The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

151. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (41)

“Then, I shall confirm the operation once again.”

There were exactly 10 hours remaining until the 24 hours of grace presented by Kratos ended.

Hadith, who made an opening through the wall of magical power that wouldn’t be noticed by the caster, looked around at the soldiers gathered in the dark. The date had changed.

“The operation will start about three hours from now. To shoot down the dragons that are heading towards the city, the magical wall will start attacking. With that as a signal, we’ll first enter the temple. Because it’s a small temple, I’ve memorized the entirety of the area. There are four units. The first unit shall be tasked with rescuing General South.”

Hadith raised two fingers before everyone.

“The second unit shall protect the castle and the city. The enemy will be distracted. However, if they notice that the temple has been attacked, they’ll attack the city. Even if you’re attacked by magic, don’t panic. Hide in the shadows and waste their time! The residents should be evacuating underground at the moment, so there’s no need to stop the destruction of the city.”

Human’s life should be prioritized. There was no objection.

“Let’s review what we know about the enemy magician. He is always hidden somewhere and uses a wide variety of attacks. That’s because if he gets surrounded, he’ll lose. Therefore, while being attacked, keep calm, work together, and focus on finding that magician. Don’t forget that the magician isn’t moving alone.”

Kratos’ military magicians operated that way. Moreover, this one was escorting a nobleman. Not only would the magician be trained as a bodyguard, he’d also have received training as a regular soldier. In fact, there were two of them when the castle was surrounded with imprisonment spell.

“Given the number of people this time, I think they’re working in pairs. There must be someone maintaining the magic surrounding the city, and another protects or assists that person. I dealt with one. It’ll be hard to find the other right away, but once you find him, give him hell!” 

It was a physical operation with no wisdom or humility.

Hadith then held up a third finger.

“The third unit is reserves and logistical support. Once the magical wall disappears, the third unit shall guide the residents to evacuate. If there’s help from the outside, follow it. Or, if General South can move, follow him.”

Finally, Hadith raised his fourth finger.

“Lastly, the fourth unit. You’re the garbage cleaning unit with the highest chance of dying.”

The soldiers showed no objection or agitation. They seemed to have settled down—which was a good thing. Thanks to that, the townspeople didn’t experience any confusion.

“Get inside the temple, save the general, and kick that silly flag down—simple enough, right?”

Crisp replies were returned to him. Laughing invincibly, Hadith looked around.

“Good reply. Let’s do our best. You guys are good soldiers who protect the country. At the very least, die a glorious death.”


“Alright, we, the Dragon Knights, shall break through the magical wall surrounding the city of Radea and proceed to rescue the inhabitants!”

Listeard stood before a bonfire, making a dignified announcement to the lined up Dragon Knights. He wore the same expression as when he rescued Hadith during the Fake Emperor Mayhem. Jill thought to herself that she was indebted to Listeard.

“We’ll also be serving as a decoy in order to allow the Dragon Princess’ troops to infiltrate the temple. Fly around for as long as you can, all the way until you exhaust your magical power! The opponent is Kratos’ anti-air spell! This’ll be a good test of your skill! Don’t be shot down!”

“We’ll detour around the back of the temple and secure the sacred relic of the Dragon Princess. Rho, I ask for your help.”

Rho, whom was held within Jill’s arms, squeaked.

“His Highness Listeard, this is a dangerous mission, so please—”

Jill’s troops were divided into roles because they could only fly by requesting Rho. Listeard snorted and looked down at Jill.

“Don’t underestimate me. This battle shall be a reminder to Kratos that the Dragon Knights of the Rave Empire don’t belong to Noitral, but Leirzatz.”

After such a dependable declaration, Jill turned on her heels and went to leave the village. They’d be riding a wild dragon. Once they exited the village, Rho was supposed to summon for one.

“Uh, uhm!”

As Jill exited the stone wall that surrounded the village, she called out to the two soldiers who had rushed there as messengers. Jill stopped to ask;

“Are you alright not resting?”

