The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.11 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis Daughter

My mother’s dress from when she was still young, an article Liz procured from the storeroom, was made out of a really nice fabric. As a whole, it looked dignified. Although the design was outdated, it could be called classic.

Liz spent a week reworking the simple, elegant, dark blue dress. The collar and the sleeves were changed into something more modern.

“Wow, even though it’s plain, it looks nice.”

Liz nodded, agreeing with my impression.

It was plain, but in terms of color, it wasn’t stale, either. No, which one was it?

There was a knock, followed by Kyle’s voice.

“Stepsister, can I have a moment?”

“Oh, you’ve returned. Alright, come in.”

A few days after I had regained my memories of my previous life, Kyle returned to the territory. He should be very busy because via Baldie, I had ordered something to be done in the territory. Despite his frivolous appearance, he was the type to work seriously.

Kyle peeked inside through a small gap in the door. He seemed hesitant over coming inside, so I snorted.

“It’s cold outside. Not to mention, dust will get in. Please come in quickly.”

The door opened wide. Kyle’s eyes, which had been narrowed like a cautious cat, were also wide open.

“H, huh? Are you… my stepsister?”

It was as if his soul had been plucked from his body. Well, it had been almost a month. He was understandably astonished because my obesity, which was far above the average, had vanished.

“W, w, what’s with your appearance? Did you finally go crazy?”

“I’m sorry, could it be, you were trying to say, ‘Do you intend to attract Alfred’s attention?’ Then please, leave me alone.”

Because there was no need for me to stand out, I only wore thin makeup. In the first place, I had been freed of my acne, so there was no need for me to conceal anything.

Or, perhaps, my loose black hair was too plain? Shall I attach an accessory? No, after all, there was no need for me to stand out.

With that in mind, I had Liz comb my hair. That was when I noticed, Kyle’s cheeks, which were reflected in the mirror, were strangely flushed.

“Did you catch a cold? The territory is indeed colder, but have you washed your hands properly? Did you remove your rings and bracelets and properly wash them?”

Towards the first and the second questions, Kyle shook his head, then nodded. By the way, his face was bright red while his shoulders were tense.

“The escort from the royal palace has arrived to pick me up. If you have anything to report, make it brief. Have you understood the meaning of, ‘lottery ticket’?”

“O, okay… the lottery… it’s a winning voucher. It took me a while to understand it because it is something unheard of. The sales proceeds will then go to constructing schools and hospitals, along with the costs for repairs. I am selling them on a small scale for the time being. I made the lottery open to the public, and properly added some witnesses. I got a lot of money—more than I expected.”

“I see. To prevent addiction, did you properly set an upper limit on purchases? There are many things to consider—such as, what to do if a minor wins? Or, prohibiting sale to anyone other than the authorized group.”

Well, since it was Kyle, he should’ve done it.

“Stepsister, what kind of luxury do you want to gain with the profit?”

“I’m depressed, so I asked father for to permission to, ‘play as a lord’ for a change. I’m getting tired of it, hence why I summoned you here, Kyle. It’s not a big deal to me, so do whatever you want. I’ll tell father that if he starts selling lottery tickets, the situation will shift.”

A full-scale tax reform will start after Kyle becomes the lord. For now, I had to do what I could for the lord with lottery sales and the money I had saved.

With Baldie is crazy about hair growth and gymnastics, I have to get him more immersed to keep his eyes off Kyle for a while…

Kyle had a strong jawline, and he had also grown an Adam’s apple. Before I knew it, he had grown tall enough that I had to look up. He had become a grown man.

Kyle murmured sullenly.

“…How did you come up with the lottery?”

“Hmm? It’s because a certain place in another country recently started one.”

Well, to be honest, there was an aunt who loved buy lottery tickets among the patients in my previous life. Together, we’d look forward to the winning lottery announcement. After I waved my hand as if to drive away a fly, Kyle silently distorted his expression and dejectedly went out. I was sure he was exhausted from traveling to the territory and back.

By the way, I had a mission called, Tea Party to oversee from there onward. I had to collect information for Sasha without a fail.

“Then, it’s time to go. Hey, Liz, can you request for the chef to give Kyle some healthy tea helpful for recovering from fatigue?”

“I understand. Please be careful.”

I left the room with a smile towards Liz’s weathered reply.

In a sense, the future of the Gessel family depended on me. Of course, I was determined to be strong.

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