Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

77.2 The Chivalric Order of Flying Dragons’ Return

By the way,

I was met with a surprise upon going to the moss overed plaza for the first time this year. On the third day of the new year, I had to go to my oji-chan’s house. Up until then, I was busy with my relatives and didn’t have time to go.

But the fourth day is also the first day of school. I thought I had to visit before going to school, and when I went, I meet Gild-san there.

“Wh- wh- wh- why is Gild-san in the moss covered plaza?”
I’m surprised at seeing Gild-san having a pleasant conversation with Old Sleigstar.

Fumu, I did mention that I too, in my olden days, would come and go from this place. I felt that going to the northern area of the royal capital where my house is and then navigating south to the Dragon’s Forest to receive guidance might be a heavy burden. So, I tried coming here.”
“You tried coming here. Saying that so lightly…”

Gild-san, isn’t he quite into his years? Wouldn’t coming all the way here take a heavy toll on him?

Kukuku, Gild was a Dragon King. Traversing a distance such as this won’t leave him short of breath.”

I- I see.

As expected from someone who was originally a Dragon King. Gild-san’s is livelier than his appearance suggests.

“From now on, Sleigstar-sama will teach the dragon sword dance while I will give instruction on dragon techniques.”
“Understood, I will without fail be in your care.”

I am overjoyed at the unexpected proposal and give a spirited bow.

“Well then, in that case, I guess I am no longer needed.”
Uwaa, there’s no way Mistral wouldn’t be needed. You just being here makes me happy.”
“But, it looks like I will no longer be your partner.”
“That’s not it. Even if Gild-san is teaching me, I still want Mistral to help me.”

I get flustered at Mistral’s timid behavior. Old Sleigstar teaching me the dragon sword dance is important. Sparing matches with Gild-san utilizing the dragon techniques and swordsmanship he’s passing down is also important. However, being with Mistral is also important when it comes to being dead tired after a match.

Or rather, only Mistral can heal me after I exhaust myself from training. I never thought anything like her being unnecessary. She’s misunderstanding.

As I get flustered, “Awawa,” those watching within the plaza laugh.

Guu,” I’m being teased on the beginning of the year.

At my dejection, Mistral strokes my head.

“I’m kidding. We will all take part in your train.”
“Right, I’ll do my best to hurry and one day become a man worthy of the title Dragon King.”
“Give it your best, give it your best.”

The spirit girl of the spirit tree appeared without my knowing it and leaps, pico pico, in place to cheer me on.

“That reminds me. I thought up of a name for you.”

I hurry over to the young girl and take her hands.

“Fo real?”
“For real.”

The spirit girl begins to leap with joy at my words.
Maybe it’s because I miss her, but she acts like Priscilla-chan.

“Name, name.”
She happily skips around me.

Eetto, right, your name.”
I hold her by her arms and tell her.

“For your name, what do you think of Ares?”
“Yeah, Ares.”

I nod.

Fumu, what is the origin of that name.”
Old Sleigstar voices his interest in the name.

Eetto, Ares is one of the names of the Megami-sama of Creation. You, when I couldn’t defeat Gild-san and was backed to a corner, granted me a miracle. Miracles are given by the Megami-sama. That’s why, you are my Megami-sama’s miracle.”

The spirit girl of the spirit tree brought me a miracle. She has always been affectionately watching over me. She gave me an immeasurable power. That’s why, this girl is like the Megami-sama for me.

Therefore, I decided to grant her one of the names of the Megami-sama of Creation, Ares.

It came to me when I was watching the night kagura in front of the temple on the eve of the new year, during the celebratory prayer.

Eetto, you don’t like it?”
I stare at her with unease as I ask.

“Yea, like it. I am Ares. Thank you for the name.”
The former nameless girl, Ares, spins around with a smile.

“Ares, that is a good name.”
Fumu, thou thought well.”
“Looks like you came up with a good name.”

Everyone, Gild-san, Old Sleigstar, and Mistral praise the name, much to my delight.

Incidentally, I tell Ruiseine of Ares’ name on a different day. Then she becomes very sullen. Apparently, the reason is because not only was she unable to accompany us at the end of the year because of work, now she wasn’t able to attend the naming.

“I’m the only one being left out. Ernea-kun is terrible.”
Awawaa, it’s not like that. I’ll make it up to you.”
“In that case, let’s go shopping next time, just the two of us.”
“O- okay, great. I promise.”
“My, my, well, well, I was just kidding, but you promised. Please make sure you properly see it though.”
Eeeh, you were kidding!?”

Having been successfully led around by Ruiseine, I now have to take her shopping in the royal capital in the future. Then, when she for some reason boasted about it to Mistral, Mistral threatened me into taking her next time…

Nntto, everyone is mean.”
Priscilla-chan, having been left out of this and that since the new year started, is crying.

No, no, no, we didn’t choose to exclude you.

Apparently, Priscilla-chan threw a tantrum and spent the end of the year with us instead of participating in a closing of the year event at her village. As such, she was forbidden from leaving her village during the new year. She was finally able to come, in low spirits, to the moss covered plaza once the new year passed.

Nymia, like always, rides on top of Priscilla-chan’s head. That rejuvenates her spirits and she gives us a lively greeting after having not seen us for a long time.

T/N: With this, I believe one arc closes and the next arc begins.

~Gandire Alea

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