“I’m alright. It was but a short trip. Besides, it isn’t like I can get any rest considering our situation.”

“Would you please let us join your troop, Dragon Princess?”

Jill frowned at him and turned around.

“You don’t acknowledge the Dragon Emperor, which means, to you, I’m not the Dragon Princess.”

That was probably why they referred to her without honorific. Towards the soldier, whose expression had stiffened, Jill pointed out.

“For you, I’m a villain.”


“We aren’t going to help General South. We’re going to eliminate those who’re aiming for the sacred treasure of the Dragon Princess. Depending on the situation, we might abandon him.”

“—I know! But our friends are still in Radea, and they are about to fight!”

“I’m also really curious about what that baker will do!”

Jill’s expression tightened. Rho tilted his head in her arms.

“When General South was captured, it was the baker who brought us together and had us go for help. Even though he showed some combat ability, he’s still a baker! He won’t be able to survive the battle!”

“General South is prepared to die for his cause, but that baker…! If, after relying on him, we let him die, then we’re nothing but rebels!”

“General South will be angry, too… he’s very fond of that baker. After all, that baker told everyone to kneel to the emperor unabashedly…”

Every time Jill heard the word ‘baker’, her cheeks slackened, and she’d become unable to speak. However, her gaze was serious.

“We can also ride dragons. We’re as good as His Highness Listeard’s Dragon Knights!”

“Many of the Dragon Princess’ troops are inexperienced in flight. However we can ride wild dragons decently! We’ll definitely be useful!”

In truth, Jill wasn’t under any doubts.

She wanted to have as much strength as possible. After all, only half of her magic had returned. As such, she was reluctant to fight those ‘uninvited guests.’

“…I understand. However! I’m the captain! Keep in mind what will happen if you go against my order!”

The two soldiers returned a beautiful salute.

“There’s one more condition—if you don’t accept it, I can’t let you join.”

“What is it?”

“Actually, that baker is the Dragon Emperor.”

The expressions of the two turned as silly as a pigeon’s. She understood their surprise, but she still smirked for some reason.

Indeed, the baker they kept referring to was the Dragon Emperor—which was, the emperor of Rave Empire.

“If you still want to help him, you’re free to come with me.”

Jill turned on her heels and heard an astonished voice from behind her.

“W, what!? Why would the emperor pretend to be a baker!? The emperor!? A baker!?!?”

“…Y, you’re kidding me! B, but I saw his sword! It was similar to the heavenly blade…”

“Why didn’t you noticed until now! That’s the same person who killed Lord Georg! He’s our enemy!”

“B, but who would’ve thought that baker is actually the Dragon Emperor!? Also, his bread is surprisingly delicious!?”

“M, maybe the bread is delicious because he’s the Dragon Emperor!?”

The confusion gave birth to a strange conversation. But it felt like they were going to help Hadith. Jill laughed as she walked.

“After all, my Majesty is cool.”

He was born an emperor—if Jill wasn’t mistaken, Rave said something like that.


For some reason, Rho proudly puffed his chest out. That child was also a Dragon King by nature. With his head straight, he summoned a wild dragon.

She jumped on a green dragon with a saddle on his torso while holding Rho. The strategy Hadith supplied Jill with was straightforward. Take the sacred relic of the Dragon Princess and save the city from the evil hands of Kratos.

—I will make you a Dragon Princess.

The Dragon Emperor wouldn’t go against his vow.

The soldiers from earlier had begun to prepare for their departure after some discussion. For that reason, two dragons descended out of nowhere from the sky. The day where they’d direct that surprised expression to Hadith was near.

“But, I’m still angry—as I thought, I will hit him with that sacred relic.”


Tremble as you wait, His Majesty the Dragon Emperor.

Looking up at the night sky, Jill shouted.

“Operation started! Goal—the temple of the Dragon Princess!”

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