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22.2 Only you, for the Rest of my Life

“Sherry, this is a cake of sympathy.”

“Wow, thank you!”

“How’s Noel?”

“He’s shopping at a nearby store.”

A few days later, Chester came to visit me at the hospital. He brought a cake from a well-known store and set it on a nearby table. He then proceeded to sit on a nearby, round, chair.

“How are you?”

“Thanks to you, I’m completely fine! But Lord Noel said I should still rest. As such, I can’t leave the hospital.”

“Judging from your condition, you might have to stay here forever.”

Chester grinned mischievously.

“Did Chester also participate in searching for me that day? Thank you very much.”

“That’s only to be expected. Though, that guy was insanely tough.”

Cliff, who was searching for me in the woods, was captured by the knights. Chester said that it took a few people to defeat Cliff. Everyone thought that it was quite a shame—Cliff would have made a fine knight or wizard.

Not only did he abducted me, he was also charged with attempted murder against Marian. What awaited him was either life imprisonment or hanging. Thinking about that, there was a slight pain in my chest.

However, I reminded myself—that kind of outcome was only natural.

“…It’s more difficult to suppress Noel who’s itching to kill him.”

“…I, I see.”

Chester looked tired. At the same time, he seemed to be immensely relieved Noel didn’t end up becoming a murderer.

While I was talking to him, a knocking sound echoes within the hospital room. Afterwards, Noel entered.

“Chester, you’ve come.”

“Indeed. I bought a cake, eat it, Noel.”

“I’m sorry, I will eat it later.”

“Alright, then the third-wheel will go home!”

Chester left in no time. I had heard about him from Noel. I was glad Noel had a nice and kind friend.

“Sherry, I’ll leave what you’ve asked for here.”

“Thank you, Lord Noel. I love you.”


When I thanked him and smiled, Noel held his mouth with one hand and averted his gaze from me. His face was a little red.

“Are you still not used to it?”

“…Pardon me.”

Apparently, Noel had become accustomed to the ruthless, straight-faced, me. Every time I smiled or confessed to him, he’d turn shy.

My heart kept screaming at his cute reaction. As he said, I might need to be hospitalized longer.

“You still wear that necklace.”

“Yes, after all, it was given by Lord Noel.”

“It has tracking magic as a security measure, so I will give you a new one.”

Thanks to that necklace, Noel was able to come right to me as soon as I left the barred mansion.

It seemed that Cliff failed to discover a hint of magic in the necklace. If he did, he wouldn’t have let me wear it.

That was why I wanted to continue wearing the necklace as a talisman. For some reason, Noel seemed to be hesitant.

“…Except, I will be able to know where you are at all times as long as you wear it.”


“Doesn’t that sound unpleasant to you? So please, throw it away.”

Noel, who laughed awkwardly, didn’t seem to understand me yet.

“…Doesn’t that mean Lord Noel will be thinking about me all day long?”


“I will wear this necklace until I die!”

When I said that and smiled, Noel’s expression changed from surprised to wanting to cry.

“Will you truly wear it until you die?”

“Yes, I’ll even keep it in the grave after I die.”

“Then I’ll chase you until the afterlife.”

“Really…? I won’t mind even if I die right now!”

The moment I said that, I was tightly embraced by Noel.

“…I’ve truly been saved by you, I love you.”

“M, me too!”

“That’s good. I’d like to ask you this—please live long and die before me.”


In such situations, wouldn’t people generally want their spouse to die after them? Well, because Noel had said that, I’d gladly die before him.

While scooping my hair with his fingertips, Noel showed a horrifyingly beautiful smile and gently kissed me.

“Because I will follow you soon after.”

…I might be abnormal because I was instantly convinced by his words.

While accepting his lips, which were laced with terribly heavy affection, I tasted endless happiness.

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