Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

120. The True Saint Will Never Lose

*Side: Douglas

“As expected of a dragon. It seems that I can’t defeat you.”

The archdemon, Godflor, had fought against Douglas.

He laid on the ground, and looked up towards Douglas who had taken human form.

Fuun. I’m not someone who plans far ahead. I just prefer to think that I could win.”

Douglas snorted.

That said, he wasn’t free of injuries.

Dragons had a high regeneration power, so they weren’t a problem, but… the injury on his chest was bleeding. There were also injuries in other areas. However, he stayed optimistic.

The surrounding buildings had collapsed. The people and other demons fled from Douglas. There was an eerie tranquility.

I didn’t think I’d waste so much time over this guy… for a demon, he was quite tough.

As Douglas stared at Godflor, whom was breathless and half death, he contemplated such.

“I have no choice but to admit it… your heart is rotten, but you’re formidable. If you’re reborn, I want to face you again.”

Ha, I sure hope so.”

A dry laugh leaked from Godflor’s mouth.

“It’s a shame. I don’t think your grand scheme will ever come to fruition. The knights are excellent. They won’t lose to some random demons—well, except for archdemons.”

In truth, after the demons began their total attack, they were struggling till the last minute.

Of course, everyone benefitted greatly from Douglas’ support. A few weeks ago, the kingdom would’ve perished from the first demon invasion, for sure.

The reason for their success was that everyone was able to join forces in face of the threat of demons.


“Hmph, don’t underestimate demons. My failure was within the realm of expectation.”

Godflor’s expression distorted.

“I was here for the purpose of buying time—and that’s exactly what I did. Even if I lose, the Chancellor will prevail.”

“What do you mean?”

Douglas asked.

The next moment, night had fallen.


Douglas reflexively looked up towards the skies. He was at a loss for words.

Godflor, who was also staring at the skies, smiled in satisfaction.

“It’s the beginning of the end! You and the human race are finished! He is finally resurrected!”

“By ‘He’, do you mean the Demon King? What did you do!?”


Douglas asked, but Godflor gave him no answer.

His life seemed to have finished.

“Eliane…! Are you alright?! Eliane?! Please respond!”

Douglas spoke through telepathy to Eliane. However, he didn’t hear anything.

“She isn’t in a state where she can afford to use telepathy… what the hell is going on…”

Because of the fatigue from the battle, Douglas suddenly crumpled to the ground.

He tried to get up quickly, but it was to no avail.

“Even though I’m perfectly fine, I can’t go to help them straight away… Eliane, Nigel, be safe!”

As of the present, Douglas had no choice but to pray for their safety.

*Side: Leticia

“…How persistent, but it’s finally over…”

The battle with the archdemon Philomero was finally over.

All the injured people in the courtyard had been safely evacuated.

Seeing that Philomero had disappeared, Claude supported Leticia, who was breathing heavily, with his shoulder.

“Leticia, you’re so powerful! I’m sorry for being useless!”

Claude regretted his lack of power.

Well, to be honest, he helped distract the demon by moving around a bit…

When Leticia fought against Philomero. Claude tried to help her by throwing stones at the archdemon.

However, there was no way the archdemon would falter at such a thing.

As a result, Leticia had to fight while protecting Claude. Basically, the battle was prolonged.

Perhaps Claude himself knew that—his face was tinged with regret.

“Hey, you.”

Leticia said.

“Do you know who I am? I was born from a family with dingy blood. I was born as a sorcerer, and I have the power to curse and kill my opponents.”

She had been wearing a false mask to achieve her goals.

She lied and didn’t show her true nature.

But… what Leticia said was the truth. That wasn’t a lie.

Claude will probably hate me after this… there’s no way anyone would like a sorcerer…


—‘Stay away from me!’

It was a story from before Leticia had awakened her innate talent as a sorcerer.

Born into a family of sorcerers, her family used to abuse her.

Being a sorcerer generally was not a very commendable position.

They were hated and deemed as creepy by most.

Therefore, Leticia believed that Claude would also be terrified of her.

However, contrary to Leticia’s expectations—

—Claude raised his voice.

“So what?! I love you regardless of who you are! I love your heart! No one should hate you for something like that!”


Hearing that, the fog that shrouded her heart disappeared.

Yes… those might be the words I have been waiting to hear…

Regardless of who she was.

Regardless if she was a sorcerer.

To be loved regardless of anything.

Leticia might had just been looking for such a man.

Claude’s face, which she barely looked at before, looked cooler than anyone else’s—even Nigel.

Hmm… I’m stupid, too. Only now did I learn how to not judge a book by its cover…

“Le, Leticia?!”

Claude was in a panic.

Leticia had entrusted her full weight to him.

“Are you alright, Leticia?! Don’t dieeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Claude’s sorrowful voice penetrated the sky, to which Leticia opened her eyes and said.

“Too bad, I won’t die that easily. I’m a pretty headstrong woman. However, I’m just a little tired… can you lend me your chest, Your Highness?”

Leticia laughed—

it turns out that I can laugh like this, too.

Her mind was swimming because she had used too much power…

“Well… I’ll leave the rest to others. I fought as well as—!?”

However, Leticia noticed something unusual, and her eyes widened.

It was the same with Claude.

Suddenly, the sky was engulfed in darkness.

“What happened? A new demon…?”

“No, this is…”


It was very similar to the atmosphere she felt in the dungeon containing the Demon King.

It was an unpleasant, unrelenting, grudge.

“Are Eliane and Nigel safe? At this rate…”

“They’ll be alright, you worry too much.”

Leticia continued firmly.

“It’s alright if it’s her—because she’s the true saint.”

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