Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

127. Happiness

It is me! Eliane!

It was my wedding day with Nigel.

I was dressed in a bridal dress, and Nigel was clad in white unlike usual!

The tension went up—

it’s the best!

As for me, I couldn’t deny that my tension was high.

But it couldn’t be helped.

Because it was such a great day!

—After defeating the Demon King.

I was overcome by feeling that my blood was draining out, and almost fell over.


However, thanks to Nigel’s immediate assistance, I never fell to the ground.

“Are you alright!?”

“Y, yes, I am a bit tired… I believe I have used too much magic. You do not have to be so panicked, right?”

“Well, as long as you’re alright…”

Nigel said that, but his expression remained uneasy.

I still vividly recalled it.

—Then, I heard the Goddess’ voice.

“By creating a ‘path’, you were able to draw out 100% of my power. But my power is too strong for some people. As such, it will take some time to get used to it. This time, even though it was only once, you’ve received my power. Therefore, you might be a bit more tired than usual. Ah, please be assured, it’s not life-threatening.”

Then, I squeezed my remaining power and telepathically contacted Douglas. I told him to pick us up. Afterwards, I lost consciousness.

“Then, for an entire year, it was cumbersome.”

I already felt nostalgic.

After finishing the post-treatment together with Nigel and returning to Lynchgiham, it was tedious!

It was finally announced in a grand way that I was Nigel’s fiancée.

From there, full-scale queen training began.

However, fortunately, I already learned about the manners and custom of the social circles when I was in my former kingdom, so I didn’t have much trouble.

Regardless, there were many who spoke out because a commoner like me became Nigel’s fiancée.

There were also many ladies whom were aiming for the position of Nigel’s fiancée—it was inevitable.

Furthermore, I also had to undergo exclusive training to adapt to the Goddess’ power!

Thanks to that, I was able to create a barrier all over the world, just like the Original Saint.

May the world become more peaceful.

With that feeling, things that had gone well that year continued to prosper.

However, Nigel was also busy.

I realized that we didn’t have time to be with each other, so I made a promise with him.

“Let’s meet less often until things settled down. At this rate, we’ll end up doing things half-heartedly.”

When he heard that, Nigel had a dark expression for a moment, but he did think the same way. Eventually, he accepted my proposal.

Although, that didn’t mean we didn’t meet at all.

About once a month, I made time to meet up with Nigel.

But sometimes, when I had a meal with him…

“I feel like going crazy not being able to meet you every day! The ‘Eliane component’ in me isn’t enough! I’m crazy for you! I’m lonely…”

He passionately said that.

Sometimes, he also said, “Eliane will disappear from my sight!” But he was probably exaggerating…

I was lonely as well…!

Over the past year, the situation had changed again. I was only able to endure it for so long. Finally, I was able to come this far.

I thought Nigel endured it well, too.

“Eliane… you’re always beautiful… but you’re even more beautiful today. It’s like a dream, to open this door and see you…”

Nigel took my hand. It was as if he was enchanted by me.

Everyone else was looking at us with smiles.

Did Nigel become more passionate!?

But he must had been quite patient.

Thus, I decided to convince him.

“N, Nigel, it is embarrassing, everyone is here…”

“Hmm? So? Is Eliane unhappy?”

“That is not the case, I am happy!”

Being connected with a loved one and being blessed by everyone around us…

…There may be no greater happiness than that!

I had always yearned for such happiness!

“Fufu, I chose the dress and did the makeup. It seems that His Highness Nigel is also pleased. It’s a great joy as a maid.”

Beside me, Abby, who looked a little tired, said so.

It seemed that she was rushing all over the kingdom looking for a dress and cosmetics that would suit my wedding day.

It couldn’t be helped, she was just like that.

As a result—I became surprisingly beautiful. I praised myself.

“Older sister is beautiful.”

“Ah… this reminds me of the day I married my late wife.”

“You’re beautiful, Eliane, let Ralph praise you.”

Cecily, the king, and Ralph also praised me.


Is it really fine for me to be so happy?!

“Ah, Eliane, are you ready? Hmm, that’s pretty good. You’re more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, Douglas.”

While saying that, Douglas also entered the room with his arms crossed.

“You’re wearing formal clothing today.”

Because he always wore clothes like the national outfit, the neat-looking Douglas was kind of fresh.

“That’s right. After all, I can’t bring shame to you, especially considering the day.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“Even so, Eliane, let me say this again—you’re very beautiful. If you get tired of Nigel, you can always come with me.”

Douglas grinned.

W, what’s with that sudden confession!?

I felt warm.

“No can do, Douglas. Eliane is mine. I’m never giving her to anyone.”

“Gahaha! I’m just joking. I’m not going to take her from you. Too bad, I’m not confident I can beat you.”

Douglas laughed vigorously and clapped Nigel’s shoulder.

Enough already!

Douglas was as mischievous as usual.

“The ceremony is about to begin. Can you escort me, Nigel? Everyone, I will be waiting for you.”

“Okay, but before that—”

Nigel knelt down and bowed his head.

Then, he quickly extended his right hand.

“Eliane, I’ll say this again—will you walk alongside me in the future? I’ll definitely make you happy.”

“That is a foolish question. I am looking forward to working with you. Let us be happy together.”

I took Nigel’s hand and he raised his face.

Then, he smiled.

“Thank you. When Eliane told me that, I feel like I was going to ascend to the Heaven.”

“How many times have you—no, please keep repeating it, because I am anxious, too.”

At my words, Nigel’s his widdened as if he had guessed something, and immediately responded.

“Huh? Haven’t I said it already?”

“You did, just now.”

I also answered and laughed with Nigel.

He whispered ‘I love you.’ Many times.

I might be lying about being anxious.

When I stared into Nigel’s eyes, I knew that his love was real.

“Then, let’s go.”


Nigel pulled my hand as we headed for the ceremony.

Philip and Vincent were also invited. I wondered if they were enjoying the meal at the wedding hall.

By the way, I made some of the dishes at the wedding hall!

I was confident in them!

As expected, the chef tried to stop me, but I forcibly occupied the kitchen.

…What would those two think if they were to learn about that?

I was sure they’d grimace about how unbefitting my behavior was for a future queen.


Eventually, Nigel and I stepped into the ceremonial hall. The moment we appeared in front of everyone—

—a warm applause filled the entire hall.

I slowly headed to the stage of the ceremony while being watched by everyone.

—I, a true saint, was banished.

—Yes, it all began when my engagement was annulled, and I was exiled.

I was truly upset at that time, but… I was truly happy, now.

After all, no one truly knew what would happen in life.

—Thus, my kingdom was finished.

But it didn’t.

There was no end.

No matter how painful it might be, tomorrow would come as long as one was still alive.

Sometimes, it might be painful, but… in the ever passing days, good things may happen.

I was strongly aware of that.


“What is it?”

When I called Nigel’s name while walking, he turned to face me.

Towards him, I showed a big smile.

“—I am happy!”

-The End

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