As my Engagement has Been Annulled, I’m Going to Live Freely! Translation

2. The Best Day

“Aha! Ahaha! What a funny face!”

At last, I, who couldn’t stand it, started laughing.

Once I bursted out laughing, I just kept going and lost sight of everyone else.

I knew what kind of gazes I was receiving from my surroundings. Still, my laughter refused to stop.

I was aware of how strange I was behaving. However, it was also because everything went according to my plan.

“Ahaha… I’ve endured it for a long time…”

“H, huh? Flores, are you okay?”

After my laughter had ceased, I sighed.

However, when I saw Ricardo that had also ceased being arrogant, and was looked appalled, I almost laughed again.

In the first place, I never agreed to the engagement.

After Ricardo fell for me at the first sight, he abused his authority as the duke’s son and forced me to date him. He showed a blatant disregard towards my many, many, refusals.

Using his father’s title as a shield, he threatened my mother and prevented my sister from going to school until I agreed to be with him.

All the while, he was uncouth and unruly.

I hated him.

I despised him.

While his outward appearance was excellent, his ugly content had me loathing him with the fury of a thousand suns.

Regardless, when I was forced to be together with him, I realized something about Ricardo.

He had a fervent desire for whatever he couldn’t obtain.

What was more, I also learned that he was the type who didn’t feed the fish he caught.

So, after about half a year, I changed my attitude. While desperately killing my heart, I pretended to be head over heels for him.

As a result, he deliberately fell in love with an acquaintance he met at a ball. Said acquaintance of his was also famous for being able to immediately hook a man.

Lilia, who always sported a delicate appearance, kept being fed by him.

Thanks to her, I safely reached that day.

“Thank you, Lilia. You’re the best partner ever.”

With a smile, I thanked Lilia.

Although I had praised her, there was a glint of fear in her eyes.

“It’s obvious that once someone has abandoned their engagement with you, reconciliation is impossible, right?”

I asked, but no one answered.

When I had no choice but to ask the notary officer the same question, he assured me that I was right.

In his eyes, the sympathy had vanished. In its place there was a mischievous glow. He was full of anticipation of what would happen in the future.

My intention was probably well understood by that notary officer.

Anyway, I started to contemplate.

I was able to break my engagement with the man I despised, Ricardo. At the same time, Lilia was able to catch a rich, handsome, man.

For some reason, both my former fiancé and his new fiancée had blue faces.

Why? Even though everyone should be rejoicing…

How strange.

I wonder why.

I waited for their reactions forever, but there was none. I had no choice but to continue speaking.

I wanted to end that ridiculous farce quickly.

“Anyway, did you know that the person who abandons the engagement has to pay a large amount as compensation?”

They should have proper knowledge about the law, right?

I confirmed to remind them.

The two grew even more pale.

Although they didn’t nod, they were probably aware.

The damage imposed on the duke’s family would be enormous.

Of course, ‘enormous’ as in, from the perspectives of barons and commoners.

From the duke’s point of view, the amount that would have to be paid would probably only sting a little.

If it was the Sterling family up to a generation ago, anyway.

As I learned during that year of endurance, it seemed that Ricardo’s house had began to tilt. The reason was, the duke—Ricardo’s father.

Not many people knew that.

Because, like that party, everything from the mansion to the furnishings were gorgeous—gorgeous and striking.

At first glance, the family looked to be prospering.

I also despised Ricardo’s father. Just like him, the man was good-looking, but arrogant.

It was a mystery whether the duke’s family, with its tight financial situation, could pay the amount, but it couldn’t be helped—because the notary officer dispatched from the royal palace was there.

“…The year I spent with you is truly excruciating. It was the definition of torment.”

Staring straight at Ricardo’s face, I spelled those scathing words and looked back on what he had done so far.

I didn’t have any good memories.

“Pretending to love you, who I loathed to the point I wanted to puke, was truly harrowing.”

I felt tired just by remembering.

Fortunately, because I wanted to save myself until marriage, I didn’t let him lay even a single finger on me. Of course, it resulted in his frustration.

Perhaps because of that, he prepared such a flashy stage.

Thank you very much.

Thanks to that, all the high-ranking aristocrats who had gathered would be my witnesses.

“Lilia, the same goes for you.”

I looked at the frightened Lilia.

There was no trace of her haughty attitude from before.

“Every time I stumbled upon Ricardo, I had an ugly expression—did you notice?”

Towards my mockery, Lilia’s face turned dark.

How exquisite.

To be able to see that expression of her’s—my one year’s worth of torment sure was worth it.

“Finally, those days are over. It’s truly refreshing. It’s the best day ever.”

With a smile, I spoke with an exaggerated joy.

That was probably the best smile I had ever shown in my entire life.

“Thank you very much for breaking off our engagement. I’m truly happy. Again, this day is the best.”

I told them in a radiant mood.

I shall never forget that day.

“From the bottom of my heart, I don’t care about you. But, because I’m in a good mood, I’ll say this much—”

I approached them, and took the hands of the two people whom were about to reflexively retreat.

“Congratulations on your engagement. Please be happy.”

I smiled and spoke in a dreamy tone.

They should’ve returned my congratulations, but for some reason, both Ricardo and Lilia sank onto the floor.

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