I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

61. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

I, Rururia, am a weak lady who has been entrusted with questioning Dragons while everyone else watched from the sidelines.

Once that was decided, we had a great feast at the Margrave’s Estate.

The Margrave’s entire family surrounded me.

As I kept getting bombarded with questions from them, I wondered if I was deceiving them since I didn’t actually belong or if it was just my imagination.

…I don’t think so? Definitely not.

I felt like I was deceptive because ‘I’m just an Aristocrat’s daughter with no title of my own.’

I mean, I do have some weird titles, but I’m just a 16-year-old maiden who was an informal complaint listener.

I’m still under my father’s patronage.

Why couldn’t I have just stopped at that!?

“Rururia-chan! Watch out!”


“Rururia! Don’t forget to turn on that measuring device!”

“Do your best!”

As various spectators yelled out to me, I realized there really was no way of escaping this situation.

Looking back, I saw a concerned-looking Leonardo, the Chief Magician glaring with envy, the bright-eyed Michelle, and the shy young Margrave looking at me.

The muscled Margrave had not come today due to a relapsing illness.

Well, I hope he feels better soon.

Maybe then he wouldn’t drop down from high places anymore, right?

…Well, then! Let’s stop thinking about escapism!

Especially since there were three Dragons in front of me…




Wow, it’s my first time being so close to another Dragon.

…Someone! Brother! I’m scared! Save me!

“Do you think I would?”

My last hopes were crushed when my phantom brother responded negatively… However, I understood his decision.


My Dragon seemed happy. That’s good, right? It’s back with its friends.

The three Dragons; yellow, light red, and dark blue, were approached by a golden-brown Dragon. They sniffed each other as if confirming something.

The pale yellow one was smaller than my Dragon, while the red one was bulky.

The blue Dragon was puffing its nose… Ah! This Dragon was the one that was watching my Dragon at the Dragon dance festival and breathing on it! Possible!

The blue Dragon was looking my Dragon up and down like a judgmental mother-in-law. It must be him.

…But he’s not letting any unwelcomed breath out now, right? Was it because we’re close? Am I actually in danger here?

Ahhh. Whatever.

I wanted to hide behind my Dragon. However, there would a risk of being hit by its tail or wings if I did that.

That’s why I need to stay by its side.

This really doesn’t feel like the right atmosphere for trying to talk to them, does it!?

I felt a discomfort comparable to walking into the middle of a group of people I didn’t know.

Alright. I’ll just say I couldn’t hear what the Dragons were saying.

If I just activate the measuring device nearby, that’s enough to complete my mission, right?

I decided that was enough, and not knowing what to do, I just looked around.

I’m now in the Frontier, at the pier closest to Dragon Island.

From here, I can see the black sphere everyone was so concerned about, floating just above the water’s surface.

…What was it really?

Occasionally, a black tendril would emerge from the surface, moving as if it’s searching for something, then disappearing after.

Uwaaah. It’s creeping me out with the way it’s moving. Ahhh. It looks so weird…

I regret saying the Knight’s Tower sucked and wasn’t good enough. I want to go back there…


The dark-blue Dragon came close and barked.

Ooooh! That startled me! It was pretty loud.

Was it barking at me??

…Was it mad about my Dragon’s collar? I can’t do anything about that!

The dark-blue Dragon came closer, studying my face as if it could read into my heart.

Wow… That’s a lot of sharp teeth. I can really see them.

…Please don’t eat me! I don’t taste good at all!?



Just as it had with my Dragon, the blue Dragon looked me up and down, humming as if it was happy about something.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what that Dragon expression meant.

Did I pass its inspection!? Or did I fail!?

…Either way, I just want to get out of here!

Eventually, the Dragons just flew away.

…And they left my Dragon behind. Well, I guess I was expecting that, oh well…

“Lady Rururia, did the Dragons say anything…?”

“No, I didn’t understand anything.”

“Huh! Figures…”

It was the Chief Magician that had said those figures.

He looked at me with great envy that Dragons had just surrounded me.

Rather small-minded, wasn’t he?

That’s why I had suggested we trade places before reaching the Dragons.

But the Chief Magician had been shy about it, declined, and slipped away.

“Just what was up with those Dragons…?”

The young Margrave looked anxious.

What’s the deal? He seemed weaker than me, a helpless maiden, which was part of why I had to face those Dragons. Why was that?

