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114. Thank You

As pleased as we were with our reunion, we had to continue.

After walking for a while, we reached an open space.

To what was in the center of the room, our eyes widened.

“The Demon King…!?”

The moment I saw it, I couldn’t help but blur that out.

Before us was a massive being with both arms restrained by a chain.

The lower half of the body seemed to be buried in the floor. However, I was still amazed by its size. A single finger was about the same size as me.

The creature’s expression was pained and distorted.

It seemed to be trying to tear away the chain but couldn’t.

However, the being seemed to currently be petrified. Therefore, it didn’t make even the slightest bit of movement.

“Indeed, just by looking at it, I can tell. It’s highly possible that this is the Demon King sealed within the royal capital.”

“What a tremendous grudge… I’m sure the curse from before came from this Demon King.”

Nigel and Leticia said so in turn.

As she said, a tremendous grudge could be felt from the Demon King.

Just standing there was already making me uncomfortable. I wanted to flee right away.

Even if it was sealed, the creature was somehow able to generate such a heavy grudge. How much grudge would this world be undergoing if the creature hadn’t been sealed?

“T, there’s a woman in front of the Demon King!”

Claude shouted.

Due to the shock of encountering the Demon King, I failed to notice that there was a petrified woman before the Demon King.

The statue of the woman kneeled as she stared up at the Demon King. Her hands were tightly held together—it was as if she were praying.

“The original… saint?”

As I approached her, such words leaked from my mouth.

The petrified woman… in contrast to the Demon King, her body leaked sacred magical power.

I had never seen a magical power with such holiness.

The woman’s expression was truly saintly.

The original saint sealed the Demon King by sacrificing herself… as a result, she was still slumbering with him there…

I recalled what the Goddess had told me.

“Apparently, this is the original saint… while the other is the sealed Demon King…”

The grudge emanating from the Demon King and the sacred power from the original saint made it obvious.

“So, the Demon King is truly sealed in this kingdom…? Did we live our normal lives without knowing there is such a place underneath the castle!?”

Claude shuddered.

“It somehow makes sense… the magical power of this woman is enormous. Nevertheless, with that amount of power, she could only seal the Demon King by sacrificing herself…”

Leticia was stunned.

“Yet, it’s because she gave her all that the world has been prospering until now. It’s because of her that we were born. It’s no exaggeration to say that she is the mother of all, isn’t it?”

Nigel knelt before the original saint and put his hands together.

I touched her cheek, which was rigid, with my right hand.

A powerful force that could seal the Demon King. She was able create a barrier that could envelop the entire world.

Her power was incomparable to mine.

For generations, we had been inheriting her power.

I didn’t know how many saints existed before me.

Yet, it was as if the thoughts of the all saints up until now were conveyed to me—

“—Thank you.”

The words of gratitude naturally came out of my mouth.

It wasn’t just for the original saint who had sealed the Demon King, but also for the saints who had protected the kingdom and the world until now.

I sometimes cursed my fate as a saint.

Without such a power, I’d have been able to live as an ordinary girl.

But now, I felt proud for inheriting the saint’s lofty goals.

Not to mention, I was able to travel the world and met Nigel—

—it was all because I was the saint.

We were lost in thought for a while, but…

“Huh!? What is that?!”

Claude pointed.

Towards where he was pointing, a piece of the original saint’s head was shining.

Upon closer inspection, something akin to a thin thread was discovered. Apparently, it was a shining light.

“…Is this, hair?”

I carefully picked it up.

The Goddess also said that if I could find a remnant of the original saint, then she’d be able to make a ‘path.’

“Eliane, could this be…”

“Yes, I might be able to gain the power of the original saint with this.”

Towards my words, everyone’s expressions brightened.


Finally, we were able to acquire the power for standing against the Demon King.

I felt as if the Goddess and the original saint were supporting us.

Was she waiting for us?

“We made it in time…”

I felt relieved.

However, it was short-lived.

“Nigel, we need to hurry. I need to communicate with the Goddess again. The demons might attack us at any moment.”


We stared into each other’s eyes.

Like before, I tried granting the blessing of the Goddess to Nigel once again…

“Eliane, it’s urgent! Can you hear my voice!?”

Douglas’ voice echoed in my head. He was speaking to me through telepathy.

“D, Douglas, what’s wrong!?”

The urgency in his voice flustered me, and it didn’t seem like he’d slow down anytime soon.

“I am in the chamber where the Demon King is being sealed. The Original Saint is also here and—”

“Is that so!? That’s good news, although, a little late… come back now!”

It happened when Douglas was about to continue.


Along with such an explosion, a massive earthquake struck the castle.

***T/N: What now? What’s their plan after they’ve found the Demon King? During their heated debate about how much they loved each this girl and that girl, have they even talked about what steps to take after finding the Demon King? It feels like they (and the Author) are making it up as they go along. Do they even have backup plan?

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