Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

123. The Best Happy Ending—!?


I couldn’t see her.

However, when I asked, I felt like the Goddess had nodded.

“You did well. The key was the remnant of the Original Saint—and the other was this sword.”

“Sword… you mean, the sword I received from Philip, the Spirit King?”


The voice of the Goddess was crisp, unlike last time.

The Goddess was trying to tell me something.

That wasn’t the only difference…

“Eliane… seems to be communicating with the Goddess… I am also retaining my consciousness. I can hear the Goddess’ voice.”

Nigel remained conscious.

What was more, he was able to hear the voice of the Goddess.

Was my confusion apparent?

“The ‘path’ has been completely erected. Last time I spoke with you, it was still incomplete.”

The Goddess added.


An evil roar.

Underneath, the Demon King was rampaging, trying to tear off the hair.

It was only a matter of time.

Once the Demon King was freed, the entire castle would collapse.

We were in a pinch.

However, my despair had vanished.

“This sword was used by the original saint long ago.”

The Goddess continued.

“It’s a divine sword, one commonly used by gods. However, the original saint couldn’t wield the sword and entrusted it to the ancient Spirit King, instead.”

“But why? Wasn’t she so great that this kind of sword shouldn’t matter at all?”

“The original saint fought alone. As such, my power was beyond her control. However, the current saint—you, has someone alongside her. Therefore, my blessing will be suitable, and I can empower you.”

Eventually, we returned to where we were earlier, and we slowly placed our feet on the ground.

Nigel and I were looking up at the rampaging Demon King.

“The original saint had almighty power. But… it wasn’t perfect, so she couldn’t seal the Demon King.”

While the Goddess explained, Nigel held his sword as he stared at the Demon King.

He was akin to the hero that appeared in fairy tales.

“But you’re different… you aren’t alone. You were able to find a partner that is perfectly suited to the blessing of the Goddess. This is something not even the original saint was able to do—and now…”

Nigel gripped his sword.

“You can defeat the Demon King.”


Nigel went straight for the Demon King and jumped at the speed of light.

When he reached the Demon King’s head, he swung his sword.


The Demon King screamed sorrowfully.

Light diffused and dyed our surroundings pure white.

Nigel’s sword slashed the Demon King’s body into half.


While calling his name, I rushed towards Nigel.

The moment he landed on the ground, the Demon King exploded.

The fact that the Demon King had such a mighty power and sank us into the abyss of despair felt like a lie.

He was no longer terrifying.

The fragments of the Demon King were purified by the holy magic and shattered.

They drifted in the air, turning into snowflakes of light as they fell upon us.

“Are you alright!?”

“Yes. My body feel so light.”

Nigel put away his sword as he gently replied to me.

Nigel felt very dear to me, and before I realized it, I was hugging him with all my might.

“We… defeated the Demon King, right?”

“That’s right, the moment I grabbed this sword, the Demon King becomes as weak as a baby.”

…The Goddess didn’t deny our words, either.

It seemed that the Demon King had disappeared.

“This is all thanks to Eliane. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Demon King.’’

“No, no, I’m unworthy of your compliment, without Nigel, I—!”

“What are you saying, you are—!”

Nigel and I kept praising each other.


“Ha, hahaha!”

In such a situation, we couldn’t help but laugh.

The conclusion to the ultimate battle was brief.

Originally, I wanted the power of the original saint to surround the world with a barrier.

However, things had taken an unexpected development.

But—that was the best happy ending!

“—ane? Can you hear me? Are you safe?”

When I was laughing with Nigel, Douglas’ voice arrived through telepathy.

“Yes, I’m safe.”

“Is that so? That’s good. I was worried because it was hard to reach you through telepathy.”

“I’m sorry, it took a while.”

“Heh, I see.”

Douglas said gently, but he sighed.

“It seems that I worried too much. However, if something were to happen to you, I’d lose my reason to live.”

“Y, you’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not.”

Douglas flatly denied my words.

“So, how did it go?”

“Everything went well. I shall explain the detail after I get back. Various things happened, but we were able to defeat the Demon King.”

“What!? Well, I thought as much…”


“Indeed, after Philip’s sword suddenly flew towards the castle, the demons in the city disappeared.”

The sword that Philip brought…

…Philip also came to help us.

“Is that so? I have to express my gratitude directly to Philip later. Even so, have the demons truly disappeared?”

“I don’t know, but, either way—it worked. We won the battle—victory is ours.”

Douglas’ voice amplified my happiness.

Ah… it was truly over.

The long battle, which begun with the annulment of my engagement and exile…

“What’s wrong, Eliane? You’re suddenly quiet.”

“No, it is nothing. Now that everything is done, there is no point in talking though telepathy like this. I shall return soon.”

“I shall wait.”

Douglas said so at the end and cut off the telepathy.

“Eliane, is Douglas safe? I never thought I’d worry about him.”

Only I could hear the telepathy with Douglas.

Nigel asked anxiously.

“Yes, there seems to be no problem. It seems that Philip is also in the royal capital.”

“That’s good. I defeated the Demon King, but the city is in shambles… it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.”

“That’s right. Come on, let us hurry back. Surely, you want to see them, too.”


Nigel nodded and took my hand.

I felt like a princess being escorted to a party.

But, how were we to return?

The stairs had completely collapsed. Walking back seemed impossible.

Was it possible to fly with the sword?

Or would it be better to ask Douglas to come pick us up?

It was when I was contemplating about it—



Suddenly, I felt as if blood was drained from my body.

What happened…?

My consciousness gradually faded—it was a floating, fluffy, sensation.


The voice of Nigel, who should’ve been near me, felt very far away.

“As a saint, you’ve used too much power…”

The voice of the Goddess.

I tried to reply, but couldn’t muster an answer.

“At this rate, you’re going to…”

I’m going to…?

What will happen to me?

It was as if my body wasn’t mine. I couldn’t move at all.

After my vision was dyed pure white, my body gradually fell.

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