The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

2.4 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

His expression was begging for more, so I helped him drink until he was satisfied.

“…I was actually a bit glad, when stepsister said that I could do as I like…”

Perhaps due to the fever, Kyle mumbled with wavering eyes.

“Ever since I’ve came to this house, that was the first time I felt accepted…”

Sweat oozed from Kyle’s forehead. The edges of his eyes were wet. I reached out and tried to touch his forehead. Then, he shut his eyes tightly, perhaps reflexively.

I’m sorry. I’ve been hitting your head for a long time, so that’s becomes a habit for you.

From the water bucket prepared by the maid, I squeezed a towel and placed it over Kyle’s forehead. Kyle yelped, probably due to the cold water.

“You have to get as much water as you can. It’d also be better if you cool the area around your neck, armpits, and the base of your thighs. Let me see them properly.”

“…It’s just a cold and I’m just a bit tired. There are a lot of people in the territory who can’t see a doctor willy-nilly…”

“Ohoho, how haughty of you. Do you think you can preach about justice in your current state? So, what is your plan, there? You want to suffer along with those people? Then what about the dreams and hopes of those people, and most importantly, yours?”

Kyle snorted again. That time, with less power.

“The profit from the lottery tickets isn’t enough to build a clinic… I wonder if we will be able to make it before winter arrives in full-scale… Our territory is indeed rich, but still, we have to make it in time…”

Kyle exhaled, then suddenly looked at me with a smirk.

“Why did you suddenly allow Sasha to socialize…?”

“Ohoho, just for entertainment purposes. While grandly taking advantage of my parents, I’m merely enjoying a high-level theatrical play!”

Kyle muttered, “You’re the worst.”

“I thought that because you’ve become thin, you’ve become a little bit more humane. But, as usual, I’m merely grasping at straws. I was crazy for thinking that you’ve become better. As I thought, my stepsister is a repulsive woman. Without looks, without feelings…”

By the way, when Kyle was small, he was forced to compliment me, saying that I was cute, beautiful, and all that.

Even though he had a high fever, and his mind was hazy, I was glad that he stayed true to himself.

“Ohoho, well said. Back then, you used to fawn over me, though.”

I stood up and caressed Kyle’s head. He immediately shut his eyes again. I felt that Kyle had muttered something in a soft voice, but it was too quiet for me to hear.

“Father, mother, may I have a moment?”

After leaving Kyle’s room, I washed my hands and gargled. Then I peek my head between the gap created by the hallway door.

“Oh, Juliane, what’s the matter?”

Even though the sun was still high, my father was already drunk with cheap, red, wine. One of his hands was massaging his scalp with the red wine (hair restorer.)

Although until a month ago, his head was as empty as an uncharted region, now a thin layer of hair could be seen.

Probably, even in my previous life, there was no such speedy and effective hair restorer. Was the method truly effective, or was it because the concoction I made used red wine from Ruderva?

“I wish Juliane had stayed with me. The show was truly interesting.”

My mother, who was praising an entertainer she had summoned, looked at me with a big smile.

Compared to me, who was extremely thin, she was still plump. However, she had significantly become thinner. It was probably a synergistic effect between the cardio and the healthy menu provided by the chef.

In exchange for the flashy parties, my parents kept squandering money to invite entertainers and singers to the mansion.

Certainly, it was necessary to kill time.

Above all, it was much cheaper than throwing a party.

However, after seeing Kyle’s condition, I got angry.

While the young Kyle only thought about the people of the territory, the lords were only thinking about themselves.

“Hey, father?”

Waiting for all the entertainers to leave, I opened my mouth.

“I’m a little disappointed. You’re just the lord of a tiny countryside, one blessed with an abundance of resources.”

“W, what?”

“Isn’t that right? Even though there’s a huge business venture before us, you haven’t notice it at all.”

I reached out to my father’s head and caressed his new hair as if I were stroking a kitten.

“A huge business venture? What are you talking about?”

I smirked at him in mockery.

“This hair, I’m referring to this hair. Hair loss and receding hairlines are a big problem for men. Basically, baldness. My father, who has overcome it, is a living legend—the savior of bald men.”

Father blinked. I laughed once again.

“Ohoho, the red wine hair restorer that father has been using, I made it by mixing various kinds of red wine. If more research were to be done, I think you will be able to grow more hair.”

“I, is that so?”

“Why don’t we invest in a research facility in the territory and determine the effect there? We should be able to gain more profit.”

“We shouldn’t venture into businesses we aren’t used to. I mean, even if we don’t do that, our territory has an abundance of resources.”

“Resources don’t spring up forever! If you’re a father, you should be old enough to think about a second business! Get up and sell the hair tonic with you as the mascot! Add a portrait of your growing hair, and bald men will surely buy it!”

“W, what?!”

I left my surprised father for a while and turned towards mother.

“My mother, too! Why don’t you realize this is a chance to be charismatic?”

“C, charismatic? What do you mean, Juliane?”

I walked to my mother and hugged her waist, the place where constriction began to appear. Then, I whispered into her ear.

“The cardio I taught you has a third form.”


Mother’s eyes widened.

Actually, the cardio itself went up until a fifth form, but as expected, I hadn’t mastered it to that extent.

Incidentally, the third form was very complicated and dynamic. It was that exact difficulty that prevented depression and dementia.

In my previous life, I mastered it with a fellow patient aunt. As such, I still remembered it well.

“Mother, you’ve finally mastered up to the second form. That’s more than enough for you to be known as a charismatic beauty. However, if you could master up until third form, you’d become the goddess of beauty. You will surely attract and intoxicate the people, even aristocrats. I’m sure of it!”

“Me, a goddess…?”

My mother squeaked, while my father was flabbergasted.

“Why don’t we give it a name!? Rotundia-style Health Exercise! Massage the scalp with the honey of the Gessel territory, mask the face, and relax with the beauty liquid and cream made from the grass I plucked from the garden. While we’re at it, why don’t we open a Rotundia-style Beauty Salon that offers healthy food and tea at the end?”

“R, Rotundia-style…”

“I, I will name it the Baldazar Hair Tonic…”

“That’s good! The names of Baldazar and Rotundia shall be known throughout Ruderva!”

After that, I turned serious.

I put a hand on my cheek, while alternately looking at the servants standing by the wall, and my parents.

“Hmm, on a second thought, it’s impossible. With our current affairs, it’s not really convincing.”

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