The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

150.1 The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (40)

Listeard descended the dragon he rode into a village a short distance from Radea. The villagers who saw the golden-eyed, red dragon—Brynhildr—were friendly enough to rent them a brick building. Both the soldiers and the villagers were concerned about Radea. However, they told Listeard and the others to rest first for it was a priority.

Meanwhile, in a shabby room consisting of a large table and chairs, Jill read the letter Listeard received from the Kingdom of Kratos and exchanged her information with him.

When Listeard heard that Hadith became a baker in Radea, he fainted for a moment. However, Jill then explained Hadith’s actual purpose for leaving the imperial capital.

Jill tried to summarize it.

“—That’s basically his intention. It’s true that the Kratos army entered the territory of Leirzatz as an escort for the nobleman who wanted to visit Radea, and it’s also true that Duke Leirzatz sold a large amount of food and weapons to the territory of Radea.”

“Yes, but my grandfather—the Duke of Leirzatz, had procured information through merchants to uncover the situation inside Radea. Meanwhile, it’s only to be expected the imperial army—including General South—would gather in Radea. It seems that they’ve convinced the citizens that they come to protect the sacred relic of the Dragon Princess. What’s more, it seems that the Kratos army truly has entered our territory.”

What’s going on?

“Listeard’s grandfather, the Duke of Leirzatz, one of the Three Dukes, decided that he shouldn’t play with fire and refrained from reporting to the imperial capital until the details were clear. The Duke Noitral, who had been keeping an eye on Radea, took that as an admission of guilt. That seems to be the case.”

“It seems that Duke Noitral also received a petition from the aide of Leirzatz. The imperial army has taken over the city, but because the Duke of Leirzatz is backing them, he can’t move. The aide is infamous for being an opportunist, as such, nobody usually listens to him. However, the Duke of Noitral has a temperament similar to older sister Elynsia and is a nice person.”

Thinking that the aide was in trouble, the Duke of Noitral decided to just report to the imperial capital.

That judgment allowed the story reached Vissel which then led to Listeard’s arrest.

“When I explained to the Duke of Noitral, he was surprised. He promised to cooperate to clear the suspicions surrounding me and Duke Leirzatz. In the first place, the duke already has some inklings regarding Duke of Leirzatz’s movements. Although, it’s merely his intuition.”

“But, the day before yesterday, the Kratos army suddenly returned from Leirzatz’s territory while bearing this letter.”

Jill looked down at the letter on the desk again. Listeard, who sat on the other side of the desk, nodded with a sigh.

“The letter is marked with the Great Seal of Kratos. As such, the possibility of it being a forgery is extremely low. Still, I’d like to ask you to confirm it. Do you think this is the crown prince’s handwriting?”

“The signature is his. However, the writing belongs to Lawrence.”

Towards the familiar handwriting, Jill gave a simple reply.

The contents of the letter was also simple.

All troops staying in the territory of Leirzatz of the Rave Empire are ordered to return immediately. In addition, at the discretion of Crown Prince Geraldo De Kratos, those who don’t belong there should just be left behind.

“The last part is addressed towards the nobleman touring Radea, right?”

“Probably, and it’s also addressed to us.”

Listeard pulled out the second letter that overlapped underneath.

Since the army departed, the turmoil that has arisen within the Grand Duchy of Radea, of the Rave Empire, has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Kratos. All dispositions are left to His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Hadith Theos Rave and Miss Jill Saber.

“…Because of this letter, Your Highness Listeard went to Radea thinking that the nobleman left behind—the guest from Kratos, was up to something.”

“Yes, by all means, this is a warning that an uninvited guest is plotting something in Radea. But, to think that the aide from that time is also taking a part in this…”

During the Fake Emperor Mayhem, Listeard worked alongside Lawrence. Therefore, he probably knew Lawrence’s personality, someone who’d aim for about five rabbits in pursuit of one rabbit.

Jill nodded back.

“Perhaps, the uninvited guest is plotting a revolt in Radea to reduce our national stability. However, for Lawrence to overlook it and decided to turn a blind eye to the guest… I assumed that such a development exactly what he was aiming for…”

“I’m sure he’s planning something. This letter makes me wonder if he’s planning for a reconciliation.”

“Eh? That’s his aim?”

While frowning, Listeard pointed to a passage on the second latter.

“Didn’t you realize? Your name is there instead of the title of the Dragon Princess.”

“Oh, right…”

“The Kingdom of Kratos has recognized you as the Dragon Princess. There’s no way the Rave Empire can ignore this.”

Jill let out a stupid voice.

“The Kingdom of Kratos has also acknowledged that the Dragon Emperor has a Dragon Princess. Moreover, you’re from Kratos. To face the conflict is the same as the Kingdom of Kratos making a statement.”

“T, then I… can I be a proper Dragon Princess?!”

“You can’t be the Dragon Princess—you are the Dragon Princess! That has been decided ever since Hadith chose you, and the Dragon God Rave blessed you!”

Listeard suddenly raised his voice. He glared at the letter and tapped it with his fingers.

“As if you’d need Kratos’ acknowledgement to become one! Who do you think they are!?”

“Oh, I see… I misunderstood…”

“You’ll need the sacred relic Dragon Princess to prove that their approval is irrelevant! In the Rave Empire, it’s only natural for the Dragon Princess to have the sacred relic!”

If the Dragon Princess was born because of Kratos’ acknowledgment, it meant that she was going against Rave Empire’s customs.

***T/N: In the end it wasn’t the suspicion of being a rebel that killed Listeard, but the fact that his emperor is now a baker…

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