His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

13. An Oath’s Kiss

“…Felix, what are you doing to my Alisa?”

Hearing His Highness’ words, Felix hurriedly released me.

The feel of Felix’s lips still remained on the back of my hand, and I blushed.

…F, for me to be thrilled by the actions of a man other than His Highness…!

B, but, Felix was still a child…

More than that, His Highness said ‘My Alisa’… ‘My Alisa’…!!

I felt my cheeks getting hotter and hotter.

While I was thinking about that, Felix was glaring at His Highness and laughing at me.

“But, Your Highness, kissing the back of someone’s hand is just a form of greeting!”

“I see, did you do anything else?”

“I won’t lay a hand on your precious Lady Alisa! I know you’re worried because Lady Alisa is pretty and attractive, but you can’t just cast your suspicions based on that, right!?”

“That’s… yes, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to suspect Alisa of anything…”

“I, it’s alright…”

I shook my head, and His Highness looked relieved.

“Also, I know Felix won’t do anything… the worst thing is, I’m not confident. I’m worried someone else will rob Alisa from me.”


I didn’t think he needed to worry about that.

Felix was certainly cute, and if I was kissed by him, I’d be thrilled.


“Don’t worry about that. I only have eyes for His Highness. Didn’t I promise to stay by your side forever?”

His Highness was my fiancé, and also someone who needed me.

When I smiled and said so, His Highness’ face turned red as he nodded.

Felix was trying to conceal his grin with his hand.

“The two of you are really similar to each other… Lady Alisa is also worried that if another wonderful woman appeared, His Highness would change. That’s right, I’d like to tell Your Highness about—“

—I hurriedly held Felix’ mouth with my hand. I felt sorry towards Felix who seemed to be suffering a little—but it couldn’t be helped.

Felix would have told His Highness that I wanted to know more about him. But, I couldn’t let him say that.

I didn’t want His Highness to know that I was asking Felix about him. It was too embarrassing. I couldn’t let him know.

If that was known by His Highness… I wouldn’t know what to do.

His Highness looked surprised, but soon turned gentle.

His blue, sapphire-like, eyes stared at me.

“It’s impossible for me to fall in love with anyone other than Alisa.”

“I see… but, His Highness is considerate. Even if he were to fall in love with someone else, he might not abandon me… I believe there are plenty of more attractive and nicer women out there—one that can better aid His Highness. If such a person appears, I…”

“It’s alright. For me, there’s no one better than Alisa. Alisa, who believes in me and followed me is the most important person in my future.”

After saying that, His Highness averted his gaze, perhaps due to embarrassment.

Although he didn’t have to be so shy, I felt that I was also blushing.

Felix happily smiled from the side.

“What a passionate couple! This is a suggestion from me, why don’t you reaffirm your feelings for each other?”

“…Reaffirm our feelings?”

I shook my head—what did he mean?

Felix continued in a proud voice.

“Just like what I did before. In other words, why doesn’t His Highness kiss the back of Lady Alisa’s hand as a proof of his promise?”

Felix slyly winked.

…That might not be a bad idea.

Felix’s suggestion excited me, after all, if the other party was His Highness…

…I imagined that fire was about to spew out of my face.

However, there was one problem.

“…B, but, that kiss…”

“That kiss is usually done to someone of a higher stature. It originated from the Chivalry of the Orleans Empire, and the United Kingdom of Sterling.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be strange if His Highness kisses the back of my hand…?”

“What about on your lips? Then, every time I kiss the back of Alisa’s hand, you wouldn’t need to worry. Not to mention, it would also be progress.”

His Highness and I stared at each other and tilted our heads.

His Highness hesitated and knelt in front of me while I was still sitting on the bed.

With his gleaming blue eyes, he stared at me.

“Y, Your Highness…?”

“It’s a form of chivalry…? T, then, as a knight who will protect Alisa…”

Rather powerfully, His Highness pulled my hand. He lightly entwined my hand with his fingers.


At the same time, I let out a soft cry.

His Highness quietly placed his lips on my hand.

I felt slightly relaxed despite my burning, hot, feelings.

The sound of my heartbeat was so loud, it was as if my chest was about to explode.

His Highness was kneeling in front of me, with our fingers intertwined. He was kissing my hand.

It was a strange… but also a very warm sight.

I thought that while staring at His Highness.

I was very happy that His Highness was taking good care of me.

…As expected, this was much more exciting than being kissed by Felix.

I wished time would stop as it was. Maybe His Highness felt the same, because his lips stayed pressed against my hand.

However, before long, His Highness regrettably let go of my hand and stood up.

Then, his cheeks turned red as he turned away from me.

“Alisa, you didn’t hate it?”

“That isn’t the case! I, I’m just very happy. T, thank you, Your Highness…”

It was frustrating not being able to convey the entirety of my thoughts.

Actually… I felt like I could convey the excitement I just mentioned in different words…

I stared at the place where His Highness had kissed me. It was a testament to the promise that his Highness would always be by my side.

His Highness also said that he’d protect me.

I had the same feelings… I wanted to be beside him. I wanted to express how much I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t think of any means to do so.

However, I just thought that it’d be nice if His Highness were to kiss my hand once again.

Without my knowing it, Felix had disappeared from the room… maybe, he was being considerate.

“Alisa, I’m going to greet the Viscount of the South tomorrow, so…”

“I shall accompany you.”

I smiled and said that. His Highness laughed happily.

Then, for some reason, he lowered his face.

“Can I kiss Alisa’s hand once again?”

I was surprised and stared at His Highness.

His Highness hurriedly shook his head.

“Well, that’s… that’s a bit weird…”

I smiled a little. His Highness was thinking of the same thing.

In front of His Highness, I extended my hand.

I looked up toward His Highness.

I was sure that my eyes were also shining.

“Yes, no matter what happens, I swear to protect Alisa.”

His Highness took my hand. My hand, which was wrapped in His Highness’ big hand, it felt hot.

His Highness, who had become more accustomed, kissed my hand more passionately.

I felt the same kind of excitement as before, but I wasn’t as shy anymore.

His Highness would surely protect me no matter what. Therefore, I’d also help him no matter what—even if it were to cost me my life.

I swore so in my heart.

At that time, I didn’t know yet.

I didn’t know how dangerous it would be to go to the Viscount territory, and that my vow would soon be put to the test.

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