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7. A Cute Person

Since then, Ryan would stop by at the same hour.

He’d usually come on Tuesday or Friday.

Rumors that Ryan Clifford was a regular of my store spread quickly.

Thanks to that, the store was filled with young ladies every day.

However, he always visited late on weekdays.

It wasn’t a time for aristocratic ladies to go out.

Even so, there was one young lady who’d stay until the last minute so she could glance at him. Despite that, she barely got the chance.

Therefore, Ryan wasn’t inconvenienced.

Perhaps due to his business, Ryan always came on the verge of closing time.

He usually looked tired despite claiming that it was a good day.

After having tea and sweets at my store, he’d return to the castle with a slightly happier expression.

Just like that, he had become a regular.

Although the length of his stays were usually short, the number of our conversations increased over time. After two months, we became quite close.

We mainly talked about each other’s work, and I was grateful that we joked around instead of complaining to each other.

My conversations with Ryan were very pleasant and favorable.

By the time I realized it, I was looking forward to his visit.

It had been raining since the afternoon.

Because of that, even though it was Friday, I didn’t know if Ryan would come or not. As such, the number of customers was low.

There were several customers who came and left in short period of time.

Although there was only an hour left until the store closed, it was already dark outside. The number of customers continued to decline.

On days like that, I felt a little lonely.


—the store bell rang.

When I looked at the entrance, Ryan was there. I exhaled in relief.

“You came early today, did something happen?”

Ryan laughed happily when I asked him in a straightforward manner.

“It looks like my work is finally settled. I came for a break.”

“Is that so? That’s great. You seem to have it rough lately.”

 While sitting by the counter, he ordered his usual tea.

He didn’t have an umbrella, but he wasn’t wet at all.

He probably used magic.

Although the number had been increasing little by little, there was still only a few people who could use magic.

In a time where the ability to light a match was rare, he could already shield himself from the rain.

He was competent, had good swordsmanship, and could use magic.

Not only that, his appearance and personality were outstanding.

Even though it was difficult to believe, the embodiment of a perfect being sat before me.

The rumors that he’d marry the first princess might come true.

I mean, if I was the king, I’d like Ryan to be my son-in-law, too.

He was like the hero of a story.

Looking at Ryan made me feel like I was watching an event in a distant world.

I offered Ryan a cup of tea along with some cookies.

“By the way, Flores.”


“Is this cookie available for purchase?”


The moment the hero of a story suddenly returned to being a living human being, I involuntarily laughed.

Ryan looked suspicious and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Despite his serious and straightforward appearance, I thought that he was really cute.

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