The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

17. The Deputy Leader’s Anger

From there, we went to the knights’ barracks to meet Count Rustal.

“…For the Duchess of Samaria to come all the way here, and with Hilda…”

Due to us coming together, Count Rustal became suspicious. He had a weird expression on his face.

With a tense look, Countess of Rustal started talking.

“Father, did you know that Count Brown Kayes has recently became closer with Baroness Abazn?”

“…I was completely unaware. But Baroness Abazn is the girl from all those rumors, right…?”

“Yes, and I tried to talk some sense into him…”

When his daughter sadly lowered her face, Count Rustal folded his arms and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Unbelievable… for Count Kayes, someone straightforward and serious, to do such a foolish thing…”

After muttering that, Count Rustal grabbed a nearby fountain pen and broke it in half.

Apparently, seeing his daughter’s miserable state caused his anger to become uncontrollable.

Seeing his appearance, I knew the opportunity had arrived.

“…Count Rustal, Minerva seems to be the one behind all this.”

“…Minerva? What do you mean?”

“She lied to Countess Rustal, manipulating her to do things that would cause Count Kayes to lose favor with her.”

Immediately after I explained that, Count Rustal blew up.

“That woman… I’ve always been suspicious of her!”

I wondered if Minerva did something to him. After all, Count Rustal immediately stood up with a murderous expression and even tried to leave the room. I rushed to stop him.

“If you were to confront her directly, she’ll just deny it.”


“I have a good idea. Will you take a look at this?”

I said so and took out a piece of paper from my pocket and handed it to Count Rustal.

After reading it for a while, he became shocked.

I smiled at Count Rustal.

“T, that’s surprisingly an excellent idea!”

“Y, yes… but where did you obtain such information?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.”

When I answered so, Count Rustal nodded after some contemplation.

“…Can we resolve this matter right now?”

“Yes, but I’d prefer if we were to talk in private.”

“…Of course, I’ll keep the secrecy of this meeting with my life.”

Count Rustal said that and approached Countess Rustal. He gently put his hands on his daughter’s shoulder. She had failed to keep up with our conversation.

“Hilda, I’m going to have an important talk with the Duchess of Samaria. Why don’t you go to Lambda’s place next door?”

“I understand.”

Countess Rustal nodded and bowed to me before leaving.

Then, Luria called out to me.

“Should I also leave?”

“No, I need your help.”

“Which means, she’s going to report about what we’re discussing.”

“Yes, I’d like to ask for your help. Can you tell me more about Minerva, Count Rustal?”

“Duchess of Samaria, you were taught the way of the sword by Minerva. Do you know why she attained such a position despite her young age?”

“I do. Minerva told me that my former instructor retired… isn’t that correct?”

“…Indeed. However, the truth behind his retirement is—his wife and son were murdered by thieves. The instructor, upon seeing their bodies, was so devastated he could no longer continue with his job.”

“…I see, and Minerva is the one who eliminated those thieves?”

“Yes, as a result, she suffered a lot of injuries. As a token of gratitude, the instructor handed over his position to Minerva. Nevertheless, when I saw the thieves and the scene, I noticed some contradictions. I wondered if everything is a set-up. Hence, when I read the content of your letter, I was surprised.”

“Which is why you believed me. In my opinion, Minerva has some connections with the knights. By the way, is it alright to trust Lambda?”

“Lambda is the son of a murdered couple and one of my trusted subordinates. Besides, I’ve already uncovered the identities of Minerva’s backing.”

“Then, the next step is to track her every movement.”

“Indeed, I’ve already dispatched some of my trusted subordinates.”

“Alright, Luria, you shall report our conversation and the circumstance surrounding Minerva.”

“Alright, when I get back to the mansion, I shall make an urgent call.”

“Then, I’ve done everything necessary. Count Rustal, I’m counting on you for the rest.”

“I understand, thank you very much, Duchess of Samaria.”

“Thank you, I’d be grateful if we could successfully resolve this matter.”

 I was relieved to have Count Rustal on my side for the time being.

It’d be perfect if I could intercept Minerva’s plan and discovered who brought the forbidden poison into the kingdom…

After I thought that, I felt convinced about something. My mouth twisted, something which was concealed by my fan, and I laughed.

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