The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

2.2 The Struggle of the Reincarnated Marquis Daughter

I knew the dress didn’t suit me. However, I was there to boost Sasha’s appeal. So, I didn’t mind if Alfred were to scorn or laugh at me.

“…Forgive me for showing you such a shameful appearance. However, thank you for your concern, Lord Alfred. Surely, a man as kind and as merciful as you won’t forget the contributions of the Gessel family…?”

“Wow, this is my first time seeing Lady Juliane apologize and say thank you!”

Georges shouted in a shrill, shocked, voice, and immediately clamped his mouth shut.

I glanced at him, implying he shut up. That was when I realized that for some reason, the faces of the escort knights around me were dyed bright red.

While frowning, Alfred dubiously stared around me.

Fuahahaha! This is my first time seeing him so appalled like that! My appearance must be as scary as a ghost! However, hold your horses—COMING SOON! A beautiful girl with hair that flows like water and is as beautiful as the Milky Way! Look forward to her!

With his extended hands, Alfred grabbed me by the shoulders, and raced me up. The skin on my upper arms felt tingly. My shoulders felt both warm and stiff.

“Georges! It’s an emergency! Hurry, call a doctor!”

At the same time, his words finally reached my eras.

“Juliane looks so weak! It might be a life-threatening illness! In such a short period of time, she has lost her aura of intimidation—the proof of her big-heartedness, her dignity, and volume!”

“Now, you’re exaggerating!”

His dissing made me dizzy. Just say that I was ‘fat’!

“Don’t worry, the Gessel family summoned a doctor for me. While I may be a bit thin, I’m merely depressed.”

“That doctor’s diagnosis is flawed. I’m concerned.”

“Ohoho. I don’t think someone who is a regular at botching our monthly tea parties has the right to say something like that.”

When I said that with a sly expression, Alfred’s face twisted. It was wrong of me, I knew. I felt like I was digging my own grave.

Still, I’ve decided to take on the role of someone who has no good traits.

He despised me to the point of neglecting me for almost half a year. Why would he act as if he was concerned now?

“The Gessel family pays a generous amount of money for top-notch doctors. It is impossible for there to be any mistaken diagnosis. Or, could it be, the royal palace can summon a doctor with higher salary?”

“You! You’re always like this! Stop talking about money when people are worried about you!”

Oh, no! I reflexively said something villainous again!

I could only swallow his rebuke.

I was sure Alfred had gradually grown disappointed in me, and was now at the brink of despair when it came with dealing with me. Hence, he said something like that.

I felt miserable at my past self’s actions. She thought she had a chance to be with such a cool-looking person.

Regardless of her status, the difference in appearances was just to steep. As such, my former self tried to close that gap as much as possible. To that end, she kept gloating about money—the only advantage she had to make her worthy of him. For the ten years we’ve been engaged, it had been like that.

My former self was fat, had a nasty personality, and never thanked anyone for anything. Whenever she opened her mouth, all she ever talked about was money. Hence, she was disliked.

However, no matter how worried Alfred was, I had to prevent him from calling a doctor. Just to boost Sasha up, I faked an illness to make myself considered ineligible so that I would have to rescind my position.

“Lord Alfred is still busy today, isn’t he? I don’t want to interfere with your studies and work, so I’m going home now. Good luck to all of you.”

I glared up at Alfred from below and waved my hand. Then I, whom should had turned with the hem of my dress and brilliantly walk away, immediately halted.

I reluctantly looked back.

Alfred had stepped on the hem of my dress.

“Who said you could go home?”

As he said that, Alfred beckoned me with his fingertips—it was akin to someone asking for a duel. I unpleasantly stared at him.

“How ungentlemanly of you.”

When I threw a sharp gaze, Alfred’s broad palm grabbed my wrist, and he subsequently pulled me. In defeat, I let him pull me towards him. Then, my field of vision narrowed.

I had been drawn to his sturdy chest. I poured all my strength into my other hand, and pushed against Alfred’s shoulder. I struggle despite being well aware that he was well-trained.

“Enough, Lord Alfred! Even if we’re engaged to each other, this kind of behavior is just unacceptable for an unmarried lady!”

“How noisy. Call a doctor, quick!”

“I said I don’t need one!!”

At such a close distance, Alfred looked even more dazzling. His double eyelids were truly deep.

Maybe this isn’t the time to be focusing on that. Not to mention, even if he’s a crown prince, what he did just now sucks!

As we kept pulling and pushing each other, fighting about whether or not a doctor should be called, I realized how surreal the situation was. There was a marble, warm, furnace with a royal crest, a table that was plastered and finely worked with metal inlay, splendid lacquer walls and a ceiling—it was as if I was reenacting a soap opera.

“Alright! Pardon the intrusion!”

At that moment, a person I had never expected jumped in. He sounded cheerful. It was none other than Duke Jerome Nordma, the chancellor of the kingdom. His gait was both natural and elegant.

“Lord Alfred, pardon the intrusion. I’d like to commend your straightforwardness, but we have an unexpected situation in our hands.”

What? What is ‘straightforward’ about Alfred’s current behavior?

Despite what the duke had said, I didn’t feel like we had gotten to that point.

However, it seemed that the emergency was conveyed to Alfred. With a slightly narrowed eyes, Alfred finally released me. I immediately ran away and hid behind the back of an old maid.

The gray-haired chancellor said, “Excuse me.” with a gentle gaze, and began talking with Alfred.

The chancellor, whom was over 60-years-old, was the hero of the kingdom—or a living legend.

Shortly before Alfred and I were engaged, the former chancellor quit due to the state of the royal family. Begged by his surroundings, the duke assumed the position of chancellor… he was the first duke in the hierarchy, a warrior with a passionate soul, and also Alfred’s tutor.

I personally thought he had too much on his plate. However, as of the present, Ruderva wouldn’t be standing without that person.

The chancellor was the one who gave up on that goddamn lazy king and gave Alfred a spartan education. For Alfred, the chancellor was both his master and comrade in battle.

“Juliane, I’m sorry, but there’s an emergency. I’ll be back soon, so please wait here.”

“No, if you’re busy, I will just go home…”

Alfred shook his head.

“I’ll be back soon.”

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