Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

126. Today, You’re the Most Beautiful in the World

  • Nigel’s POV

“Older brother, you look really handsome!”


In a certain waiting room in the royal castle, I had changed into white formal wear. I had since been waiting for a long time.

“Thank you, Cecily.”

I gently patted Cecily’s head after she had complimented me.

It had been a year ever since I defeated the Demon King.

Since then, just like everyone else, I had uneventful days.

After the state of the royal capital had settled down to a certain extent, His Majesty the King of Lynchgiham—my father, went to Verclaim.

He had an appointed meeting there, and I thought he had a meaningful discussion.

My father—

“—Is that really His Majesty the King of Verclaim? He has changed a lot! I didn’t expect the discussion to go so smoothly.”

He couldn’t hide his surprise.

Whether or not the royal capital, which had been invaded by the demons, had returned to the same situation as before—was difficult to say.

However, other kingdoms, which had changed their minds, had appeared to help the kingdom. The reconstruction had proceeded without falling into confusion.

For some reason, the Kingdom of Verclaim was considered powerful.

Regardless, no matter how weak it was, the other kingdoms probably thought it’d be better for them to gain Verclaim’s favor rather than wage war against it.

Or, it could also be because they were afraid of the existence of Lynchgiham, the country which had assisted Verclaim.

…Either way, it worked, so it was fine.

Everyone loved peace for some reason.

Nevertheless, Verclaim was famous for launching military attacks here and there—

—as such, they were probably nervous.

“N, Nigel, you look incredible. I wish your late mother could see you…”

“Father, you’re exaggerating. You should never cry—especially in front of others. It’s embarrassing…”

My father cried as soon as he saw me.

He kept wiping his eyes with his handkerchief, but he still couldn’t stop the overflowing tears.

It was unacceptable for a king to show such a side of himself in front of the public.

My father, who always seemed dignified and dependable, now looked like a child.

“What do you think, Ralph?”

He also asked the Fenrir, Ralph, while turning towards him.

Ralph stared straight at me and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what he said. I’m sure he’s blessing me.”

It was when I tried to say that.

“You ask me for my opinion? Isn’t it obvious? You look cool. That appearance belongs to the future king of this kingdom. Ralph has been watching you for many years, but… child Nigel feels like a lie.”

Somehow—I felt like I heard Ralph’s voice.


I immediately tried to listen, but Ralph returned to his usual appearance and comfortably laid his head down.

Cecily’s eyes also went round. She then turned towards me.

“J, just now, Ralph… never mind.”

I probably misheard it.

I felt like I just heard Ralph spoke… but that couldn’t be the case.

Because only Eliane could converse with a Fenrir.


Eliane’s face came to mind.

“Older brother, are you lonely after all? Because, after you returned to Lynchgiham—”

“No, not at all. There’s Cecily, father, and Ralph… but, it’s been a year since she disappeared before my eyes. I’m just a little lonely.”

“It can’t be helped… back then, older sister used to play with Cecily, so she’s lonely, too.”

Cecily looked depressed.

It happened in an instant.

There wasn’t even a chance for the loneliness to set in.

When I thought of Eliane, my chest was about to rupture.

I wanted to hug my beloved!

…But I couldn’t.

Because she—

“—Nigel, it’s about time. Let’s go.”


My father, who had managed to stop crying, spoke with a crisp expression.

—Today was a special day for me.

…It should be the same for that person, too.

I left the room and walked down the long corridor.

Then, everyone extended their hands toward a certain room as I touched the doorknob.

“Older brother.”

Cecily, who stood next to me, clenched her hands.

I stared at her, and nodded, pushing the door open all at once—

“Sorry for making you wait.”

A bride adorned in white.

An otherworldly beauty.

It was as if she was radiating her own light.

With her gentle eyes and smile, she turned towards me.

“You’re very beautiful—Eliane.”

I said so to my beloved—Eliane.

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