Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

79.2 The Twin Princesses

Slatton is who surprises me. Seeing him surrounded by women and having trouble is rare. He is also tall and unexpectedly handsome, so when he straightens up his hair and dresses in formal wear, he comes off as a good looker.

There are many men and women around Cleisio and Neimie too. Cleisio wears a smile on her face as she has a friendly talk with the women while laughter rises from around Neimie.

Looks like everyone is having fun being popular.

Even though this tea party seems to be doubling as a match making interview, if all goes well, the Yuusha and his party, his brides in other words, will become the tea party’s center of attention.

While Ristia and the others are at the center of attention, there is a group of people feeling clearly out of place. Most of them are young men with good physiques.

Yep, I’m pretty sure they are the knight-sama of both kingdoms. They are people who gave their all to the practice of military arts, so I doubt they have much experience with lively and cheerful places like this.

The young men who gathered within several small groups look troubled over how to talk to women. Every now and then, people within those groups direct shape glares my way.

There is no need to confirm it. The knight-sama from the Kingdom of Jortenitost hate me. They must have heard about me from Grave-sama.

As I’m not used to being stared at so often with hostility, I start to feel uncomfortable.

Was telling me to stay in the corner not enough? Is this supposed to be more harassment? I have no choice but to pray this unpleasant tea party ends as soon as possible.

Still, even if I wish for it, time won’t flow faster. That’s why I have no choice, in the end, I can only inquire about the state of the tea party.

Hohou, it’s frustrating, but it looks like Grave-sama is quite popular too. He has more women surrounding him the Ristia. Grave-sama may treat me harshly, but he is still the first prince-sama to the Kingdom of Jortenitost.

He’s someone courted by a lot of women desiring to marry into wealth and status. Yet despite that, he is skillfully talking down to them. All the same, regardless of how I feel, I am honestly impressed.

Oh? And in another place, a large group of men have gathered. The number of men from the Armand Kingdom and Kingdom of Jortenitost shoving each other aside in effort to enter the group is more than what surrounds Ceries-sama. Yeah, isn’t it more than double?

Curious to what kind of person is being surrounded, I direct my attention that way.

That is when the tight formation of men breaks apart and from the center of the group appear two beautiful women. Furthermore, those two women, they look exactly alike. I’m shocked.

The skin that can be seen from the gaps of their magnificent dresses are a healthy golden brown. While their features come off a bit sharp, they are quite beautiful. The way their lovely, long, silver hair curls and coils around them gives the impression they are influential aristocrat-sama.

Then comes their esteemed chest-sama. Ah, just how big are they? Two pairs of bountiful hills overflow from their outfits.

The two, beautiful, silver haired, women hold hands as they continue this way while treating the tagalong formation of men lightly. Along the way, they exchange their empty drinks for fresh ones.

They brush away approaching men, and for some reason are coming this way……

Eetto, the only person in the direction two women are moving in is me, someone trying to remain inconspicuous. If the people gathering the most attention from the men in the venue come this way, I am going to stand out.

This is a problem.

With, nico nico, smiles on their faces, the two beautiful, silver haired, women approach me despite my confusion all while talking to each other.
“Yeah, no mistake, it’s this child.”
“A cute child with a small build who has chestnut brown hair.”

Then, for some reason, the two beautiful women who came up to me point at the insignificant me.

“A pleasure to meet you, I am the first princess of the Armand Kingdom, Yufeila.”
“A pleasure to meet you, I am the second princess of the Armand Kingdom, Nina.”
““We wanted to meet you, Ernea-kun.””

What happens is so unexpected, I end up crying out.

Wh, wh, wh, why do the two princess-sama know my name? Could they have maybe heard something from Ceries-sama?

I look towards Ceries-sama at that thought and discover that she too is shocked.

Ah, because of my cry just now, I have the attention of everyone in the banquet hall. Everyone is watching me.

Ara ma, he’s become flustered, how cute.”
“I want to hold him.”

Following those words, the two beautiful women hug me to their hearts content.

My face is then smothered between four esteemed breast-sama.

Heaven!? Or is this hell!?

T/N: These twin princesses sound annoying…

~Gandire Alea

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