The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

16. Stupid Bunch

A man and woman were arguing in the corner of a secluded academy corridor.

It was none other than Count Brown Kayes, and his fiancée, Countess Hilda Rustal.

“…It finally happened.”

I muttered while watching the scene from a distance. Luria, who was waiting behind me, asked.

“Do you want to stop them?”

“No, it looks like it’s over.”

At the same time as I answered, Count Kayes violently pushed Countess Rustal away.

While watching that scene, I went to Countess Rustal and called out to her.

“…How terrible of him!”

“…Duchess of Samaria, I’m sorry for showing you something so unsightly…”

“Fufu, Countess Russel. If you say that, then it means you’ve been showing me something unsightly every day.”

With those words, I lightly the direction Count Kayes had left. Countess of Rustal hurriedly bowed her head.

“I’m sorry, I retract my words…”

“That’s fine. More importantly, I want to ask you about something.”

“…To me?”

“Indeed. Do you still want to proceed with your engagement with Count Kayes?”

When she heard that, Countess Rustal replied with a pained expression.

“…Honestly, I’m at a loss. He used to be quiet, but kind. However, his attitude towards me grew colder after Baroness Abazn appeared…”

“I see… Have you consulted with Count Rustal about it?”

“No, however, I recently consulted with Minerva. But that didn’t work quite as well as expected…”

Countess Rustal looked sad.

Looking at her, I was convinced.

Minerva was the worst.

Well, I was grateful that Countess Rustal was considering separating from that buffoon named Count Kayes.

With that in mind, I asked Countess Rustal about what I was truly interested in.

“…Can you tell me what Minerva told you to do?”

“I was told that it’s important to be forward. She said that Brown will absolutely listen to me because he cares for me…”

“That’s strange…”

When I said so, Countess Rustal asked me while tilting her head.

“…What is?”

“Yes, because if the daughter of Count Kayes were to wag her tail towards such a man, what kind of image would that create?”

“…Am I so hopeless, there’s nothing else I can do?”

When Countess Rustal said that, I answered in a hurry.

“Well, while what Baroness Abazn did isn’t exactly right, either, what you’re doing will yield the opposite result.”

“…That’s… are you saying that Minerva is lying to me? Why?”

“Minerva is fond of Count Kayes. She probably said that so he’d hate you.”

While saying that, I recalled when Minerva used to whip me every day.

Minerva had managed to eliminate the hinderance, which was, Countess Rustal. However, when she thought that Kayes would finally be hers, Count Kayes declared, “My life belongs to Mia.” at the graduation party.

Her beloved brother-in-law had sworn allegiance to Baroness Abazn, someone who didn’t care about him in the slightest because she was infatuated with His Highness.

Thanks to that, Minerva, who realized she couldn’t attain Count Kayes, unleashed her stress on me.

As I remembered, I started getting angrier and angrier…

I was thinking about that with furrowed eyebrows when Countess Rustal said with troubled expression.

“Then… even if I try to get along with Lord Brown, there’s a possibility that Minerva will continue to disturb me…”

“Even if she says the otherwise, Minerva is definitely related to all of this. Most of all, what does Count Kayes think of you?”

“…Certainly, considering his current feelings towards me, it seems hopeless…”

Countess Rustal said that while staring into the distant. In the direction she was staring, Count Kayes was enjoying himself with Baroness Abazn along with His Majesty and my brother.

It was as if they were blind to their surroundings…

“Really, what a stupid bunch…”

When I put the fan to my mouth and muttered that, Countess Rustal was stupefied.

After all, the ‘stupid bunch’ I mentioned involved His Highness.

“I, is it alright to say that?”

“Fufu, of course not. However, in this academy, we’re all of equal status. Also, I’m merely stating the truth.”

I said that while looking at His Highness. Countess Rustal, who stared at the same direction, nodded.

“They’re definitely stupid.”

“Fufu, indeed. Why don’t you tell Count Rustal about that idiot? I’d also like to meet Count Rustal, so I’ll accompany you.”

“What? Is that true? If so, please do.”

Countess Rustal happily said that as she bowed towards me.

After gently staring at her, I glared at Count Kayes with contempt.

Laugh while you still can.

I said so within my heart, as my mouth, concealed behind my fan, distorted.

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