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25. If the Heat Couldn’t be Hidden

“Good morning, Lord Noel, I love you!”

“Good morning, I’m glad you look fine today.”

“Just by looking at Lord Noel’s face, I feel like I can triumph over anything!”

“That’s amazing.”

A day and a month had passed since I was placed in the same class as Noel.

I spent my days thanking everything in the world. I went to say hello to him first thing in the morning and then went to my seat.

Claris, who sat diagonally behind me, stared at me in astonishment.

“You truly haven’t gotten tired of it.”

“It’s natural! Even so, Lord Noel is truly kind. Every day, he never fails to reply to me! I aspire to be someone as kind as him!”

“Is that so…?”


“It doesn’t seem like he’s kind to just anyone, though.”

What does she mean?

When I was about to ask her, the homeroom teacher entered the classroom.

I was thinking of asking Claris later, but by the end of the lessons, I had completely forgotten about it.

“…You want me to make a booklet?”

“Yes, I’d like for you to make it after class. The other members of the group seem to be on a holiday. Therefore, please invite some friends.”

“Got it.”

I was asked to make a booklet for tomorrow’s class after school.

At first, it felt like a hassle, but when I thought that Noel would use the booklet I made, I was suddenly motivated.


As I remained alone in the class, I started making the booklet. I didn’t know which one would fall to Noel’s hands, as such, I couldn’t help myself.

When I was working carefully, I suddenly heard the door open. I casually looked back while humming a song. Suddenly, I dropped the bundle of papers onto the floor.

“L, Lord Noel…!”

“What are you doing?”

He came with a refreshing smile on his face. My heart beat so fast, I wanted to cry.

“The teacher asked me to do it.”

“All by yourself?”

“Yes, I was told to invite someone. However, I was wondering if it’d be more relaxing by myself.”

If I were to work with someone else, there’d be a chance for a booklet I hadn’t made to fall into Noel’s hands. Of course, I didn’t say anything pertaining that.

Even the kind Noel would freak out if he heard that, surely.

“Sherry is truly a good person.”


Noel sat beside me for some reason.

Towards the unexpected development, I began pulling my own cheek. I wondered if I was in a dream.

“What are you doing?!”

“Let me help you. It’ll be faster if than if you were to do it alone.”


As expected of Noel, he was too kind. Weighing the remorse of letting him do such a task against the joy of working with him, the latter won in an instant.

“Thank you very much! I truly appreciate your help!”

“It’s nothing.”

“I love you so much, I’m going to die!”

“Please live.”

Afterwards, we proceeded with the work without talking about anything else. I must had spent my entire life’s worth of happiness.

When I realized that my mind had wandered off, I was about to apologize.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Of course, I nodded immediately.

“What do you like about me?”


“I see. Then, what do you like the most about me?”

While being puzzled by the unexpected question, I decided to answer seriously. Noel was staring at me with the same gentle smile as usual. Meanwhile, fire was about to erupt from my own face.

I was struck by the overly difficult question—

what do I like the most about him?

There were simply too many to choose…!

But, I couldn’t keep him waiting. Thus, I desperately selected one.

“Your kindness.”

“I’m not kind.”

Towards such words, I tilted my head.

As expected of the kind Noel—he was too humble.

“You’re still helping out despite it being this sort of task… Lord Noel is a truly kind person.”

“Under normal circumstance, I wouldn’t do it.”

“Then, why…?”

When asked so, Noel also had a strange expression on his face as he muttered. “…Why?”

While thinking that he was inherently a good person, I stared at his handsome profile.

If God truly existed, he might look like Noel.

“…I see, I finally understand.”

Eventually, Noel muttered as if he had realized something. He smiled, but at the same time, looked as if he was about to cry. He looked troubled.

“I feel like I’ve finally understood everything.”


“I never intended for things to be like this. I’m troubled.”

It was unusual for him, who always had a gentle smile, to have such an expression. I became anxious as to what had happened to him.

Perhaps, he regretted having wasted his precious time doing such a tedious task.

“If there’s anything I can do, please say anything.”

I always received a lot of happiness from him. I wanted to give something back, so I said that. Then, Noel smiled gently, as if about to cry.

“Well then, can you stay as you are?”

“Is that all…?”

“Yes, for me, that’s the best.”

I didn’t understand why Noel wanted such a thing, or the meaning of, ‘staying as you are.’

The moment he caressed my head, all such questions were blown away in an instant. Even if I were to inadvertently die on my way home after that, I’d definitely be able to reach Zen in an instant.

—Of course, I had no idea he had became aware of his first love experience that day.

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