I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

13. A Suggestion

“Lucia, have you been preparing for the wedding?”

“…Preparing, as in?”

“I’ve been greatly taken care of over this vacation, so I will give you something as a symbol of gratitude. I think I could easily procure the popular lilac cloth…”

“But light purple doesn’t look good on me, wouldn’t you agree?”

“That’s right. That would be a difficult color. Besides, there are many beautiful colors that are far more suited for Lucia. But, will you wear the dress you currently have?”

“Well, it’s a waste to purchase a new one.”

“I see. Then, are you going to wear the blue dress you wore last year?”


Said blue dress was the most beautiful dress I had. It had been remade since it was also my mother’s keepsake dress.

That was why—even if I had worn it last year, I’d still wear it for years to come.

It shouldn’t be embarrassing at all.

…Although Count Orfels and Irena might make it a point to humiliate me based on that aspect, too.

But Phil didn’t seem to care.

“I like that dress since it suits you. Then, can I send some of my aides here?”


His suggestion came out of nowhere, I tilted my head.

Phil’s expression turned into something serious.

“To tell the truth, the reason I have to round up my vacation is due to a certain project. Things are going to be messy for a while. Whether or not I can return here before the wedding is a delicate matter. I am unable to do anything directly. So, I’ll send you a maid and some people to manage the farmland for you.”

“You needn’t…”

“But you need them. To silence the Count of Orfels, you have to refrain from working in the fields for a while. Do you understand?”


It seemed that I had been careless. After all, I had already grown very accustomed to my present life.

Hands roughened by field work were subject to ridicule in aristocratic society. When it came to that, I had to refrain from working in the fields.

That also applied to excessive sunburn and muscles…

…Fortunately, despite the wide neck opening, my favorite blue dress concealed my shoulders and arms.

“Let’s also take care of your beautiful black hair, Lucia. Of course, I’ll ask my brother-in-law or sister to arrange for a skilled maid who’ll dress you up in harmony with your dress… Onto the next point—this is a fight started by the Count of Orfels. Meanwhile, your response perfectly adheres to aristocratic rules. This is a battle you have to face, understand?”


That sounded good.

My blood—the blood of the barbaric Ragulen which was concealed underneath the skin of an aristocrat, started to boil.

“I like the usual Lucia, but in the world of aristocracy, you have to have an aristocratic sense of beauty. You’re going to confront them as an aristocrat, so be perfectly ready.”

“…Yes, this is a battle.”

I nodded.

Phil was on board with me.

I didn’t have the slightest doubt that it was a battle between aristocrats.

…To protect the Viscount of Ragulen family!

…I also didn’t want to be insulted.

“Such a good girl. I’m looking forward to the day. Oh, but I truly hope I can return here before then.”

Phil, who stroked my head, suddenly sighed as he remembered reality.

Phil’s crisp appearance left him. In the blink of an eye, he crumbled to the floor.

I tapped Phil’s back.

“You should be leaving, I will see you off!”

When I said that and tried to go to the front door, Phil suddenly grabbed my hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Lucia, why don’t you come to the royal capital with me? If I’m with you, I’ll be able to endure the sarcasm of my shitty colleagues, and I’ll also be able to listen to my brother’s complaints.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I want to be the child of this house, yes. But as long as you’re there, everywhere will be the same for me. Lucia, I’m pretty good with money. I can give you whatever you want—you will receive luxurious treatment…!”

“Hey, Phil! What are you doing!? Aren’t you planning to leave?”

Phil begrudgingly let go of my hand.

At the last minute, Alves held Phil’s wrist.

“Alves, if you were listening, that’ll make everything easier for me. What do you think? Isn’t it a good suggestion?”

“It’s bad! You’ll ruin my sister’s life!”

“Haha, how terrible, did you have to phrase it that way?”

“That’s only obvious!? Did you forget your own lineage!?”

“I’m just a little special. My brother, his wife, and sister are all normal people. My nephew and niece are monkeys, though.”

“Don’t talk about it as if it’s no problem at all! No, let’s not talk about this ever again… or I’ll kill you.”

“…How terrible. At the very least, let me dream.”

Phil sighed and casually waved his hand, perhaps due to Alves’ murderous intent.

…I didn’t understand the conversation anymore.

For the time being, were Phil’s words a bad joke?

I couldn’t keep up with them.

I decided to leave the two who were still talking about something.

Phil’s horse was waiting in front of the entrance.

“Your master seems to be a complicated person.”

When I talked to the horse while caressing its neck, the horse stared at me as if in agreement.

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