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117. If you can’t Become the Main Character, Withdraw

We returned to the throne room.

“What happened?!”

From outside the window, smoke could be seen rising from the entire royal capital. I saw demons attacking people, and I could hear their screams as well.

“…We missed the opportunity!” Nigel regretfully distorted his face.

“What do we do!? Eliane hasn’t acquired the power of the original saint, yet!! At this rate, the Demon King will be resurrected!”

Claude said with a quivering voice.

Certainly, it was the worst possible outcome.

Although the power of the original saint seemed close to our grasp, the demons invaded before we could do anything else.

For some reason, I couldn’t communicate with the Goddess. It was unknown if we alone would suffice to stop the demon invasion.


“Now that it has come to this, there’s no point in lamenting. We have to defeat the demons, and prevent the Demon King’s resurrection at all costs.”

“That’s right. Let’s do what we can do for now, rather than regret what we couldn’t.”

Everyone nodded at Nigel’s words.

“I’m worried about the injured. With my healing magic, I should be able to treat them…”

“Alright. Eliane and the others should go to a place where there are likely to be injured people. I will stay here and guard the throne room.”

“Will you be alright on your own?”

“Of course.”

Nigel proudly flexed his bicep.

“Now is the time for us to advance. I’m sorry, Eliane, but could you once again bestow the blessing of the Goddess upon me again?”


As before, I put my hand on his back and gave him the blessing of the Goddess.

However, I didn’t think I would be able to communicate with the Goddess.

During my entire way back, I was left wondering why I couldn’t talk to the Goddess even though I had obtained the ‘path.’ However, I no longer had time to ponder about it.

“Nigel, I will leave the rest to you. I shall place a barrier around this room, as well. It should last for a while.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Not even the archdemon, Baldur, could go up against Nigel.

…Regardless, I was still worried.

The blessing of the Goddess became less effective the further away I was. I had to return soon.

“L, l, let’s go! I will protect Eliane and Leticia!”

“What can you do, Claude? But, since you seem determined, I will help you.”

Claude’s teeth were rattling. Leticia sighed as she stared at him.

The kindness of the two made me happy.

“Thank you, Nigel. I will be back, soon!”


Upon leaving the room, angry words and screams were flying around the castle.

“Don’t let the demons invade the castle! We have to protect His Majesty the King, even if it costs us our lives!”

“Ku, but there are too many injured! Are there more healers?”

When Claude and I stepped into the room, everyone was too busy to notice us.

Injured people were lying all over the floor. It seemed that the current healers weren’t progressing much with the treatment.

“…I hope, I get to be reunited with my dead wife.”

“Hey, what are you talking about!? You aren’t dead, yet!”

A knight was bleeding. His friend desperately encouraged him.

It was a fatal injury. If the knight was left alone, he’d surely succumb to it.


“Please be rest assured. Everyone will be cured—Wide Heal.”

I casted healing magic to the entire room.

The wounds of the people enveloped in the holy light were healed in no time.

“There seems to be more injured than we thought! Leticia, Claude, I am continuing!”

“O, okay! Even so, your healing magic is amazing… why didn’t I recognize your power in the past…”

“You’re truly the saint. Your power is the real thing.”

Claude and Leticia were both in awe and praised me.

Afterwards, we went around the castle and healed the wounded.

“Did you manage to grasp the situation?”

I wiped the sweat away from my forehead with my arm.

We reached the castle’s courtyard.

Initially, the castle had been transformed into a crucible of confusion, but that situation seemed to have settled down.

“Thanks to having run around the castle, I got a general idea.”

“I see.”

Claude agreed with what I said.

He summarized the information he had heard. The demons invaded the kingdom a few hours ago. When the barrier started to crack, a large number of demons appeared and started attacking people.

Their goal was the castle. They most likely knew the Demon King was sealed there.

In the form of a dragon, Douglas was also desperately fighting against the demons.

The knight leaders—Adolf and Klaus, managed to intercept the demons. The number of injured was kept to a minimum.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the battle against the demons didn’t look so hopeless anymore.

But, if the demons were to receive any sort of reinforcements, the tide of the battle would change drastically…

“Hahaha, the demons don’t seem like a big deal? Maybe, we can win even without using the power of the original saint?”

“Claude, don’t let your guard down. Haven’t you heard? The archdemons have yet to appear. The enemies we currently face are the lowest among the demons.”

Leticia rebuked Claude.

“That is correct. Our objective remains the same—we will fight—”

—it was when I tried to continue my sentence.

“What is the saint doing in a place such as this?”

A voice from the sky.

When I looked up, a variant of an insect with wings was floating there.

The wings had a terrifying pattern.

It seemed to be a giant poisonous moth.

She smirked and looked down on us.


Someone screamed, and all the knights raised their swords and spears in an instant.

However, the poisonous moth demon showed a fed-up expression.

“Weak guys can just die. For the time being, I have to make sure that the saint is dead.”

She fluttered her wings.

Purple scales rained from the wings and descended upon us.


I immediately had a barrier completely cover the place.

The barrier deflected the falling scales.

However, a small amount pierced through the walls. Then, like sugar candy, part of the wall dissolved.

“That is a powerful poison.”

I raised my voice.

“You will die if you touch it. Everyone, do not leave my side…!”

Everyone was confused by my face. Their expressions were distorted by fear.

The poisonous moth was ecstatic.

“Fufufu, those horrified expressions… how exquisite. No matter how long you maintain your barrier, it’s over already. Because you’re facing an archdemon. I’ve heard that the Demon King is underneath the castle. The other archdemons should be heading towards the Demon King around now.”


When I heard her words, Nigel’s face came to my mind.

The demon might be bluffing, but… I highly doubted that.

She also possessed the ability to annihilate the knights in an instant. She was an archdemon—there was no questioning it.

I couldn’t leave that place due to the barrier.

But, Nigel…!


Someone put a hand on my trembling shoulders.


“Leave this place to me. I can handle it.”

Leticia kept her eyes on the poisonous moth archdemon who then declared to her.

“Oh, it seems that this kingdom’s poisonous insect has decided to make an appearance.”

The archdemon provoked her.

But Leticia wasn’t scared.

“Sure, I may be the poisonous insect of this kingdom. But, we’re the same—so, let’s dance?”

As Leticia provoked the demon back, she beckoned her by bending a finger.

The demon’s expression distorted, and she unpleasantly fluttered her wings, throwing more scales.

I immediately thought of putting up another barrier, but Leticia stopped me.

“If it’s only this, it’s okay. Don’t look down on my resolve.”

A black aura rushed out from Leticia.

The aura wrapped around the falling scales and made them disappear.

The poison had been nullified.

“N, now, that’s new, Poisonous Insect.”

“Don’t be lackluster, Poisonous Moth.”

The black emotions of the two were mixed.

“Hurry up, Eliane! What are you doing? You should go to the prince immediately! I can handle this!”

“I, I, I will be the one who protect Leticia. Go!”

Leticia and Claude said such.

“T, thank you! Leticia, please stay safe!”

“Hmph! Who do you think you’re talking to!?”

I turned on my heels, and started running for Nigel.

I was more worried about Nigel.

If the Demon King were to be resurrected, everything would be over. If what the demon said was the truth, I had to do something.

Leticia was a person who once inflicted doom upon Nigel and I—

—she wouldn’t lose in such a place!

“How troublesome. Even though I’m not the main character, I’m trying to stand on the center of the stage…”

I heard Leticia’s faint voice from behind me.

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