The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

9. Dark Emotions

After that, when I went to the classroom. Rumors of that morning seemed to have already spread. The students were excited about the story.

Because I had arrived, the curiosity of the students was targeted at me. Some asked me with a concerned expression.

Everyone just has too much free time…

I talked about what happened in the morning with a bitter smile.

Of course, everything was true.

“What’s with that person…”

“She wants to be escorted by His Highness…”

“That’s right… Is the Duchess of Samaria okay? It seems that His Highness and Baroness Abazn were talking in the medical office after that.”

“…Is that so? Well, I’m just a fiancée candidate, so if His Highness prefers Baroness Abazn, I’ll happily withdraw.”

When I said that and smiled, the students in the classroom were surprised.

They probably expected me to say, “I’ll pay close attention to Baroness Abazn.”

I had no intention of saying such a troublesome thing.

On the contrary, I had to plant the notion that I wasn’t obsessed with my engagement with His Highness.

Once that notion has taken its root, it was time to move on to the next stage.

When I thought that, Countess Lilian Baker, who had been eating, stood in front of me.

She was glaring at me.

“Duchess of Samaria, are you truly fine with His Highness liking that Baroness!?”

“I will do my best to let go. I think it can’t be helped. I wonder, have you been able to meet His Highness lately?”

When I said that with a hint of sarcasm, as expected, Countess Baker’s expression distorted.

“…Just you wait. Once I get serious, I will go see him.”

With that said, Countess Baker left the classroom with a stride.

Then, I was approached by Marquess Mador who had been sitting nearby.

“Duchess of Samaria, what are you plotting?”

“Oh, I’m just doing what I can.”

“…I’m sure you’re doing your best.”

After muttering so, Marquess Mador said nothing more.

I was sure she didn’t know how to deal with me.

After all, until now, if she dared to mess with His Highness and his fiancée, she’d suffer the consequences.

But, what a shame.

I had already experienced death.

My head and torso were separated…

When I started recalling that moment, I shook my head.

I had no intention of experiencing it again.

For that reason, I’d make the best use of those who were on par with me and those who tried to kill me.

I thought so, and reviewed my plan.


After school, when I left the classroom to attend the princess education, His Highness beckoned to me.

“Violet, are you going to take the princess education today?”

“…Yes, what about His Highness?”

When I glanced at Baroness Abazn who was staying next to His Highness while pretending to be scared, he replied with a smile.

“Baroness Abazn still doesn’t know her way around the academy. I shall be guiding her.”

“…Do you have to?”

“Yes, I promised her.”

“…I see, that’s alright. Just don’t go forgetting your position.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m merely guiding her as a senior.”

“…Then, it’s okay. I will head out first.”

Saying that, I left the place. Luria, who had a moody expression, asked me from behind.

“What on earth is he thinking?”

“His Highness is kind to everyone, it can’t be helped.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“It’s fine.”

I said so and smiled at Luria.

After all, I had no intention of sabotaging their relationship.

If I did that, I’d become his fiancée once again.

Therefore, that would be pointless.

When I left His Highness, I recalled seeing the appalled expression of Baroness Abazn.

If I told her to stay away from His Highness, she’d probably cry again.

I feel sorry for you.

Stringing me along was no longer possible.

On the contrary, I shall string you along.

I looked back and stared at the back of Baroness Abazn with dark emotions.


That day was sword training.

By the way, the reason why those who’d become queen in the future train their swordsmanship was that they had to swing their swords and fight when a war occurred, not for self-defense.

It was said that it was because the queen also fought when the Rolaud Kingdom and the Neonheart Kingdom were in a fierce war.

Well, now that they had made peace, there was no longer any need for that.

However, it was still a remnant of the past, and was still incorporated within the princess education.

“Then, are you sure?”

It was Minerva, the adopted daughter of the former Count Kayes, who taught me swordsmanship.

Without looking at Minerva’s pattern, I followed her.

After all, I had been practicing swordsmanship since I was a kid. I could do it without having to look at the instructions.

I also didn’t want to see Minerva’s face.

That knight hit me at the graduation party and then threw me into prison.

Moreover, I was whipped by Minerva every day until the day of my execution.

…I was used as an outlet for her stress relief.

Besides, I was sure that this time around, too, her brother-in-law would be drowning to that whore-like Baroness.

However, the person that was going to be her stress reliever wouldn’t appear again.

Thinking so, I smiled, and Minerva suddenly called out to me.

“Duchess of Samaria, did something good happen?”

“Yes, something very good.”

“Is that so…?”

“Indeed. Hence why, I feel great.”

I said that and gave a firm thrust my sword.

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