The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

10. Confrontation, Victor Rangers

The “Moonshine Aquarium” on the roof of the building has now been transformed into a battleground between heroes and mysterious beings.

“Wa, wait a minute. What are you talking about? It’s me, Victor Green.”
“Bastard, don’t you dare speak that name! Besides, I have proof that you’re the heinous mysterious Death Green!”

Red, with those words, pulls out a photo from his jacket. It is a picture of that day, one that perfectly captures Rintaro and Samecchi from behind as they return to car after discarding the bomb at the abandoned chemical plant. It is irrefutable proof that the two had been there when Blue was blown 100 meters into the air.

“Certainly, that is me, but you’re wrong! That was an accident!”
“Don’t talk nonsense! Green was honestly irredeemable scum, but he wasn’t a man who would hurt his comrades!” (Red)
“Green was a treacherous fiend who couldn’t even be considered human, de gowasu, but he treasured his comrades, de gowasu!” (Yellow)
“That’s right! Green-kun was a simple man with a broken personality, a trashy chimera made from a mishmash of the dirtiest parts of the human heart and had the eyes of a criminal in the making, but he always thought of his comrades!” (Pink)

Fortunately, as Victor Green, Kuriyama Rintaro was thought to be a man who cared about his comrades. However, it turns out that his evaluation from those comrades in question is quite ruthless.

“Why! I’m me, believe me!”
“Who’d believe a lowlife who abducts elementary school girls!?” (Red)
“The one being abducted is me!”

No one listens to Rintaro’s desperate pleas, and he can only regret his lack of moral character. Although that is largely due to his own conduct.

“To be honest, I don’t really care if he’s real or fake—. Our duty is to is subdue the mysterious being calling itself Death Green… Saa!” (Pink)

As soon as she says that, she releases an arrow from her pink bow at Rintaro’s heart. He narrowly avoids it and escapes into the shadows of a water tank with a roll while holding Samecchi in his arms.

“That was dangerous! What if I got hit, shitty Pink!”
“Getting hit won’t kill you, you’re a mysterious being!”

Yes, the extremely sturdy body of mysterious being would not receive a fatal wound from something like that, as long as it were a mysterious being that is. The lethality of anti-mysterious being weaponry is extremely high, and if it were to hit an unarmed, flesh-and-blood human being, that person would be lucky if a fatal wound was all that happened.

“Damn it! They really want to kill me!”
“Aniki, could your plan have failed, ssuka!?”
“It’s a massive failure!”

Kuriyama Rintaro has, without any justification, been made into an enemy of the Victor Rangers. When Samecchi looks up from within his arms, anxiety can be seen coloring her face. In her tiny hands, she clutches the shark-shaped water gun that was just bought at the souvenir corner.

—At that moment, inspiration flashes through Rintaro’s wicked brain.

“Wh, Wh, Wh, What should we do, ssuka, Aniki!?”
“Leave it to me! I’m going to need Samecchi’s help. Can you do it?”

The moment Samecchi hears Aniki’s words, her face brightens.

“I want you to leave it to me, ssu! Samecchi will do anything, ssu!”
“I trust you, Samecchi! Alright, go get ‘e—m!”

Rintaro picks up Samecchi’s light body and hurls her towards the Victor Rangers.

Ah— — — re— — —, s— — —su!!?”
“Hey! Be careful!”

Pink catches the flying Samecchi in a fluster. Samecchi’s head, with a poffun, gets buried in her ample bosom.

“Oooooooh! So jealous… what kind of fiend are you to hurl an innocent little girl!”
“Nuuuuuu! What a beautiful sight… Your deeds make you a devil who can’t even be considered a mysterious being, de gowasuu!”

Red and Yellow openly express their indignation, however, their eyes are glued to Pink’s chest.

“Useless men! ……Hey, are you okay!?”
“Found an opening, ssu!”

The moment Pink looks at Samecchi with concern, water is shot into her face. Pink is hit point blank with a rapid barrage of shots from the water gun Samecchi has in her hand.

Uwaapupupu! What are you doing, now I’m soaking wet!”

Pink, because she hadn’t transformed, is dripping wet from top to bottom. She didn’t use her Victory Transformation Gear because she was worried about destroying the aquarium. Her wet shirt sticks to her body and reveals her sexy body line.

“Are you alright, Pink? That’s… how do I say it… ama… amazing!”
“Ca, Ca, Calm down, de gowasu, Red! This is a trick to delude our minds, de gowasu!”
“Damn, how cowardly! What am I doing… I can’t look away!”
Kuu, I have thoroughly fallen for the enemy’s scheme, de gowasu! As I can’t not choose to stare at Pink’s body, it can’t be helped, de gowasu!”

“Don’t mess with me!!!”

Pink barks at Red and Yellow who are indulging in the sight of her body.

“Well done, Samecchi! You’ve got this!”

Rintaro personally ascertains what is happening and slowly begins to retreat. He wanted to create an opening on the Victor Rangers while using the shark mysterious being as a sacrificial pawn. Rintaro’s strategy was perfect, killing two birds with one stone.

Unaware that Rintaro had abandoned her, Samecchi does a guts pose at the success of the plan. However, at that moment, a terrible disaster is unfolding without anyone being aware of it.


Something resembling a black caterpillar falls to Pink’s wet feet.

“Pink…! Your face…!”

The first one to notice is Red. Subsequently, Yellow’s face tenses from horror upon noticing something is wrong.

“Eh? What? What’s wrong?”
“Pink… Your face… Your face is melting, de gowasu!!!” (Yellow)

Yes, that was Pink’s eyelash that fell off…. Her other eyelash, eyebrows, lips, eyeliner—.  One after another, parts of Pink’s face are pulled by gravity and slid downward.

“Acid…… That’s a powerful acid! Get down, Yellow!” (Red)
“Not good, de gowasu! They got Pink, de gowasu!” (Yellow)
“What the hell is going on? ……What?” (Pink)

Pink sees her own face reflected off the glass of a tank. The familiar face she usually sees… it is not. Her entire face is melting away, just like a zombie’s from a horror movie.


With a scream that threatens to split her vocal cords, bubbles foam out of Pink’s mouth as she faints. Rintaro, who has been watching Pink and the others from afar, is dumbfounded.

Samecchi makes a triumphant return from the scene as if it is natural, smiling and giving a thumbs up.

“Aniki, mission accomplished, ssu!”
“Ah, yeah, welcome back… Samecchi has unexpectedly high potential.”
“Ehehe—, you flatter me, ssuu~”
“Hey Samecchi, did you seriously put acid in there?”
“Samecchi put this inside, ssu!”

In Samecchi’s hand was a squeezed empty, bottle of a sample product. “Super-powerful makeup remover [Neo Armageddon Demon] banned in the US because it removes too much!!”

“It looked amazing, so this was put inside instead of water, ssu!”
“Yeah, they should ban this in Japan too.”

Rintaro and Samecchi, indifferent to the Victor Rangers who are falling into a panic, leave the Moonshine Aquarium hand in hand.

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