I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

11. Will you go with me?

Us siblings were completely moody.

Then, Phil suddenly stood up and placed his hands on top of our shoulders.

“Shall I go with Lucia?”


“By the time Gorman’s wedding finishes, so will my vacation. But fortunately, I’ve been scheduled to work in the royal capital for a while. I have time before I return to the North, so taking a day off would be easy.”

“Really? Isn’t it a bother?”

When I heard that, Phil showed a gorgeous smile.

“It’s okay. If it means that I can escort Lucia, I will even beat up my noisy subordinates!”

…B-beat up?! Huh?!

What is he talking about!?

As I thought, I couldn’t comprehend that person at all…

…But it’d be encouraging to go with Phil. He always gave me a permanent sense of security.

Although I found the idea welcoming, Alves had a pale, bluish, face.

“B, brother!? Are you okay!? You’re really pale!”

I rushed to my brother, to Phil’s amusement.

“…Are you so happy you became speechless?”



“Please stop asking…! I feel like I will make Lucia unhappy…!”

Alves broke down.

He grabbed Phil’s collar with a pale, desperate, expression, and spoke in a whisper while pressing their foreheads together.

He tried to conceal his voice, but I could hear his murderous tone.

Phil was laughing as if he didn’t find it concerning at all.

“Alves, as her older brother, I know you’re worried, but can’t she take me with her?”

“But… that’s just—!”

“So, you’d rather Lucia go alone? Count Orfels is your typical aristocrat. He’s going to rain ridicule on Lucia. Besides, I’m certain he’ll go out of his way to make the experience extra harrowing for her. Are you sure?”

“T, that’s…”

“To silence those people, having someone of a higher stature than the Orfels family escort her is for the best, don’t you agree?”

“But, but does it have to be you!?”

“If they’re well-informed, they’ll know that we share a bond. Well, if you’re worried about that, I will try to disclose my identity. I’ll become Lucia’s escort. If they see me, I’m sure they wouldn’t dare mock her… what do you say?”

What do I say?

I understood that he wouldn’t give his family name because he wanted to be discreet.

However, why would they shut up because of him—

—as I thought, were knights barbarians?

Perhaps due to the astonishment, my brother became speechless.

He released Phil and proceeded to wander around the room.

I glanced at Phil.

Apparently, he had rushed here in formal attire. However, after the slight ‘altercation’ he had with my brother, his loose, disorderly, shirt was left as it was. He probably didn’t care at all.

Although he had a beautiful face, he was careless. That was regrettable.

When I was thinking about that, my brother stopped.

“…Lucia, do you want to go with Phil?”

“I think it’s definitely safer than going alone.”

“I mean, look at this guy’s face. Regardless of our speculations about Count Orfels, you might feel unpleasant when accompanied by him.”

“…More unpleasant than being insulted by Gorman?”

“A woman’s jealousy is scary, you know.”

So, that was what he was referring to.

Was there such a danger?

I seriously thought about it.

Phil, when decently dressed, was definitely a prominent person. If I were to be accompanied by such a person, women would direct their jealousy towards me.

I couldn’t comprehend it at all.

I had never experienced that before, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine it.

All I could think about was getting ridiculed.

It wouldn’t be an ordinary level of ridicule, but one of a level that would jeopardize the Viscount Ragulen family itself.

However, if someone were to escort me, the situation should be much better than if I were alone.

If someone as prominent as Phil were to escort me, I might be able to avoid being overtly insulted.

If I could avoid the vicious pitfalls for the time being, I’d be prepared to fight with Alves for the territory of Ragulen.

Then, I didn’t have anything to worry about.

The blood of the Viscount Ragulen family also ran within me. In the end, I was a barbarian just like my older brother.

“Phil, will you come with me?”

Alves sighed sadly.

However, he didn’t say anything. He only stared at Phil.

Phil suddenly straightened his posture. Then, he approached me and kneeled.

“Thank you very much for bestowing me the honor of escorting you. I shall protect you with all my heart, Princess.”

…He wasn’t serious at all.

As I sighed, Phil laughed a little as he took my hand and kissed it.

“Thank you, Lucia.”


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