The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

2. The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One

A few days later, a well-dressed man, apparently a high-ranking priest, appeared.

He told me that he hailed from the main church in the center of the kingdom. To us countryside people, he was akin to a cloud.

Since there were only farmers in my village, I thought that it was only natural for men to look like potatoes. Nevertheless, the priest’s skin was beautiful and his hands were white and pretty—he looked like a white fish. I didn’t even know if he was a man or a woman.

I almost fainted because he started by introducing himself with a title I never heard before.

But even I, someone clearly a commoner, knew how to speak politely.

…It was still difficult to wrap my head around the fact that the priest was also a human being just like me, though.

Why would the old priest summon that man? Would that celestial person lend me money!?!? I was full of doubts until I heard the full story.

Was I to take on an exceptional job at the main church? He seemed to have come in order to recruit human resources. Grandpa appeared to have made an arrangement with him.

I didn’t quite like the idea. After all, I didn’t have the luxury of time to work and save money. But, as if the man had foreseen that, he talked about the compensation first.

The reward was ridiculous. Not to mention the debt of my shitty father, it’d be enough to not only send all my siblings to school but also feed them until they became adults.

I was suspicious as to why he’d introduce such a job to a countryside girl like me. Apparently, the man was in trouble because there weren’t many people who met the conditions of the job.

The person had to be a young woman with ash gray hair and blue eyes, and have a height of about five feet. She also needed to have some kind of magical attribute.

The magical power was also known as the gift from the Goddess. While the strength and attributes were different, it wasn’t uncommon for people to be born with one.

At that time, I was found to have the same physical and magical attributes. So, the old priest rushed to contact the man.

I argued that my healing power was nothing special, but the man insisted that I still fit the bill. He even added to the reward offered at the beginning to guarantee the life and safety of my family while I was away.

So far, there was no reason not to accept the favorable conditions.

I accepted that job despite being aware that there was a catch.


After signing the contract, I was finally able to hear about the details of my job.

The main objective was to be the saint’s body double.

I saw it coming.

In that kingdom, belief in the Goddess Asera was a state religion. There existed a saint who could hear the words of the Goddess. It was said that when the predecessor of the saint passed away, the next saint would be born.

The current saint was 15-years-old that year. She was finally old enough to be in public service. After her debut in the holy capital, she was scheduled to journey all over the country to visit the churches…

…Somewhere along the line, the saint became intimate with the man who was supposed to be her caretaker. The fifteen year old girl decided to marry  him right there and then despite the overwhelming opposition around her.

That alone was alright (not good, though…) but she said that after getting married, she was going on a honeymoon. She arranged a ship and went on an overseas trip.

Apparently, her actual reason was for none other than to escape the pilgrimage. She didn’t like the idea of visiting churches all over the country.

The saint hated the notion of traveling over bad roads in a horse-drawn carriage, and declared that she was going on a honeymoon because she was a newlywed.

…No, no, even if you hate it, you still have to do your best since it’s your job!

It seemed that the church had cared for her almost her entire life. Unfortunately, the saint grew up to be an incredibly selfish child.

In the old days, the power of the church was strong. It was said that the training of new saints followed the church’s scriptures to a T. Nevertheless, the present king claimed that he’d reform the old-fashioned state of the kingdom. He also changed the training method of the saint without permission and the result was—the selfish girl of today.

She didn’t want anyone to limit her actions. She abandoned her job because she didn’t feel like doing it and set out with the support of her entourage…

…the man from the main church retold the story with a sad expression.

…There was simply too much to retort!

Is the king a fool?

Did no one discipline that girl?

The living expenses of the saint were made up entirely of the national tax—the blood and sweats of the people, but she refused to do her role. The best they could do was to attempt to cover it up?

It could be said that the great people at the capital were the biggest morons because they couldn’t stop a saint like that.

I cursed them in my heart, but decided to only focus on the terms and conditions.

***T/N: I pray to all the Gods and Goddesses above that this celestial man ain’t our male lead cuz scheming, black-bellied, guy is my pet peeve.

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