We were embraced so tightly, in the end, we ended up falling asleep!”

Eh…for real?

Perhaps, I fell asleep and mistook them for my brother.

More importantly, it must be humiliating to be hugged by the saint they despise more than anything else. I felt guilty.

“Ah, I’m sorry, because of my illness, I kind of hallucinated…”

“Well, it’s alright. We’re the one who hurt onee-chan in the first place.”

“We really regret it, we won’t do that kind of thing anymore. So can you please forgive us?”

The two stared at me with expectant eyes.

This is cheating.

My little sister would use that same trick when I was about to get angry—

—even if I was aware of it, in the end, I still forgave her…

“No, my injury has recovered, already. Can you leave the room for the time being? I fell asleep yesterday, so I want to change my clothes.”

“Then, I’ll prepare a bath. You want to take a bath, right?”

“You’re still dizzy, so let us help you.”

“Although I do want to take a bath, I can’t bring the two of you? That’d be strange…”

They were so full of murderous intent until yesterday, and now they wanted to take a bath together? That was impossible. They were probably planning to drown me or something.

“Eh!? What’s with that!? Yesterday, you already agreed to be our onee-chan!”

“We were so happy to finally have an onee-chan! What do you mean, ‘it’s strange’? Was yesterday’s promise a lie!?”

“Me? Becoming your onee-chan? Umm, what?”

After listening to their explanation, it seemed that I had mumbled off in my sleep and somehow promised to be their older sister.

But, yesterday, I was—ugh, listen properly to someone’s story!

No one had any idea how it happened—in the end, I had no choice but to make that promise with them.

Even so, being able to reconcile with the twins, who were utterly hostile until the day before, might had been a good thing.

It’d be a pain if they were to antagonize me the whole trip.


But, wouldn’t it be strange once the pilgrimage was over and the real saint returned? I was a little worried, but surely, the priest would handle that. I mean, he was the one who came up with the substitute idea, so I’ll just hope he’ll also the be the one to clear things up in the end.

The priest and the knight leader entered the room while the twins were arguing about me taking a bath.

Towards the two, who had become friendly towards me overnight—

“Farril! Will! If you don’t have anything else to do, leave!”

“Have you been sleeping with the saint since last night!?”

The twins went wild and resisted, but they were caught and taken out.

From that day onward, the twins became super nice to me for some reason. From morning to night, they stuck to me—

umm, what is happening?

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