“Well, Chief, keep it together… Margrave, we’ll take over from here.”

“Hmmm. Look here, miss.”


Michelle had already taken the measuring device from me and was headed back to the dock.

Wasn’t she getting ahead of you there, Chief Magician?

“Chief! Leonardo! Here!”

Michelle raised her voice with a mixture of surprise and joy… What could it be?

At that call, the two-headed towards the dock.

The Margrave and I stayed behind.

Yeah, no problem, just go ahead. Not like I mattered or anything.

The three adults were busy examining the measuring instrument, trying to cast some kind of magic circle around the black object.

“…If you’d like, I can show you around here? Only if you want to, though…”


I fully agreed to the young Margrave’s suggestion.

He seemed happy but weak, flashing an effeminate smile at me.

…Why was he more innocent than me? Well, anyway… I’d love to go sightseeing rather than just standing around here!

Wow, I’m excited!

Will the Dragon follow me, too? I thought, but I saw him rolling around in the sand in the distance.

It seemed like he’s having fun. Just don’t blast any sand over here!

I left the Dragon behind, with the two of us making our way along the beach.

The Margrave began to talk about the history of the Frontier and the seaside.


Oh, yes…

I see…

Personally, I’d love to try out a water slide… But that might not be possible with the black object around.

The people here were known to make incredible pots of seafood under the fire… But we can’t call any fisherman to make us some while that black object was here.

…Wait? Doesn’t that mean I still can’t really sightsee!?

Maybe this situation was scarier than I thought!?

What’s that in the sky, the ghost of the trip I won’t get to experience?

…I guess it’s not that scary, though.

“…Must be boring, huh? All of my talking…”

“Ah, no. Not at all.”

The young Margrave looked down sadly.

Damn. He knew I wasn’t listening at all.

He may be a boy, but he’s still a Margrave. I need decorum!

“Well, it’s difficult to make history sound interesting!”

“…So, it really was boring then… I’m sorry…”

Ahhhhh! I just dug my own grave!

Uwaaah! You! Were those tears in your eyes!?

As I panicked, the Margrave began speaking with his head downturned, eyes moist.

“Actually, there’s something I wanted to consult with you about Lady Rururia…”

“A consultation?”

“Yes… I’ve been weak and unreliable for a long time… And I’m just frozen with the crisis my parents were experiencing.”

Ooops… Did he start telling a story? I didn’t get any of that… Oh, well.

But whenever I looked at that big hammer on his back, it’s hard to call him weak.

He didn’t notice me looking at him as he continued to talk.

His cheeks then flushed red.

“At that time, it was Lady Irene who appeared heroically to help me.”

“Oh, really?”

So, Irene-sama had made her way this far out?

I think I heard something about that… I forgot, but Irene-sama said she was trying to break something. Nice work!

“She was so kind to someone as pathetic as me… I longed to be with someone as dignified and brave as that.”

“Hehe… Excuse me.”

Brave…? I can’t. I can only remember her as Sara-chan’s crying subordinate.

Uhhh. I just have to endure this story.

OuchMy chestI’m trying so hard to suppress my laughter!

“I want to be a man suitable for such a sublime goddess! Please teach me how to control a Dragon!”

“Pffft! Hahahaha!”

I couldn’t. I gave in and laughed hysterically.

I mean, Irene-sama being a sublime goddess….. I can’t. Those words don’t describe her at all!

I placed both hands over my mouth, trying desperately to suppress my laughter while the Margrave looked pleadingly, his eyes downcasted.

“Can’t you help me…? She’s truly like a rare flower…”

“Gahahaha…! No way! Not at all!”

I’m imagining Irene-sama up high, a crown of flowers on her head, laughing…

I… I can’t! No matter how many times I try, it’s still funny!

“But, I can’t give up… What is it!?”

“Gahaha! What!?”

The Margrave turned to look at the sea, surprised. I turned to look as well, still suppressing my laughter.

The black sphere that had been floating in the sea… Its shape had changed as if it was being crushed.

A long black, belt-like tendril emerged, and it was coming this way…

What? Coming this way?

“Oh my, God! It’s coming this way!”

I took the Margrave’s hand as we both screamed.

Why… Why was it coming here!?

Go over to the Chief Magician instead!’, I thought as the black object came this way.

I really wish I didn’t come here… I need an out!!!