The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

7. The Fateful Day

The day had finally arrived.

Honestly, I could barely sleep because of various emotions.

After all, today was the fateful day Baroness Mia Abazn and His Highness would first encounter one another.

Well, His Highness supposedly had no romantic feelings towards her at that time.

However, after that, he frequently met with Baroness Abazn, who, for some reason, always found herself in trouble.

While His Highness helped Baroness Abazn, the two fell in love.

As a means of precaution, I tried to convince His Highness to just enter from the back gate instead of the main gate, but he refused.

“Some people are waiting for me at the main gate. That’s impossible.”

In the end, I had no choice but to enter with His Highness through the main gate.

Soon, someone on my side fell.

Well, if it wasn’t Baroness Mia Abazn with her conspicuous pink hair.

She immediately held her leg and began to wail in a loud voice.

“Ouch! Someone tripped me!”

Baroness Abazn was surprised—after all, it wasn’t me, but Luria, who she saw.

While ignoring the dazed Baroness Abazn, who forgot to pretend to be hurt, I called out to Luria.

“Are you two injured?”

“No, I’m alright. What about you, Violet?”

“I’m fine, Luria protected me, after all. What happened?”

When I asked Luria that, she looked embarrassed.

“This girl ran towards you, and when I tried to shield you, she fell on her own.”

When Luria replied, Baroness Abazn suddenly held her leg again and began to fake being hurt.

“I, it hurts! Why did you suddenly trip me!?”

Baroness Abazn said so and pointed to Luria. But Luria vigorously shook her head.

“I didn’t do it.”

“Liar! You clearly tried to trip me!”

Even though Baroness Abazn was far enough away that it was impossible for Luria to trip her, she still shouted in an exaggerated manner.

His Highness, who was caught up in the poor performance of Baroness Abazn, approached with a worried expression.

I soon interrupted with an anxious voice.

“Your Highness, this lady might be dangerous. Should we call a guard…?”

When I said that, His Highness smiled and shook his head.

“Violet, the students who come to this school have been well-identified. That’s definitely not possible.”

“But this student, who is supposed to be well-identified, just falsely accused my maid right on our very first meeting.”

When he heard my accusing tone, His Highness stared at me in surprise.

He probably didn’t think I’d talk back.

When I saw that expression of his, I recalled it again.

My execution was triggered by the event that happened that very day. Afterwards, His Highness would gradually fall to insanity.

If His Highness’ relationship with Baroness Abazn were to develop, that day would inevitably come again…

With that in mind, I was looking forward to what His Highness would do next. After he looked around us in a thoughtful manner, he called out to Baroness Abazn.

“Why did you approach us?”

“…I, I just want to say hello to Your Highness! Th, then she tripped me…”

“You seem to misunderstand. She’s the duke’s maid, it’s unlikely for her to do so.”

“I, I see… it seems that I was mistaken, I apologize…”

Baroness Abazn said that and bowed to Luria in a lackluster manner. His Highness smiled at us.

“There, the matter has been resolved. She merely approached us to say hello. Why don’t I take you to the medical office?”

His Highness tried to approach Baroness Abazn, but I stopped him.

“Please wait. Let us take her to the medical office instead. It’ll prevent weird rumors from spreading.”

“Hmm, that certainly is true.”

With a convinced expression, His Highness nodded.

The last time Baroness Abazn made a fuss saying that I tripped her, there was no Luria.

At that time, I immediately got angry and yelled at her.

After telling me to cool my head, His Highness took Baroness Abazn to the medical office.

This time around, I’m safe because there Luria is here…

…I thought so, but despite her ‘aching’ leg, Baroness Abazn suddenly stood up and approached His Highness.

Then, she embraced his arm.

“B, but… I want to be escorted by His Highness, I mean… what if people misunderstood what happened and blamed me?”

With that said, she stared at His Highness. She looked like a frightened, small, creature.

Sure enough, His Highness nodded with a bitter smile.

“Just this once, I will take her there.”

“…Couldn’t you just order a guard?”

“She requested for me. I shall take the responsibility of taking her there.”


While holding Baroness Abazn, His Highness went to the medical office.

Luria, who witnessed that scene, spoke out in anger.

“Who is that woman!?”

“Remember that woman well, Luria. For she’s none other than a whore who would love for nothing more than to entangle herself with not only His Highness, but other men, as well. She is also known as Baroness Mia Abazn.”


Luria looked at me in amazement, so I narrowed my eyes.

“From now on, I shall be on watch. She’s abnormal, I suggest you do as I said.”

When I started walking, Luria hurriedly beckoned to me.

“Milady, that isn’t the direction of the classroom!”

“It’s fine. I have something else to attend to, today.”

With those words, I head for the principal’s office.

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