My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled Translation

3. My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

By proceedings through the woods, Melissa had managed to avoid those men. As long as she walked towards the West sun, she could return home. However, once the sun finished setting, she would likely lose her sense of direction. It was a road the villagers seldom partook.

I wonder for how long Knight Captain Jill will stay there for. I should refrain from going to the market for the time being.

Back in the royal castle, Jill used to be Melissa’ exclusive escort.

He was expressionless, a man of a few words, and was unreadable. At the same time, he was also kind, considerate, and had a strong sense of justice.

When Melissa planned to visit a plagued village, it was Jill who strongly opposed the idea. The memory was still fresh—how Melissa was adamant about going, and Jill finally relented. He decided to prepare a large medical staff for the visit.

He couldn’t bear to look at me as I kept caring for those sick people without care to my own health. It reached the point where he forced me to sleep by threatening me with his sword…

She thought of those days nostalgically. Involuntarily, a smile had appeared on her face.

Melissa was blessed. She had been surrounded by a gentle prince and his encouraging aids. Because of that, she could give her everything as a saint for the sake of the kingdom.

But why…?

She had no regret, but guilt remained in the corner of her heart.

One day, His Highness said to her;

“Once the kingdom becomes peaceful, you should focus on your own life, and wish for your own happiness.”

At that time, she was already happy enough, so why would His Highness say that? Melissa tilted her head.

Due to being pensive, Melissa was late to notice.

Someone was approaching behind her. She immediately quickened her pace, but it was too late.

The hand of a well-built man grabbed her arm.

“Lady Melissa!”


When she thought of the mighty knight captain, she was strangely unafraid.

Melissa gave up.

“…Lord Jill.”

“F, finally, I’ve finally found you!”

It was very unusual for him to be so expressive and talkative. Jill spoke in a voice mixed with impatience and relief.

“Why are you in a place like this…?”

“Lord Jill, it hurts. I’m sorry, but you’re too powerful, My arm feels like it is about to break.”

“…! Forgive me…”

In a hurry, Jill relaxed his grip, but still didn’t let go. Melissa could feel his stubborn will to not release her now that he had finally found her. Melissa smiled as if troubled.

Even though she went as far as entering the woods, she still couldn’t escape.

She immediately recalled that Jill was so skilled, he wouldn’t even fail to detect the hint of a mouse.

Jill knelt in the same gesture as when he offered his pledge of allegiance to Melissa. He placed his sword on the ground and extended his hand.

“My life belongs to you. Why did you abandon me?”

“I didn’t… Lord JilI, I—”

“You left the castle without a word! Did you give up on me!?”

“You’re mistaken… none of it is your fault…”

“If so, why did you disappear!? You disappeared and left the kingdom in an uproar! How much do you think we’ve been looking for you!?”

Melissa apologized with a wavering gaze due to being swept away by Jill’s passionate eyes. She felt remorseful for making them so worried. Then, she gently took Jill’s hand.

“Don’t cry, Lord Jill… I’m sorry for making you worry so much… but as Lord Jill knows, my role is over. You’ve met the new saint, I assume? I’m no longer the prince’s fiancée, nor am I a baron. I’m just a commoner. A commoner like me doesn’t deserve to be served by someone like you.”

“I, finally understand… I used to think that humility was your virtue, but for you to say that… it seems that mindset of yours has to go.”


At that moment, Melissa’s body floated in the air. She fluttered as her feet left the ground, but Jill began to walk without care.

She was being forcibly taken away. She sensed danger and rampaged, but her resistance was futile. Compared to his sturdy built, she was like a small animal.

“Lord Jill, let me down…!”


“For you to go back to being silent at such a time, how terrible!”


Was his roaring voice and those tears a mere figment of her imagination? Jill, who had returned to his usual self, didn’t listen to her.

For eight years, I didn’t know you can speak so fluently!

She pounded on his chest and resisted as long as she could, but she eventually grew tired and gave up. They returned to the main street where a carriage had been left.

Melissa had no way of escaping from Jill who silently stood in front of a closed door.

With his arms crossed, he stood firmly. Jill then ordered the men to start the carriage.

Melissa was impatient. She had no intention of returning to the castle.

“…Are we heading for the royal capital? Lord Jill, stop the carriage.”


“Didn’t you pledge your allegiance to me?! Why won’t you listen to me!? Please, I beg of you!!”

Pleading was her last trump card. Jill’s expression distorted and then crumpled when he saw her cry.

“Lady Melissa, did you hate the royal capital…?”

“Hate…? There’s no way—”

“Why then?”

“Because I’m no longer a saint?”

It was an already a well-known fact that she was no longer a saint. But when she had to say it herself, a sharp pain pierced her chest.

“…All the more reason for Lady Melissa to be in the royal capital.”

“W, why?”


“You’re back to being silent again!? Lord Jill, you’re an idiot!!”


With his subtle face, Jill, who had made a silent decision, said nothing more.

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