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78.2 The Tea Party

“You can use my clothes. The size will be off but adjusting something for your height is faster than getting a new one made.”
Eeeh, that won’t work.”

Even if I wear clothes Risita uses for official business, I absolutely doubt they’d suit me. It’s easy to see that no matter how much they are adjusted, they won’t work on me.

“It can’t be helped, I suppose. Put up with it this time for me. If it’s necessary, I’ll accompany you to a tailor.”
Uuugh, I really don’t want to be invited to a place where aristocrat-sama are gathered. The tension is making my mind strange. Besides, we can’t afford to have clothes tailored for going to places like that at my house.”
“Then, that’s even more reason to put up with my used clothes.”

How did this happen?

I resent whoever it was who invited me to the tea party. Summoning me without telling me who he is or why I’m even being invited. That person is terrible. Even though I’m not all that interested, I can’t refuse, and I have no choice but to attend.

The tea party is going to be held on the next rest day.

I later tell Old Sleigstar I won’t be able to go to the moss covered plaza on the day of the tea party. Then, Risita invites me to the mansion he lives in.

I thought for sure that Risita lived in the royal castle, but I was wrong.

Nope, looks like I was half right. Around last fall, Ristia received the mansion from the king-sama so that he could live with his brides. It seems like he moved here from the castle then.

“Being able to receive such a luxurious house from the king-sama, as expected of Yuusha Ristia-sama!” Upon saying that, I’m told that with the first wife Ceries being the fourth princess, it’s more accurate to say this was a gift for her.

The mansion is already attended to by a lot of servants and has already been decorated with extravagant ornaments and a beautiful garden.

Ceries-sama, Slatton, and the others come out to greet me when I arrive. I came to receive clothes from Ristia for the tea party and to get the size adjusted.

I am guided to a room where Ristia and everyone evaluate the various clothes I try on. It’s like I’m a dress-up doll.

Slatton laughs every time I change clothes.
That doesn’t look good on you.

It can’t be helped, can it?
I don’t have the dignity for formal attire. I’m from the lower middle class.

Ristia and the attendants helping me get changed take helping me seriously. The Yuusha’s companions, including Ceries-sama, are laughing with delight.

They are heartless. It isn’t just Slatton, Ceries-sama and the others are all laughing at me.

It gets dark while I am trying on different outfits. At least half a day has passed.
Maybe, I am being treated like a dress-up doll?

When I’m seriously starting to consider that, Ristia finally decides on an outfit.

Eetto, Ristia, just how many outfits do you have? I must have tried on around one hundred outfits. Having that many is telling of how wealthy of a lifestyle he lives. I am shocked by how vastly different the lives we are.

With my clothes selected, the servants adjust the hems to match with my size. As I’m considerably shorter than Ristia, I’m pretty sure quite a lot is going to need to be cut away.

My lack of height makes me sad.

“Thanks for your hard work, Ernea.”

With my measurements finished and my changing back in my everyday clothes done, Ceries-sama brings me a drink.

“I’m exhausted.”
My shoulders drop as I receive the drink.

I’m seriously worn out. This was more exhausting than training. If it’s gonna be like this, then it’s better to go to the moss covered plaza instead of attending some tea party.

This is that person’s fault.
I blame that unknown person who sent me the tea party invitation.

If I meet this person at the tea party, I’m going to voice all of my complaints. We won’t be even otherwise.

Now that I’ve found an objective for the tea party, a different type of motivation is welling up inside of me.

“Erneacchi, thanks for your hard work. I(boku) also think the last outfit looked good on you.”
The “boku” girl, Neimie appears.

She teases the exhausted me as she darts around like a squirrel. The way she wanders around by coming towards me or going to Ristia is cute.

Neimie is responsible for healing the Yuusha-sama’s honorable party. Of Ristia’s brides, not only does she like cute things, she is cute like a small animal.

“I will also be attending the tea party. I have great expectations for you on that day.”
“What kind of expectations.”
“She’s expecting you to foolishly mess up.”
“Tha- that’s not true. I’m looking forward to Erneacchi’s dashing appearance.”
“Don’t lie. You were laughing too.”

At Slatton’s slander, Neimie waves both of her hands in objection.

“Slatton, don’t say terrible things.”
“Ouch, don’t hit me.”

Cleisio drops her fist on Slatton.

How lenient!
You’re too lenient, Cleisio. Hit him some more, as hard as you can.

I also want to hit Slatton, but I’m so tired I don’t want to move.

“That was rough. You worked hard, but with this, you’ll be ready for the tea party.” (Ristia)
“I never thought choosing clothes would be that hard.” (Ernea)
Hahaha, Ernea is a good person. When a team of women start clothes shopping, you’ll be crushed for the day.” (Ristia)
“That’s right. Coordinating the color of our outfits so they don’t overlap is tough.” (Ceries)
Uhehe, that sounds difficult.” (Ernea)

Ceries-sama and the others must also have lots of clothes. Selecting an outfit while avoiding what others are wearing sounds hard. Having now experienced being a dress-up doll, I have come to know the great difficulty women go through.

“The clothes will be finished up here. On the day of the tea party, come here first to get changed. Then we can all head to the venue together.”
“Yeah, going with everyone is reassuring. I’ll be in your care on that day.”

After making some brief arrangements for the day of the tea party, I head home for the evening.

T/N: Hit him again!!

~Gandire Alea

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