The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

10. A Fool’s Love

Three months had passed since then.

From that day onward, His Highness and Baroness Abazn started meeting regularly.

To be more precise, Baroness Abazn always knew how to find him.

Of course, I’d always advise His Highness, but that was it. I didn’t try to disturb him.

Perhaps because of that, Baroness Abazn’s appearances and actions changed.

I was sure she was trying to set me up, but there was little she could do when I barely said a word to her.

Thanks to that, His Highness only saw Baroness Abazn as a clumsy junior. I didn’t think he had any romantic feelings towards her.

As a result, Baroness Abazn decided to act earlier than originally planned.

One day, my brother arrived at the table with a dumfounded look.

His heart wasn’t there.

Well, I knew what had transpired, but the same couldn’t be said about my parents.

With a concerned expression, they asked my brother.

“What happened, Sagius?”

“Are you alright?”

“…I, I’m alright.”

Despite his answer, he barely touched his meal.

Grace, standing not all that far away, anxiously stared at him.

I made fun of my brother.

“It looks like someone is in love.”

When I muttered that, everyone—except for my brother—was surprised. I tilted my head and smiled.

“For someone as serious as my brother to fall in love… I wonder to the sort of person she is. Well, I’m sure she’s a nice girl.”

My brother was still out of it. My father furrowed his eyebrows and glared at him.

“Sagius, who is it?”

“…What is it, suddenly?” Sagius deflected the question.

I answered in his stead. “—It must be the noble lady from before?!”

“Y, you—! What are you saying—!?”

“Ah, I remember! She’s that baroness—Mia Abazn!”

My brother was upset. He didn’t have the slightest clue that I knew.

His expression was the exact same as in my previous life.

Paying him no heed, I started eating the appetizers. My parents proceeded to tell off my brother.

“You can’t be with a baroness.”

“That’s right. In the future, it’s already been decided that you—the future Duke of Samaria, will have a wife with prestigious backing.”

“Why!? Mia is a lovely lady! She understands me! A, ah, I… I’m saying that she’s merely a friend!”

My brother stood vigorously and tried to fool my parents with his equally moronic acting.

My parents were surprised, while Grace was saddened.

After all, my brother had just praised the woman he loved.

Of course, the entire time while I was listening, my mouth was distorted with a grin.

Even if it was nothing more than a third-rate play, it was still entertaining.

Alright, time to move on.

With a sip of wine, I drew the curtain that led to the next act.

“…Is that so? Why don’t you invite her to the garden party next week? I want to meet her. Of course, as a condition, brother will be responsible for escorting Baroness Abazn.”

After hearing my proposition, my brother nodded enthusiastically.

“Violet, that’s a good idea! I’m sure everyone will like Mia! I’ll send the invitation right away!”

My brother happily leaped out of the living room. Soon, my parents angrily glared at me.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“Indeed. Our relatives and distinguished guests will attend our garden party.”

“So, what? Who knows, father and mother might find her interesting.”

“That’s not the problem. As Bella said, the Duke of Samaria’s potential suitor should at least be a countess.”

“Not to mention, Sagius has an important relationship with the third princess of the neighboring kingdom.”

“Still, if you don’t meet Baroness Abazn at least once, brother won’t be convinced.”

When I said it matter-of-factly, my parents, who were about to say something, reluctantly agreed.

That was mostly because my parents knew that once my brother was determined, there was no changing his mind.

“…Alright, only once, then. If I deem her unfit to stand beside the prestigious future Duke of Samaria, she’ll be cut off.”

“…That’s understandable. After all, Sagius, my son, will succeed our family. He has to marry the right woman.”

My parents said such and nodded to each other. Then, they stood up and left the living room with the butler.

I was sure they’d further discuss my brother and Baroness Abazn in their office.

Of course, to prepare a way to drive a stake between them…

“…Fufu, let’s hope my brother doesn’t get burned.

While muttering so, I put a slice of duck meat into my mouth and savored the taste. I saw the steady decline of Grace’s expression.

It must had come off as a shock to Grace. After all, Grace was a viscount’s daughter while Mia was nothing more than a baroness. To lose to someone of lower stature… I couldn’t imagine how she felt.

…To be honest, I didn’t care about her feelings in the slightest.

While thinking that, I slowly enjoyed the meal that had become even better with the disappearance of my family.

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