The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

159. The Battle Maiden Snuck up on His Majesty the Dragon Emperor at Night

The people of Radea were strong and kind.

As soon as they learned that Hadith had collapsed, they cleaned and prepared everything from the bath to his food. Half of them still thought that Hadith was a baker. When it was revealed that he was in fact the emperor, there was confusion along the way.

However, as of the present, it was a quiet, peaceful, night.

It was difficult to think that they were involved in a battle until that morning.

Gently stepping down on the balcony of the bedroom prepared for Hadith, Jill touched the doorway. She unlocked it with magic so that she wouldn’t be discovered.

Thus, she proceeded into the room without making a sound.

There was no one in the room.

Under normal circumstances, Jill would frown at the lack of security. However, there was perhaps not enough personnel. At the same time, Jill was also aware that everyone was exhausted. As such, it couldn’t be helped.

Regardless, there was something she couldn’t help but think about.

Even though I said my staying in the same room as His Majesty would be just fine, his older brother, that prick!

She was banned from staying in the same room as him before marriage. Vissel emphasized the issues that would unfold if a mistake were to happen. Their surroundings were also in tune with him. As such, their bedrooms were separated.

Jill’s opposition was brilliantly silenced because the decision-maker, Hadith, was unconscious.

“I already told them that it’d be fine, and yet…!”

Leave Hadith unattended was a major problem. Jill approached his bed while muttering in dissatisfaction.

Hadith was still slumbering.

She couldn’t see Rave. He was probably resting inside him. His breathing was stable, while his complexion was good. However, when Jill’s outstretched fingers touched his cheek, he felt cold.

She had changed into her nightwear.

To prevent Hadith from waking up, Jill lifted the edge of the comforter and slipped inside. She crawled around, and landed her head on the pillow.

As Jill tried to tuck him back inside the blanket, a pair of golden eyes bore into her.

“…What are you doing, Jill?”

“Your Majesty!? Did I wake you up? I apologize…”

“…It’s alright. It seems that I’ve been asleep the whole day. Did something happen? It’s night, right?”

“I’m grateful that His Majesty is alright! Let’s sleep together for the first time in a long time.”

She thought that Hadith would readily agree, but he turned around while covering his face with both palms.

“…T, that kind of thing, my heart isn’t prepared, yet…”

“…What are you talking about? We’ve been sleeping together the entire time.”

“T, that’s true, but, it’s been a while, tonight… is the first time, after a while…”

Although she was confident, Jill recalled the night before Vissel came, she was embarrassed, and they slept with their towards each other. Before she knew it, she was blushing profusely. Jill glared while pulling the blanket up.

“But, it’s been a long time! Besides, even then, we were sleeping together!”

“Then, are we going to—!?”

“Well, I’ve come all the way here…”

It was meaningless if they didn’t stick together. Hadith covered his face once again—


“Well, if that’s how it is, then we can’t sleep together forever!”

“…Do you want to sleep with me that much?”

With half of his face hidden beneath the sheets, Hadith expectantly stared at her.

This damn—!

Jill flushed in both anger and shame.

“Isn’t it the opposite!?”

“I never said that!”

“Rho did! After being pampered by others, he clung to me and tried to sleep in my bed!”

“That foolish dragon…!”

By the way, Rho, who was sleeping soundly, had been placed in a basket and was draped with blanket. Camila and Zeke were in the next room. There should be no problem.

“That’s why, I thought that Your Majesty was lonely…! Besides…”

She suddenly became anxious and struggled with her words. While grabbing the hem of her clothes, she looked down.

“…I, I wanted to see Your Majesty. Am I the only one who wants to be by your side, after all?”

An indescribable silence fell.

When she thought that he wasn’t going to answer, Hadith suddenly got up.

“Your Majesty, you have to rest.”

“Yes, but I forgot to say what I intended to say once I reunited with you.”

What is it, I wonder?

Hadith places his forehead onto Jill’s shoulder.

“…I’m home.”

Such a sweet voice—it melted the core of her stomach. While exhaling a great sigh, Hadith rested his head on the nape of her neck.

“This time, I’m truly exhausted. How many times have I thought about going back to you?”

“…You’re the one who went out yourself, though…”

“Yes, hence, I decided to do my best.”

There was no denying that.

He had truly done his best.

Jill embraced Hadith’s head.

“Welcome home, Your Majesty.”


“But, for you to sneak out behind my back…”

“I will be careful not to do that aga—owowo…”

“No, you have to absolutely promise me to never do that kind of thing again. I need to protect you from the Goddess.”

Hadith sat up as he rubbed his cheeks, which had been pinched by Jill.

Jill proclaimed while pointing at his chest.

“After all, Your Majesty can only be protected by me!

After a beat, Hadith suddenly fell on his back. Before she could realize what was happening, he had grabbed the sheet and started rolling around.

“As I thought, my wife is too awesome… I can’t!”

“Alright, then, Your Majesty, I’m going to sleep now. It seems that you’re okay.”

“W, why are you suddenly so cold!?”

“It’s because I’m relieved that His Majesty is doing alright.”

“How terrible! Do you have any idea—”

—She suddenly covered his fussy mouth with both of her hands and kissed the back of them.

It was a preemptive strike.

As if his heart was about to explode, his golden eyes went as round as the full moon—it was adorable.

“Do you have any complaints?”

When she let go of his mouth, she was pulled into the sheets and was trapped in Hadith’s arms.

“Yes, what if I die?”

Jill laughed as she put her arms around his back. Hadith’s body was getting warmer—just like her heart. Just like her, his heart might be racing, too.

I hope so.

She felt like as if she were in love.

She had a lot to talk about and hear. What Frida was waiting for? That Natalie was doing her best. What was Hadith doing ever since he arrived at Radea? The defecting imperial army—the baker… and more importantly, did Hadith come up with a new bread recipe without Jill’s awareness?

There were a lot of things that hadn’t been resolved.

She didn’t think Kratos would be kind enough as to recognize Jill as the Dragon Princess. She was also curious about the vision she received when she attained the sacred relic. The Southern King of Kratos seemed to be troublesome. Was it alright to believe in someone as slimy as Vissel and make peace with him?

Lastly, her birthday present.

Let’s make it a flying horse… or all weapons collected for the Dragon Princess’ sacred relic.

However, as of the present, she wanted to cherish his heartbeat which was beating as fast as hers.

It was more precious than anything else.

“You can’t die. When you return to the Imperial Capital, you have to announce our engagement.”

“That’s right! The engagement… we’re finally officially engaged… well, then, I should think about the wedding… but what should I do? Until we’re married, should we stay in a separate bedrooms?”


“Well, Vissel doesn’t seem to approve of the notion of us sleeping in the same room…”

“Let’s not listen too much to that rotten brother of yours. …For me to be obliged to learn embroidery until the wedding…”

Despite her serious predicament, Hadith laughed.

“It’s not funny.”

“Don’t worry. In the case of an emergency, I will sew them for you.”

“No can do, I’m Your Majesty’s wife.”

How can I escape from my responsibilities?

As Hadith embraced Jill, her determination was renewed.

Besides, it wasn’t like she could escape.

Before long, she was already in a dream.


—she shall think about the continuation of that love with him.

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