My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled Translation

7. My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

“More importantly, Your Highness… it’s about Monett. She’s still in the shelter.”

“That’s right. There should be no problem. I have arranged for an escort and also some extra healers.”

Towards the unexpected response, Melissa tilted her head.

Why did she get the vibe that she was being prioritized over Monett? Or, was he worried that she wouldn’t be able to return to the castle on her own? Did he suspect she’d run away?

In any case… it seems that His Highness trusts Monett enough to the point he doesn’t find it a problem to leave her on her own.

In comparison, His Highness always escorted Melissa. It seemed that His Highness didn’t find Melissa all that dependable.

As expected of the new saint.

Despite her loneliness, she felt relieved and even had high hopes for the new saint. When she first met the new saint in person that day, that hope had only gotten stronger. Melissa didn’t have any hard feelings towards her, especially considering Monett had the qualities of a saint.

“I met Monett. She’s cute, hardworking, and lovely. Today, she used the power of the saint for the first time. She’s truly wonderful for being able to learn it so quickly. Monett will surely be everyone’s beacon of hope.”

Towards Melissa who smiled with all her heart, His Highness Jeid’s eyes widened as he bit his lips.

“You talk about her as if it’s someone else’s business. Are you perhaps trying to entrust everything to her?”


His Highness asked with a bitter face. Melissa didn’t understand the implication behind his question.

What was His Highness saying? Did she have to spell it for him? It was difficult to think that His Highness didn’t know that she was no longer the saint.

It was so apparent, there shouldn’t be any need to spell it out.

“Because my role is over—as you can see, I’m no longer a saint.”

As her chest tightly constricted with pain, Melissa lowered her face. The more her sentence approached its end, the more fleeting her voice became. It reached the point of equaling the buzzing of a mosquito. Her voice soon became trampled by the sound of the hoofs.

Melissa couldn’t bear it anymore. She just wanted to get off the horse and escape.

Then, His Highness’ hand, which was holding the reins, rested atop of Melissa’s hand.

In turn, her heartbeat accelerated. Even though she was so tense to the point she froze, she could hear His Highness’ voice.

“I’m sorry, Melissa. It never occurred to me you think about it that way.”

To his confession-like words, Melissa tilted her head once again.

More than that, it was getting more difficult to conceal the sound of her heart now that they were so close to each other. She gave up thinking deeply about it.


Upon arriving at the castle, a large number of butlers and maids lined up to welcome Melissa.

Melissa blinked at the scene.

Maria, her exclusive maid, rushed to Melissa’s side and escorted her to her room. If she hadn’t mishear it, she was sure Maria was holding back her tears.

Nothing in her room had changed.

It was as if Melissa had never left. The positions of everything remained unchanged. The beautiful room was tidy and without dust.

“Maria, don’t cry. I’ll be sad.”

As she snorted, Maria wiped her tears.

“I’m glad Lady Melissa is safe. First of all, the bath is ready. Please warm your body.”

“Thank you…”

She still had doubts about her maid, but she couldn’t resist the temptation of a bath. It had been a while. Ever since she begun living in the village, she only used the riverside to bathe.

She went to the bathroom with the maids. They proceeded to scrub every corner of her body. Even the high-grade sesame oil, which she rarely saw, was used. Her dust-covered body became shiny.

It’s been a while since I’ve cleaned up like this. Well, to stand before His Highness covered in filth is uncouth.

A new dress was also prepared. Melissa, who had been completely thrown off loop, entered the room under the guidance of the butler.

Melissa was surprised and confused by the appearance of the king and queen, and also His Highness Jeid. As soon as she had arrived, she was faced with the highest figures of authority in the kingdom.

Melissa hurriedly bowed.

“Greetings to His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen, and His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Now that she was a commoner, they were people she could rarely met. When she bowed to the point her forehead touched the floor, the queen lamented.

“Melissa, there’s no need for you to behave like that.”

“It’s because you didn’t speak to her properly, Jeid.”

She didn’t expect that conversation at all. As she hung her head down, Melissa couldn’t hide her confusion.

“Lift your head. It’s my fault for being so astute.”

She didn’t expect for the king to apologize. Melissa showed a shocked expression. The king and the queen, who stared at her, welcomed Melissa with smiles of unchanging compassion.

They were so affectionate, it was as if they still thought of Melissa as Jeid’s fiancée.

“It seems that Melissa is still clueless.”

“Jeid, what are you waiting for?”

“…I, I’m sorry.”

Before his parents, His Highness Jeid spoke with a sour tone.

When Melissa conveyed her confusion with her eyes, His Highness Jeid showed a self-depreciating smile. Then, he apologized to Melissa.

“I’ve caused Melissa to misunderstand. It’s all because I decided without consulting Melissa. When you disappeared, I truly regretted not having explained to you sooner. It was unbearable. That was the first time I experienced so much impatience and distraught…”

Then, he apologized once again.

“I’m the one who asked the Goddess to free Melissa from the role of the saint.”

***T/N: I thought it’s gonna be sth minor like, “Melissa, I never got the chance to confess to you.” “Melissa, I’ve booked a venue for our wedding last year.” BUT IT TURNS OUT TO BE THIS, YEA KUSO OUJI, YOUR EXPLANATION IS LONG OVERDUE!!!

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