The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

11. Men Are All Hard-Boiled

A “Big Celebration for Congratulating the Mental Breakdown of the Formidable Enemy Victor Pink” is grandly held. Rintaro performs his forte magic trick at the mysterious being hidden talent competition and receives a steam iron at the bingo tournament.

“Yeah, it got intense, ssu. All three executives had a big fight over which corps Aniki should belong to, the assembly hall was in a huge panic.”
Hee—, that’s amazing—.”

It wasn’t amazing anymore.

“Death Green should join our-sama Hundred Beast Legion and train his muscles!”
“It is well known that when it comes to guiding performers to emerging, the guidepost of this one’s dome, there is no place better than the Mysterious Insect Army. Our black scales will bring eternal prosperity from above with their murky whispers of death.”
“No, jya—s! If anything, he will join this one’s Machine Core and become a cyborg, jya—s!”

A big man covered in heavy fur who looks like a combination of a bear and a lion, the Hundred Beast General, Bearion.
A slim man wearing a papillon mask and a flashy costume, the Mysterious Insect General, Zazouma.
A young blond-haired girl dressed in white sitting in a wheelchair of gears, the Machin General, Tagaraak.

In regards to the treatment of Death Green, none of the three are willing to take even a single step back.

“Mysterious beings are power! There aren’t many guys as tough as Death Green, yeah! He’s going to initiate the Strongest Hundred Beasts Pro-Wrestling with us and go around the country!”
“Beauty is the quintessence of mysterious beings, an ebony ring that shines dully within the abyss. Please behold the splendor of his refined magic. The Insect Cage Circus shall travel the world and it is his destiny to carry the flame of black beauty for those innocent white souls on his back.”
“This, ja, is why young mysterious beings these days are……. You see, ability is everything for mysterious beings, ja. His wicked brain needs a body to match it, ja. First, his right hand will be a drill, ja na. His left hand should be a pile bunker, and the soles of his feet should have jets attached to them. Hold on, missiles in the knees cannot be discarded either.”

The three executives all have their own heavy dreams for Death Green, the rising hope.

Proportionately inverse to the heinous mysterious Death Green’s growing fame that shows no sign of stopping, Rintaro’s mood has sunk to the bottom of the earth, deeper than the Ark Dominion secret base. His last ray of hope, his comrades, the Victor Rangers, had clearly identified him as an enemy with no room for excuses.

“Damn it…… what the hell happened……!?”

There were a lot of misunderstandings, but he was sure that his comrades with who he had shared joys and hardships would understand his situation if they could talk with one another. Such was Rintaro’s conviction— no, naive expectation.

He recalls vivid memories of his comrades who he once ran alongside on the battlefield— —.

Red who forced him to do early morning self-training during the busy season…
Blue who invited him to mixers and each time would leave on his own…
Yellow who systematically forced all the tedious paperwork onto him…
Pink who now that he is thinking back on, he has little to say about her…

The bond between them was as flimsy as tissue paper.

“In the first place, why didn’t they have any doubts about my death!?”

Kuriyama Rintaro boasts having the lowest karma value of any hero in history. They must have had faith that he would surely be killed someday.

The lonely hero who carries a dark sentimentality has no choice but to continue searching for a way forward in the darkness.

Damn it, I need a trustworthy companion to prove my innocence. For example, Commander Onuki…… is out of the question. Maybe Director Morikuni, or…… think, think, think ……

When it comes to underhanded methods, they flow through Rintaro’s brain like water. When it comes to explaining himself while on his own, he is an amateur.

A girl in a shark hoodie speaks up in concern to the frowning Rintaro.

“Aniki looks really tired, ssu. Are you worried about something, ssuka? If you’re okay with Samecchi, Samecchi will listen, ssu. Samecchi is a good listener(kiki jozu), ssu. Ah, that wasn’t a reference to Jaws(jozu), ssuyo.”
“Thank you, Samecchi. Don’t worry about it, grown men getting melancholic is a routine.”
“Oh, hard-boiled, ssu!”

At present, Rintaro’s biggest problem is this seemingly innocent Samecchi. She may be a young girl, but her true identity is that of a vicious mysterious being frightening enough to silence crying children.

As expected, first of all… if I don’t get rid of Samecchi…

Rintaro will never be truly free until he does something about that remora who would even follow him to the bathroom and shower. That said, upsetting her in the middle of the enemy territory would not be wise. Rintaro makes an awkward smile and speaks to Samecchi while trying to keep his true feelings as hidden as possible.

“Sorry, Samecchi. Even though today was our special date.”
“Don’t worry, ssuyo, I’m used to little incidents, ssu! A good thing happened too, ssuyo.”
“The biohazard to Pink’s face?”

Samecchi shakes her head as she hugs a pillow of the king-sized bed.

“Aniki risked his life and protected Samechi, ssu.”

Now that she mentions it, when escaping from pink’s arrow, he might have rolled away with Samecchi in his arms.

“Samecchi’s eyes weren’t crazy, ssu! Samecchi will stay by Aniki’s side forever, ssu!”

Samecchi says that as she tightly hugs Rintaro around the waist. For Rintaro, who wants to escape that restriction spell at all costs, he is like Kandata1 being swarmed by ghosts.

Rintaro gently pulls Samecchi off of him and speaks in a way to make himself a bit less likable.

“That was a coincidence. I’m not that good of a guy.”
Hyu—u! As expected, Aniki is so cool, ssu! Hard-boiled, ssu!”

On the contrary, for some reason, he feels like his likability has jumped.

The eyes staring at Rintaro sparkle and fill with admiration. There are a lot of things he wants to say to Samecchi, but Rintaro can’t say anything when being stared at like that.

I knew I should have left her at the aquarium!

Rintaro could have abandoned her, or rather, he should have. At the very least, Red and Yellow wouldn’t have overlooked “dealing” with Samecchi.

However, at that time, Rintaro took Samecchi’s hand and escaped. He doesn’t know why he did that, it was a spur of the moment thing. In Rintaro’s large hand, only the feeling of her small palm remains.

Don’t be moved by affection, Rintaro. This girl is a mysterious being. She’s an enemy that must be defeated……

That night, Rintaro dreams that the pure white justice inside him is being dyed with darkness.

If I continue like this, will I “fall” into becoming a mysterious being?

Such anxiety and fretfulness are bit by bit beginning to corrode Rintaro’s heart.

No, it is precisely at such times that a strong spirit needs to be kept. It’s Rintaro’s mission to defeat the mysterious beings and bring peace to the world.

However, Rintaro can’t in any way imagine Victor Green laying a hand on Samecchi.

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