The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.9 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis Daughter

My mother’s belly swayed. Just like me, despite being obese, my mother could still move.

“Yes, take a deep breath.”

Fufu, haha!

The two wore refreshing smiles as they wiped away their sweat.

Aah, this is truly a new morning—the morning of hope!

My chest was about to burst with joy. I wanted to look up towards the skies. 

I had especially summoned my parents at that time because Kyle was on his way from the royal capital back to Baldie’s territory. Of course, I was the one who arranged for his trip behind the scenes. I decided that Kyle should be distanced from the Duke of Ruston and the Duke of Aldridge.

With this, I’ve prevented Kyle from making any movements. Regardless, I mustn’t let my guard down. If the dukes provoke him, he’ll be a hindrance to all my plans.

Kyle probably suspected that I was planning something. Nevertheless, as of the present, I was free to do anything I wanted with Baldie and Fattie. Whether it was gymnastics or the Bon festival dance, which was famous all over Japan, I could do whatever I wanted!

For the past three weeks, I had prevented all the unnecessary expenses and saved a lot of money. But, from here on, I had to drill LOHAS into those two in earnest. 

“By the way, Juliane. Since you’re doing well, isn’t it time for you to return to social life?”

“—Ugh! I’m under tremendous pain! Hearing the word, ‘socialize,’made my heart shudder!”

“N, no! If Juliane doesn’t like it, there’s no need for you to force yourself!”

My parents were staring at me as I deliberately clutched my chest and writhed in agony.

The reason why I lived a life close to seclusion for three weeks was because Jack succeeded in uncovering the weak point of a certain doctor. I then had that doctor diagnose me with a plausible disease named, ‘late puberty.’

Usually, by the age of 18, puberty was almost over. However, my mind was in a state of confusion—I still couldn’t go out.

My parents took confidence in the doctor’s words and allowed me to do as I pleased. To be honest, they were too gullible, to the point it was worrisome.

“Anyway, what about Sasha? She’s at the age where she should socialize.”

“Well, she’s neither gorgeous nor eye-catching.”

That day, for the first time, I sent Sasha to a casual tea party. She was there as my substitute. The level of difficulty was quite low because the tea party was being held by my father’s older sister. That lady wasn’t only my aunt, but also the future daughter-in-law of the count’s family.

I really wanted Sasha to make her social life debut sooner, but persuading my parents took time. Moreover, Sasha herself was also reluctant. I had to tell her that it was a tea party held by the aunt who came to visit our house many times. Only then would she go.

Towards my concerned parents, I said proudly.

“It will be alright! She’s with Larissa and Stephanie, so don’t worry! Isn’t it better for her to settle down soon rather than staying at home forever?”

Larissa Crament was a countess with a cute, protruding, tooth, while Stephanie Eben, also a countess, had a hunchback.

The two were my Minion #1 and Minion #2. I didn’t know what they thought inwardly, but they always listened to whatever I said. To me, they were akin to miscellaneous mobs that must be defeated first in order to reach the main antagonist.

“But, if you were to stay secluded for too long, Alfred may get worried.”

“Depression may be painful, but rumors are swirling in social circles—that Juliane isn’t doing well…”

“It’s okay! He has been properly sending letters to me!”

That was a lie.

According to the information from Larissa and Stephanie, Alfred remained in the royal palace.

He, of course, seemed to be doing the bare minimum of court diplomacy. But, his nonchalant attitude towards me, treating me as if I was nothing but a nose hair, was quite welcome.

What was surprising was that Amalia had also ceased her momentum.

If her push was too strong, she could end up receiving Alfred’s ire. Although, if she were a professional lady, she’d probably think it’d be fine for her to get closer.

The duke family was more or less royalty. Amalia was rather cunning as a person. She was close with the princesses, giving her free access to the royal palace. But, for the last three weeks, it didn’t seem like she had been in or out of the palace. 

Perhaps, it wasn’t Amalia that Alfred wanted to marry, but the princess from another kingdom. Regardless, the fact that Amalia was the only one he talked to in public had also been confirmed. There seemed to be no other woman like that. In that case, there was a high possibility that the other ladies would refrain from being in contact with Amalia.

Usually, in novels, there were many cases where the engagement was annulled at the beginning. However, Alfred was a stoic person. It was unlike him to skip the formalities. I was sure that under the surface, he was quietly planning something.

For the time being, I shall get thinner, and remove myself from public view under the pretense of being depressed. If everything went well, Sasha should be his next fiancée. If the donations continued as before, the king and queen, with the exception of Alfred, would surely bite the bait.

“Then, father, mother, we shall be doing this exercise every day starting from tomorrow.”

“I, I understand.”

“I believe in Juliane’s every word!”

Alright, they’re as gullible as ever! Well… they always catered to all my selfishness, but from today, I’m starting anew!

Baldie and Fattie were dismissed from the room. Under Liz’s supervision, I did side jumps, sit-ups, and push-ups.

“Lady Juliane, Sasha’s carriage has returned!”

“Eh? Isn’t it early?”

When I looked out of the window while heaving, I saw Sasha’s carriage returning.

She came home much earlier than planned.

I wiped off my sweat in a hurry in order to maintain the narrative that I was sick. I put on my sleepwear, which looked like maternity clothes, and ran towards the entrance with Liz.

“What’s wrong?”

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