The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

5. Rejection

I’ve been had…

While looking at the Marquess of Mador, who put her hand on her cheek with a troubled expression, I contemplated to myself.

…The reason Marquess Mador’s princess education isn’t so far advanced is because she’s deliberately bad at it.

At that rate, Marquess Mador would at some point get disqualified.

When that happens, the remaining fiancée candidates would be me and Countess Lilian Baker…

Amongst the fiancée candidates, Lilian’s progress in the princess education wasn’t only minuscule, her personality was also terrible.

…I’d inevitably be chosen as His Highness’ fiancée.

But why did the royal family choose Lilian as one of his fiancée candidates?

Rumor had it that she bought the position with money. But, would the royal family be so ignorant…?

Or, did she have the backing of a high-ranking aristocrat?

Well, then, maybe it was still possible for Lilian to become his princess.

After all, she attempted to assassinate me when I became His Highness’ fiancée…

Well, she was caught by my escort in no time, although I was unaware of it at that time.

Someone like her might be able to compete against Baroness Abazn.

Lilian was the worst. Even though my execution had already been decided, she still attempted to kill me. I didn’t feel the slightest pity for her.

Alright, it was decided.

With Lilian becoming His Highness’ fiancée in mind, I decided that I’d cut corners in the princess education.

However, I didn’t know how well I’d be able to lower the royal family’s evaluation of me in two weeks…

When I started thinking about that, heartfelt screams suddenly arose from my surroundings.

The screams caused my classmates to raise their faces.

I sighed inwardly after having an unpleasant premonition.

Then, I immediately showed my best smile, and thanked the Marquess of Mador.

““It’s His Highness!!””

“What a coincidence to see you two.”

The moment His Highness said that, Marquess Mador suddenly began to cough.

Gohogoho… I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’m not feeling well, so I’ll excuse myself first.”

“I see. You should take good care of yourself.”

“Thank you.”

After Marquess Mador bowed her head, she turned to me for a moment, and smirked.

Then, she quickly left the classroom.

She ran away…

I wanted to follow suit, but I managed to endure it and looked up at His Highness.

“…Your Highness, for you to come all the way to the junior classroom, do you need something?”

“Indeed. I was worried about yesterday, and came to see you. How are you feeling?”

“I’m still a little unwell…”

“Hmm, Sirene also said that she isn’t feeling well. More and more people seem to be catching colds, lately.”

“That’s right. I’ve decided to go home early today.”

“A wise decision. Let me escort you to the carriage.”

His Highness smiled after saying that.

When I saw His Highness, I gradually remembered that he was originally a nice person.

However, I couldn’t stop recalling the His Highness I saw that day.

I was about to follow His Highness when I noticed that his gaze went to my neck.

Almost instantly, pain ran around my neck, and I remembered the sight of the ground approaching.

 …I can’t.

…My whole being rejects His Highness.

I shuddered while thinking so.

His Highness called out to me in concern.

“You look pale. You should rest early when you arrive at the mansion.”


I nodded and looked down.

The current His Highness is different from ‘that’ His Highness…

But …still, I can’t be with him.

While still touching my throbbing neck, my disdain only intensified.


The next day, a tutor was summoned to the study room of the Duke of Samaria. That day, I had a dance lesson. I made many mistakes.

Of course, deliberately.

The Duchess, Emily Colac, one of the educators for the princess education, stared at me. Her gaze was full of reproach.

She then said, “That can’t even be called a dance… it doesn’t deserve to be evaluated.”

Towards the frustrated Duchess of Colac, I bowed.

“I’m so sorry…”

Although I said so, I was laughing inside.

Fufu, their impression of me has fallen immensely…

…As it was, it’d soon be unsalvageable.

After I continued making mistakes, the Duchess of Colac spoke in a dismayed tone.

“Let’s conclude the lesson today. Even though there are only a few days left… as it is, I can’t recommend you to be His Highness’ fiancée.”

“…I understand.”

“Now, I wonder about that. Being His Highness’ fiancée means becoming a queen in the future. Yet, I can barely see any effort on your behalf.”

With that said, the Duchess of Colac slammed her open fan shut, and left the room.

While staring at her departing back, I felt remorseful.

After I was convicted, she was the only one who pleaded for my release…

However, the crime of attempting to poison the crown prince of a neighboring kingdom was too heavy. If I was given amnesty, the royal family’s reputation would be tarnished.

I truly didn’t do it, though.

With that in mind, I went to ask Luria, who was by my side, to prepare the bath. Grace entered the room and said;

“Milady, the Queen wants to see you tomorrow.”

“…I see, I understand.”

When I answered so without sparing Grace a glance, Grace seemed frustrated. However, I pretended not to notice.

“Luria, I feel sweaty. Prepare for a bath.”

“Yes, Milady.”

Luria smiled and went into the bathroom.

Seeing Luria made me feel at ease.

She was the only person who had nothing to do with my condemnation.

Well, she was originally dismissed by my mother, and had to left the mansion afterwards.

Still, she was more dependable than my current servants.

With that in mind, I recalled the information I secretly looked up in my father’s study about the servants of Duke of Samaria.

Most of the servants were former aristocrats whom were in the faction of the Duke of Samaria. They couldn’t succeed their family name, as such, they pledged utter loyalty to father—

—and also to my older brother, who would become the future Duke of Samaria.

Afterwards, once he became entangled with Baroness Abazn, they’d all be on her side.

I contemplated about having the servants sent by the rest of the royal family and grandparents on my side.

By the way, the reason I was trying to take them in was because I need people to keep tabs on the Duke of Samaria, my father, who was penchant towards doing stupid things.

Thus, if my brother, or Baroness Abazn, truly appeared and did something outrageous, they’d report and testify about it.

While heading to the bathroom, I saw Luria working with a smile.

There was a good chance I had miscalculate.

What if Luria is on their side, too…?

While pondering that, I prepared various ways to face for the upcoming day.

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