His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

3. The Same Room!??

It soon became apparent that His Highness Alexander received terrible treatment from the royal family.

I glanced at His Highness’ face.

His Highness showed a smile that was dyed with both shame and remorse.

“Do you regret having followed me?”

“No, I have no regrets.”

“B, but… I’m sure you’re going to regret it. I’m such a selfish person. Alisa might have been happier if she had abandoned her engagement with me and lived in the royal capital. Despite knowing that it’ll only result in hardship, I still brought Alisa to the frontier…”

“Your Highness… is kind and honest. However, I don’t want you to say that. I followed you out of my own accord.”

I stared into His Highness’ blue eyes. With his beautiful eyes, which were akin to jewels, His Highness stared back at me.

After a while, His Highness nodded.

“That’s right. The last thing I should do is regret. I need Alisa. I will be sure to enrich this territory—I will make sure Alisa is happy, to the point you won’t even be able to think of regrets.”

After making such a firm statement, His Highness’ face turned beet red. He seemed truly embarrassed.

…Even though it was unnecessary for His Highness to say such embarrassing things.

Regardless, I was happy.

Since His Highness had mustered his courage to make such a promise, I must respond.

“Yes, I’m sure I won’t regret my decision in the future.”

His Highness nodded happily to my words.

The cold and harsh autumn breeze blew in from the sea, but I didn’t feel cold at all.

In such a situation, if I were to embrace His Highness and say, “I love you.”—would he be pleased?

…No, he might not like it.

We hadn’t done any lover-like activities, yet. I had no idea what to do.

When I was worried, I suddenly heard a high-pitched voice.

“Oh my, how romantic.”

Looking back, there was a boy in a black butler attire a few steps away from us.

He seemed to be about thirteen or fourteen years old. He was a petite child with black hair and black eyes.

He was a kid, but he was dressed in a butler’s uniform. His red butterfly tie was also impressive.

Moreover, he was a pretty boy. Rather than cool, it would be more precise to call him cute?

His still young features were perfectly arranged.

On his beautiful face was a grin.

His Highness hurriedly turned to the boy.

“Felix, since when have you been watching!?”

“Since the beginning.”

After cheerfully saying that, the boy respectfully bowed to me.

“Lady Alisa, this is our first meeting. My name is Felix, the third son of the Count Yusupov.”

“Nice to meet you.”

I was impressed that the kid was of a higher stature than me. Suddenly, Felix took my right hand and gently kissed its back.

It was a greeting method that was adopted in Rusie, imitating the Orleans Empire. However, it wasn’t that common.

I became embarrassed and felt my cheeks getting hot.

“Felix… shouldn’t you be calling her ‘Milady’ instead of ‘Lady Alisa’?”

His Highness had puffed his cheeks. His moody expression was a little adorable…

Felix also chuckled.

“It’s not like the two of you have officially married, yet. It’s more appropriate to call her by name.”

“Is that so? Well, I don’t want you to casually address Alisa like that.”

“…Your Highness, are you perhaps burning with jealousy? Do you have a strong desire for exclusivity? Well, if it’s someone as beautiful as Alisa, it might not be unreasonable. Let me tell you something, His Highness Alexander can be horrifying—”

—Amidst his words, Felix was grabbed by His Highness.

“Please guide us through the mansion as soon as possible.”

Felix laughed and nodded obediently.

Felix was talkative, amiable, and seemed to be trusted by His Highness.

Prior to His Highness being reduced into a margrave, he seemed to have been enthusiastic about Arkhangelsk and was prepared for it.

He also seemed to do as much as he could with the scarce funds of the mansion. It meant that even prior to all of that, the situation was much worse.

“Your room is here.”

In the center of the corridor on the second floor, Felix bowed.

“Oh, thank you, Felix.”

His Highness smiled and entered the room. Then, he smiled at me and said. “Alisa should have a rest.”

I tried to nod and noticed that Felix was smirking.

“Of course, the two of you have the same room. Rest assured, it has a, big, bed.”


His Highness and I were shocked. As we stiffened, we stared at each other.

His Highness had a crimson face, and was upset. Perhaps, I was also the same.

“It’s natural, isn’t it? Aren’t the two of you engaged to each other?”

If he were to ask me, that was correct. But, I truly thought we’d be having separate rooms…

While traveling, we had separate rooms at the inn.

“Fe, Felix… prepare another room for Alisa…”

“That would be difficult. There’s only one room in this mansion that is suitable for the master. The rest are the servants’ quarters.”

Certainly, considering the scale of the mansion, there wouldn’t enough rooms. Both His Highness and I had brought servants, albeit a few.

Therefore, it might be selfish to ask for another room.

I hurriedly pulled His Highness’ sleeve.

“D, does Your Highness dislike being in the same room as me?”

“Of course not, but… I’m worried that Alisa might be bothered with the idea.”

“I, I don’t dislike it, either… In fact, I’ll feel more at ease…”

I became flustered, and proceeded to look down.

What would His Highness think? What was I saying? I squeezed the hem of His Highness’ clothes. Felix made fun of me from the side, “Lady Alisa, how bold!”

His Highness remained silent for a while. As I became worried, I sneaked a glance at him—his face was red to his ears.

“A, alright… if that’s what Alisa wants… I have no reason to oppose it.”

“I, I see…”

While answering with a fading voice, His Highness held my hand. It was a warm and comfortable hand.

Forcibly, His Highness pulled my hand. Then, His Highness and I entered the same room.

The interior was unexpectedly neat. Felix had prepared it for us.

…Also, there certainly was a big double-bed.

“Do your best!” After saying that, Felix disappeared in no time.

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